Monday, August 26, 2013

Jewels To Revive Your Soul: Crystal Therapy

Crystals, the beautiful colorful stones, a little different from ordinary stones, simply mesmerising to he eyes…


What Is Crystal Therapy?

Crystal Therapy
Crystal Therapy is the healing given by using crystals and gemstones. There are many methods of healing via crystals. This healing helps in curing both physical as well as mental ailments.

Generally, it is considered as a spiritual healing practice. It is believed that crystals carry an amazing power of curing general problems like headache.

Now-a-days, this beautiful, side-effect free and easy to perform healing has been advanced for curing many types of problems; be it depression, insomnia or any spiritual, emotional as well as physical problems. All it requires is the right method of healing and pure intentions of the healer. The ecstasy of crystal therapy can only be experienced after trying it once.

Though there is a common method of crystal healing, yet some of the portion of entire procedure varies from healer to healer. There are 3 basic methods, amongst which the healer chooses the best one as per convenience.

1. Crystal Jewelry
2. Crystal Pendulum
3. Crystal Wand

Crystal Jewelry is the easiest and most convenient method of receiving crystal healing. You just need to wear these beautiful crystals as an ornament and stay charged all the time. 

Crystal Pendulum technique changes the role of crystal and makes it the all-purpose healer.

Crystal Wand has a smooth surface because it is used for massage.

The Main Concept Of Crystal Therapy

Now, you know what is crystal therapy. Also, you know how it is done. But, do you know what exactly happens? In other words, what does the crystals do? Do they emit some electrons that enter your body to cure your problem? No. They just possess some power that helps in curing.

That is why only, crystal therapy is considered as the spiritual practice. It is entirely based on the powers of crystals that is practically unknown. It is a positive power that is possessed by the crystals, which helps in eliminating the negative ones. 

Any physical ailment comes due to the overpowering of negativities, crystals eliminate the negative powers and imbibe positivity into us.

Indeed, crystal therapy is an interesting topic. If you wish to know more in detail about this amazing healing art, you may click here - About Crystal Therapy

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