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Astrology For September 2013

September 2013 Astrology
Welcome to AstroSage’s monthly newsletter. September has come and its time to schedule the entire month. Like everytime, we have decided to give you all what we have prepared for you to add in your September schedule.

In this newsletter, you will get to know about all the important Hindu events, Muhurats, horoscopes, services of the month and many more. 

September & Spirituality

As you must have seen the list of September’s important events on the right hand side, you must be expecting to know more about these events. So, we have collected some information for you. Though we have hyperlinked most of them in the list of events, yet some of the special ones are explained below:

Ekadashis (Aja Ekadashi & Parsva Ekadashi) in the month of September are:

1. Aja Ekadashi - 1 September 2013
2. Parsva Ekadashi - 15 September & 16 September, 2013

You must be thinking what is so special about this day. Click here to know - Ekadashi in 2013

September festivals
The Amavasya (New Moon) in September is very special, as it is Shraddha Amavasya. It is on 5th of September. Apart from this, the special Shraddha for the women who leave the world before their husbands will be performed on 28th of September. Click here to know more - Shraddha & Amavasya

Purnima is considered as the most auspicious day of the Hindu lunar month. In September, the Purnima that is falling is of Bhadrapada month. If you wish to know about the significance of Purnima, please click here - About Purnima In 2013

Let’s now see how the month of September will be for you.

September, 2013 Important Dates

 September Horoscope Video (English)

September Horoscope Video (Hindi)

You may also know your predictions in more detail with the help of weekly and daily horoscopes.

Service Of The Month

Astrology on phone service
The service of the month is Astrology Reading Over Phone. This service allows you a consultation of 30 minutes with our expert astrologers on any topic. It doesn’t matter with what you are troubled. All you need is just to speak it up; our astrologers will suggest you the reasons along with suitable remedial measures. 

Click here to take this service: 30 Minutes Astrology Reading Over Phone (Paid Service)

Apart from paid services, we also have many FREE services for you. They are really useful; have a look at them here - AstroSage FREE Services

These are some of the Free services of AstroSage. If you will explore more, you will find many such things. AstroSage believes in offering Free services as much as possible. You should have a look to find services that may help you in a better way.

We hope this newsletter must have helped you a lot. We will keep on sharing our endeavors with you, to help you lead a blissful life.

Have a great month ahead!

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