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Chaumasi Chaudas - The Sacred Four Months Of Spirituality & Tranquility

Chaumasi Chaudas is that duration of four months when wisdom and enlightenment laid down by Lord Mahavira, are practiced by the Jain community. Jainism follows the principles of Ahimsa and Chaumasi Chaudas spreads the message of that. Let’s read what ‘Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni’ says about this important event.

Chaturmas holds significant importance for the people of Jain community.

India is a vast country and a land of different festivals, religions, castes, creed, and beliefs. With the number of religions followed in the country, a number of festivals are celebrated with zeal and gusto. Here, in this article, we will throw a light on one of those numerous religions and its significant festival. The festival we are going to discuss now is ‘Chaturmas’ or ‘Chaumasi Chaudas’, which is the festival of Jain community. People belonging to Jainism, follow the teachings given by Lord Mahavira. Chaturmas or Chaumasi Chaudas is celebrated with enthusiasm throughout the country by the Jain Community.

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On the special occassion of Chaturmas, let us know about its significance with a renowned Jain Muni. 

“Ahimsa is Strictly Emphasized in Jainism” -‘Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni’. 

“The period of Chaturmas commences from Ashadi Purnima and ends on Kartik Purnima. Duration of these four months comprises of cool rain showers and for this reason, Chaturmas is also known as ‘Varsha Vaas’. In ancient times, there were less roads and thus, the environment gets filled by rich fauna in the rainy season. According to Jain Muni, vegetation is something that has life in it. Ahimsa is strictly emphasized in Jainism, be it on anyone or anything. Therefore, in order to save vegetation from any negative effect, Jain Munis used to avoid travelling during these four months. For the welfare of all and to save the flora and fauna, they used to pray and meditate at one place. To awaken their internal power of soul, spirituality was practiced. Hence, Chaturmas is the period to uprise spirituality within oneself. With the change in time, changes in density of rainfall has also occurred. Now the roads are also maintained; thereby, decreasing the vegetation. However, the auspiciousness of Chaturmas is still the same and it is the time for spirituality and penance. 

To the younger generation, I would like to give a message to understand the significance of Chaturmas and follow its rituals. During monsoon, it is important to keep a check on eating habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle. “

Chaturmas 2015: Customs Followed During Chaturmas

In Jainism, teachings given by Mahavira are followed and practiced with pure heart and soul. Chaturmas is the time when they engage in worshiping the Lord and carry out many religious acts. During these days, they clean and adorn their houses and shop for new clothes. To overcome all the misdeeds and earn good ‘Karma’, donations and alms are made. Other than these customs, following things are also done on Chaturmas or Chaumasi Chaudas by the people of Jainism:

  • Devotees take bath in holy rivers and observe fast
  • Penance and meditation is observed by the Jain Muni
  • Jain Muni avoid travelling during these four months and practice meditation for the welfare of all
  • Only single meal is taken by the devotees
  • Jain merchants invite Jain Munis to their home and gain religious knowledge

Chaturmas 2015: The Time To Seek Forgiveness

The importance of Chaumasi Chaudasi in Jainism increases from the fact that, Paryushana, another major Jain festival, falls in this duration. Paryushana concludes with Kshamavani Diwas i.e. the day to seek forgiveness from each other. 

This was all about Chaturmas or Chaumasi Chaudas. We hope this article will help you in understanding more about Jainism. Begin your journey on the path of wisdom by following principles given by Mahavira. 

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