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Nadi Astrology: An Ancient Art Of Prediction

Nadi Astrology is an ancient art of prediction, which uses the method of predicting a person's life with the help of his/her thumb impression.

Nadi Astrology

It is believed that in ancient times, there were sages or Rishis who had foreseen the future of all humans and had inscribed them on palm leaves. It is also believed that some, if not all the original palm leaves, are found in the Vaitheeswaran temple in Tamil Nadu. It is said that these predictions were written by a saint called Agathiyar. This system of Astrology was mainly and widely followed in Tamil Nadu, but now it’s practise has spread all over India.

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Now, coming to other uses of Nadi Astrology.

The Nadi Astrology is used for all kinds of prediction related to human life. Be it, professional career, marriage, health to name a few.

Finger Mark The two main Nadi types used to deal with these different aspects are: Gaanda nadi and Jeeva Nadi.

Ganda Nadi is concerned with a person’s past, present and future. It mainly deals with the prediction of all the material things like career, marriage, health, wealth.

Jeeva Nadi is concerned with the things happening at present or live. It mainly deals with Gnana and Nakshatra. Fingerprint.

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Now, coming to the usage of Nadi in marriage circuit. The general practise for marriage match making is by matching the nakshatra of the boy and the girl. In North India, this method is called as Guna Milap. The following eight matches are generally observed. They are:
  • Varna - 1
  • Vashya - 2
  • Tara - 3
  • Yoni - 4
  • Graha - 5
  • Gana - 6 
  • Bhakoota - 7
  • Nadi - 8

As you can see here, the Nadi has been given the highest points. So, it is taken as very important that the Nadi milan of the boy and girl should be good. If there is Nadi milan of the boy and girl does not match, then its a strict no for marriage.

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Hope this article has given you all that you were looking for in Nadi Astrology!

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