Monday, September 9, 2013

4 Ways Vedic Astrology Makes You Happier

Vedic Astrology gives you hope, pinnacle of success, makes you stronger, brings selflessness and ultimate bliss. How? Check out this article by Pratik Pandey to know four ways astrology can help you become happier and live a richer life.

Vedic Astrology is almost as old as history itself. It is considered a Vedanga – a limb of Vedas. Studying astrology is a must to understand Vedas and the spiritual truths these sacred scriptures contain. Astrology, in several ways, can make you happier and enrich your life. If we understand astrology in its core, we can get immense benefits out of it. In this article, we are discussing four main points showing how astrology can improve you physically, mentally and spiritually, and make you happier.

#1: Vedic Astrology Gives You Hope

The basis of Vedic Astrology is the “Law of Karma”. “Law of Karma” says whatever happens to you is due to your past deeds. Your birth-chart or Kundli (Click here to make your Kundli) represents your past Karmas. You are now reaping what you sowed. There is no escape from it. But Vedic Astrology emphasizes that you that you can also create your own future. As your past deeds have created your present, what you do now will create your future. You are the maker of your future. According to astrology, you sculpt your own destiny. Vedic Astrology gives you hope that you can improve your career, overcome delay in marriage, become successful and get happiness.

#2: Vedic Astrology Makes You Withstand Hardship

When you know that there is a solution of your problems – a remedy to eradicate your troubles, you keep on fighting and do not give-up. Vedic Astrology peps you up and makes you happier. Astrological remedies can help you great deal in all sort of troubles. Obviously, there is no magic wand and troubles cannot end like drop of a heat. But, there is always something that you can do. This faith keeps you going and makes you stronger. It gives a die-hard attitude and determination to overcome all the problems.

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#3: Vedic Astrology Helps You Become Selfless

As circumstances are written in your chart – both positive and negative – you face what comes to you. Therefore, Vedic Astrology insists you're not a doer. You are just a witness, a part of all pervasive consciousness that witnesses cosmic play all the time. You are just a medium and do what God or cosmos wants you to do. In Gita, Krshna asks Arjuna to surrender to God and perform actions selflessly. Astrology provides a practical tool or it. It shows that the flow of events is incessant and cannot be controlled by you. You must be like a medium performing all sorts of actions without any attachment. It destroys ego and self-centeredness of mind. So, whatever you do knowing this purifies your heart, makes you selfless and brings you closer to divinity within. Selflessness is the key to true happiness.

#4: Vedic Astrology Shows You Are the Universe

Astrology teaches the principles of Vedanta. Your chart isn’t just your chart, not only an individual’s chart. Your chart also tells about your father, your mother, your siblings, your spouse, your neighbours and much more. Your chart is a cosmic chart encompassing entire universe. It teaches that you aren’t just an individual as you believe now – you are the entire universe. Your body is the point of manifestation of this universal consciousness. Believing that one is just a separate being different from others is mere illusion. Astrology, like Jnana Yoga, is a way to realize ultimate reality. When one realizes that one has everything and lacks nothing, one reaches to ultimate happiness, the ultimate bliss.

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