Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Find Your Potential To Become Rich!

“If you want to know what God thinks about money, Just look at the people he gives it to” - Dorothy Parker

With the above statement, we can conclude that everyone wants to be that person. Some may openly agree to it and some may secretly wish for it. Whatever it may be, AstroSage has formulated some valuable information with the help of Astrology to get you that luxurious life you crave for.
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In today's world of price hike, cut throat competition, inflation and various upheavals; a common man stands all alone with all his tensions and problems. Money is the only thing which can bring happiness in the home, no matter what people may say. The bitter truth of Kaliyuga is, money is a must for living. Who will get it and who will not, can be ascertained by your horoscope by deciphering the Yogas (conjunctions) present in it.

We are all born with a destiny based on our past karmas and we reap the fruits, sweet or bitter, in this life. It is destiny that made a tea stall vendor, a could be Prime Minister of this nation. There are thousands of such illustrations. When one becomes rich, he automatically becomes famous and power comes to him unconditionally. This is the reason why everyone wants to be rich in today’s world. 

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Get an insight on your life, 

Traditional astrology provides us many Yogas or combinations which makes one rich, affluent or opulent. For various ascendants, we can fathom the magnitude upto which a person will be rich.

As far as traditional astrology is concerned, there are combinations or Yogas which makes one very rich and I am presenting some of them here for you:

  1. If the Lord of ascendant is in 2nd house, Lord of second house is in 11th house and Lord of 11th house is in ascendant, the native will have huge money.
  2. If Venus is in 5th house, in own sign and Saturn is directly aspecting it, then it creates a very strong combination for accumulating wealth.
  3. If Mercury is in 5th in own sign and Moon and Mars are having 180 degree aspect on it then the native earns quite well in his life.
  4. If Jupiter is in own sign in 5th house and is aspected by Mars and Moon jointly, then native earns huge amounts.
  5. If Sun is in ascendant in own sign and aspected by Mars and Jupiter then a very strong wealth Yoga is created.
  6. If Mercury is in ascendant in own sign and is having 180 degree aspect of Saturn and Venus or is conjunct with them, then the native earns well.
  7. If 2nd Lord is conjunct or aspected by 7th Lord and Venus as well as ascendant Lords are having good aspects and least malefic effects then the native earns through his wife.
  8. If ascendant Lord and 2nd house Lord are having mutual exchange then the native earns without much efforts. 
  9. If Mars is in ascendant in own sign and is aspected by Moon, Venus and Saturn or is conjunct with them then the native has wealth Yoga in his chart.

Apart from these, there are several other combinations told by our sages. But mainly 2, 6, 10 & 11 are the houses which play a major role in one`s financial profile. Connection of Lords of 2, 10 & 11 or Lords of 2, 11 or 10, 11 produces good results regarding finance. This connection can be from aspects, conjunctions, star or sub-lord. But I feel that one should not always run after money and try to achieve happiness in whatever he has. 

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This small effort will stop many unwanted happenings in life, which will lead to dissatisfaction toward everyone; sadness, melancholia, and many other things. 

After making truest effort one should leave everything in the hands of Almighty and let Him decide what's best for us.

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