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Palmistry: The connection of mind and hand

Palmistry... Life’s Many Mysteries In Your Own Hand

Secrets in your hand

What Is Palmistry ?

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy is the art of reading one’s palm to foretell his/her future. This art is popularly known as Palm reading. Palm reading involves the study and analyses of the shape and texture of the hand, lines and markings on the palm, shape and size of the fingers and other aspects which will help in foretelling the future, gazing into the past and connect with the present. This is an art practised in many cultures and regions, and is very popular in countries like India, China, Tibet and parts of Europe.

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Now, lets go into the very basic of Palmistry -

The first and foremost things you should known about when considering Palmistry is to identify your primary hand and the secondary hand. Primary hand is the one which controls most of your activities, this hand represents your present; your desires, inspirations and accomplishments. Secondary hand is the one which represents your past, your buried talent, your dreams, all that is dug out from your memory.
Palm Reading

This is a very widespread practise, many a curious people have opted to getting their palm read, just to know what's in store for them in their future. The above picture shows, famous hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe getting her palm read.

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Influence Of Palmistry

So far we got to know what Palmistry is and how it is used. Now lets see where all it is used.

Many seek the guidance of Palm reader, hoping to help them with , lets say, in their love life; increase the compatibility between the two, strengthen the relationship, their marriage; to sort out any misunderstandings and so on. Some try this art to even know when they would likely get married and if they get any clues about their future better half.


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