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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (July 28 - Aug 3, 2014) - Coming week will bring fame and success for you!

Let us have a look at the horoscope predictions in Weekly Horoscope from July 28 to August 3, 2014. You can plan your week effectively by overcoming the problems and hurdles as suggested by, ‘Pt. Hanuman Mishra’. Read the article to know more

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from July 21 to July 27 for all the Zodiac Signs.

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In the beginning of the week, you might lose your enthusiasm due to certain domestic problems. However, you will be able to overcome domestic matters. Also, you might indulge in taking decisions out of emotions. Try not to become aggressive while dealing with your closed ones, during the mid-week. The weekend will turn out to be good for you. You will be able to overcome difficulties and achieve success in your work.

Initial days of the week will be favorable for you. Your enthusiasm will lead you to success. There is a possibility of short trips during this period. Avoid having arguments with siblings or those who are dependent on you. There might be some domestic troubles during the mid-week. You need to take out time and think about your parents. The weekend will provide better results as you will win over certain situations.

This week will give you mixed results. There will be some financial problems in the beginning of the week. Therefore, it is required that you take care of your finances along with the entertainment activities. Make sure that you keep a control on your speech and avoid unnecessary expenses. Mid-week will be favorable for you. There is a possibility of some rift between you and your closed ones. There might be some tensions but you will also receive some good news over the weekend.

In general, the week will be good for you. However, you will have to be careful in your approach in the beginning of the week. You will enjoy the luxuries and facilities provided to you. Also, you will get success in your work. Make sure that you have a control over your speech in the mid-week. You will get favorable results for everything. There will be opportunities for entertainment over the weekend. Other than this,some problem might arises due to some family issue.

In general, the week will be good for you but there can be some problems in the initial period of the week. There might be some unnecessary expenses. It is advisable that you do not get involve in any kind of arguments with friends or near ones. Take care of your health in the mid-week. Also, be cautious about your investments. There will be improvement in your work as you will be able to maintain a control over things.

The beginning of the week, will be good. Your hard work will be rewarded. You will get desired results as Moon is in the ninth house. Make sure that you avoid unnecessary expenses and travelling. Keep a check on the benefits and losses that might occur due to travelling during the mid-week. However, things will be in your favour but keep a control on the expenses during the weekend.

The initial phase of the week will be favorable for you. Your work will get accomplished successfully. You can experiment something at your career front as it is likely for you to get the desired success. Support from elders will be there. People will appreciate your work. Your friends will enhance their support for you, in the mid-week. Be careful about everything over the weekend. Avoid unnecessary travelling and do not indulge in any arguments.

The beginning of the week will be favorable and you will get rid of the difficulties which you were facing from the past few days. The week will also be good from the financial aspect. The period is favorable for long distance travelling. In the mid week, you will get appreciation for work and there will be some gains. You will meet your friends and relatives. Also, you will get involved with something useless over the weekend.

You will have to follow a disciplined routine on the first day of the week. Drive carefully during this day. However, things will be in your favour from the next day onwards. You are likely to go for a long distance trip. You will get a lot of appreciation and recognition. The weekend will be beneficial for you. Make sure that you do not indulge in any arguments with friends.

This week will give mixed results. You might get stuck in some arguments so, be careful about it. Try to control your anger. There might be some problems in your personal life. You might get very emotional sometimes and ruthless the other time. Therefore, take out time for some fun with your life partner. You will get better results over the weekend.

The initial period will give you good results. There will be an increase in luxury. You will be enthusiastic throughout. This attitude will lead you among the competitors. Domestic life will be at peace but you should take care of your personal life. Do not do things in hassle in the mid-week. Drive carefully. Make sure that you have a disciplined routine over the weekend. Avoid any unnecessary travelling.

Most of the week will be good for you. You will be relieved from domestic issues. The time is favorable for love and romance. You will be able to spend time in fun activities. However, avoid careless attitude toward your children or education. The mid of the week, will bring rewards. You will get to spend some quality time with your lover. The time period is good to win over your competitors. Have patience during the weekend.

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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