Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nadi Astrology

By Mrityunjai Ojha

In place of Nadi astrology, we should call it Nadi System because Nadi contains so many things which are impossible to conclude in a single method. It is a system which depends on 2 people:

Thumb imprint for Nadi study1. Nadi writer: The person who collects the sutras of Nadi from different astrological systems and combine all the gathered information.

2. Nadi Reader: The person /Astrologer who reads the information through horoscope and thumb impression or Palm reading.

Nadi system is uses transit extensively and many of them do not use dasha at all. Some systems are Bhrigu Nadi, Chandra Kala Nadi, Dev Kalam Nadi and Agustya Nadi etc. The Nadi system is mainly based on transit of planets. For example, first round of Jupiter through all the houses of a horoscope takes 12 years because Jupiter stays in a sign for 1 year, on the other hand Saturn will take 30 years of your life to complete its 1st round in your horoscope as Saturn stays for 2.5 years in a horoscope.

Nadi system also describes results of different placements of the planets. For example, Bhrigu Nadi says “ if 2nd house Lord from Jupiter is placed in the 4th house from Jupiter, the native will gain wealth (2nd house) from his mother (4th house) in the 27th year of his age. One more example is Rahu, which if placed in 4th house from Saturn then native’s job will be in aviation sector.

Now you must have understood what is Nadi system. These were the basic rules of it whether you apply in Thumb impression or in a horoscope.

But nowadays there are a lot of myths about Nadi system and most of the people are confused. There are 2 types of myths as discussed below:

1. Some think that all systems that use nakshatra, significators, house grouping and sub division based on vimshottari dasa is "Nadi Astrology". Most of these concepts are used recently and are not part of Nadi Astrology.

2. There are some astrologers who using negative psychic powers (tamasik siddhis) to act an an astrologer. They will take thumb impression to act like Nadi astrologer and but not use that but use their siddhis to predict past. They read what is there in your mind and tell your past exactly on its basis but however they cannot tell about your future, because you yourself do not know what your future is going to be like. As such there is nothing there in your mind which will help them to tell your future. Hence, Tamsik Siddhis cannot tell the future.

I hope this article will help in understanding what is Nadi Astrology. 

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