Monday, September 16, 2013

Sun Transit In Virgo

Each time a transit of a planet happens, it has its share of effects on an individual’s life. Be it good or bad, one has to face them. So, here we will be discussing about Sun’s transit into the sign Virgo; its effects, benefits and everything related to transit. So, read on.. 

The transit of Sun into the zodiac sign Virgo will happen on 16th of September and will continue until 17th of October. When a transit happen its effects are very much visible on an individual for everyone to see. From the information of planet positions, one’s character and events that will occur in future can be predicted. Sometimes these transit can be in favour and sometimes not. 

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Now, lets see what this transit, i.e Sun Transit in Virgo has in store for you. 

Sun is considered as supreme amongst all the planets. According to Hindu mythology, Sun is a God and the day Sunday (as the name suggests) is dedicated to the Sun God. Sun is the symbol of power and wisdom. He is the life giver, everyday he fills life into the beings by rising in the sky calling in for a new beginning. Without Sun the world would go into darkness.

Astrologically speaking Sun is the ruling planet of zodiac sign Leo. Those born under the sign Leo will have Sun’s influence. Some of the good qualities are being independent, intelligent, kind, ambitious to quote a few. On the other hand some bad qualities are arrogance, anger and ego. 

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Now let’s move onto the effects of Sun’s transit into Virgo. 

Planet Mercury rules the zodiac sign Virgo. Mercury is considered as the prince amongst all the planets whereas Sun is the King. So, what happens when the King visits the Prince? This metaphorical statement of King and Prince itself will give an idea of what is to come. Yes, fight for power, to show one's position to be supreme than the other. This will have a major effect in the field of politics, business related work etc. 

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