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Effects Of Sun In The 1st House Of Various Zodiac Signs

Effects of the Sun in the first house of various zodiac signs.

As we know, ascendant is our body. So today, we will discuss about placement of Sun in 1st house of all zodiac signs. Read your description below. The description is based on your Moon sign.

Aries: Lord of 5th house, Sun; in first house, ensures that native will be famous, wise, intelligent as well as educated. Sun gets exalted in Aries and Sun is the King. King is in full power and well placed. Native will have interest in sacred books and have good friends. He will be popular and well respected. The person having Sun in Aries in 1st house will acquire knowledge and will be influential. He will maintain healthy lifestyle. There will be some deficiency, problems from spouse. Native does not care about his work and takes his daily routines casually. He is easygoing and uncompassionate. There may be some defect in eyes. Sun’s aspect on 7th house may cause illness to spouse. Native will dominate his enemies. He will win favours from the government and will stay contented. Native may be short tempered and very powerful. Native will not be very friendly and never take orders from other people.

Taurus: Lord of 4th house, Sun; in the 1st house makes the native obedient. Native may face some problems in house of his mother and may not have good relations with his uncles. Native may face some problems in acquiring fame. He will acquire land, property and happiness in daily occupation through the power of his domestic means. Native will get happiness from his wife and physical pleasure too. He will be idle, rich and born in wealthy family. He will have many vehicles. Native will be very obstinate and will stick to an idea once decided. He does not like it, if other people contradict him. Native will never accept his/her faults; and if he/she is found guilty, will try to cover it with many tactful things and justifications. The native will be materialistic. Native should be careful for heart and liver disease.

Gemini: Lord of 3rd house, Sun; in 1st house, will make the native courageous and energetic. He may face opposition from brothers and relatives, which may lead to disputes with them. Native may have a very good, attractive and sexy body. He/She may suffer from many diseases. Native will work with great strength and influence, in the house of spouse. He will make great progress in daily occupation. Due to the influence of Gemini sign, native will be able to express himself and will speak to the point. He/She would be a quick learner, witty and good debater. Such persons can be misguided by flattery.

Cancer: Lord of 2nd house, Sun; in 1st house, will make the native a good businessman. Native will be rich and enjoy good wealth. He/She may get some dullness but he will earn through his own deeds and efforts. He may be dignified and glorious. Native will be arrogant in nature and will possess the art of avoiding awkward situations. He/She will be a good planner. Native will have oppositions, but he/she will be a continuous worker. He/She may change his occupation very often. Native may be coward and stubborn.

Leo: Lord of 1st house (own house), Sun; is like lion in the forest in this sign. Native will conduct his occupation and domestic affairs without taking much interest in them. She/He will be healthy, strong, active, will have a long life, and great dignity. He/She will be famous, but may feel deficiency of physical pleasures. Native will be egoistic and may not have satisfactory relation with spouse. She/He will be very brave. Native will have leadership qualities, will be ambitious and a man of self respect. A person you can believe, a true friend, who keeps his words. He will pose good memory.

Virgo: Lord of the 12th house in first house, good support from outside people and government. Native will be lazy, having bad relation with spouse. He/She will make enemies. Native will like his work to be done by others. He will be frank and blunt, so he may have few friends. He/She will be a practical person, will only believe in those things that have been proved. The native will not be superstitious. He/She will be intelligent and will know how to manage things and situations. He/She will be short-tempered, lucky and powerful.

Libra: Sun in Libra is like an uncontrolled fire, a King who doesn’t care for anyone; be them teachers, elders or anyone. He will be passionate and materialistic. Sun being the Lord of 11th house will give wealth to the native and native will earn good money. He will be a good planner and quite ambitious. He will take up a task, but leave it incomplete and will take up some other work so there will be no stability. There will be no good relation with spouse, as he/she will be short-tempered. She/He can be influenced by anyone; and thus, can be cheated. Native could be happy, but also sad at times. The person may be egoistic and may not hold a good image in the society.

Scorpio: Lord of the 10th house, Sun; in ascendant, will make the native highly placed official person. Native will do charitable deeds and noble acts. Native will be quick tempered, hard-hearted, valiant, unforgiving and may have defective eyesight. Native will be famous and respected. He will be glorious and may like ordering other people. He/She will get his/her work done easily due to contacts with high profile people. Native will get physical pleasures, but feel deficiency in married life and do big business. The native will be praised on behalf of others. Native will be honest, intelligent and active and ready to sacrifice for others.

Sagittarius: A King with the blessings of his Guru. Lord of the 9th house, Sun; in the 1st house signifies that native will be religious, active, wise, very fortunate and good looking. Native will be respected by everyone and will do good deeds. The native will be merciful and have faith in God. Also, will respect the religion. The native will be moral, idealistic and avoid quarrels. Native may get involved in gambling and criminal tendencies as luck will support him. He/She will be self-dependant, an interesting narrator as well as a good conversationalist. Sun in this sign will cause an increment of earned wealth, position, fame, power and political success.

Capricorn: Lord of the 8th house, Sun; in the 1st house, is not a good placement for Sun. Native will be unhealthy and unhappy, but will acquire sudden gains. He/She will prone to certain diseases like heart troubles and severe headaches, but will have a long life. The native may be naughty and introvert. Native should be talkative. His/Her mind will be wavering and may get a bit greedy. He/She will be competent in business. Native may not be very educated and will face problems in getting his work done. He/She will not have good relations with spouse.

Aquarius: Lord of 7th house, Sun; in 1st house, indicates that native‘s wife may be an influential and dignified lady. The native will be very affectionate to his wife, but may have problems in relationship. Native will have stable mind and will be energetic. Native will like simplicity and will be shy. He/She will be interested in science and literature. He may have many friends but may differ in ideas. Native may suffer through inferiority complex.

Pisces: Lord of 6th house, Sun; in first house, will make the native daring and bold. He/She will defeat enemies by mysterious and intellectual daring acts. Thus, his enemies will be afraid. He/She will acquire gains in his profession by daring acts. The native will be proud and lazy in later part his life. He/She will keep secrets. Native will be honest, methodological, cordial, sympathetic and sensitive. He/She is supposed to be a day-dreamer also. The native will win favors from the government as well as court too.

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