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Transit of Sun In Leo (August 17, 2014) - Experience The Energetic Conjunction Of Leo & Sun

King of planets, Sun will transit into zodiac sign Leo on August 17, 2014. This transit is going to be quite special as Sun is moving in its own sign. So what does this unique transit has for your sign? Discover it with expert astrologer Rekha Kalpdev

Sun is known as the king of all the nine planets. In ancient times, every activity of kingdom were performed under the supervision of the king. Every decision of the kingdom was confirmed by him and his words were treated as the final ones. However, the scenario has changed today and decision making power is seen in the hands of masses rather than the supervisor. The power is just the same only the rulers have changed. The prestige and reputed position which our government helds today, is the same which Sun helds among all the planets. It is known as the significator of majesty, self confidence, government work, tax system, and bones. Sun gives us the immunity to fight against diseases. This is the only reason that Sun not only has immense importance in birth chart, but also hold extreme significance in transits. 

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On August 17, 2014, under Magha Nakshatra (constellation), Sun will transit into its own sign, Leo. Importance of this day increases with the fact that on this day, Sun will enter into its own sign, other than this Moon is transiting in exalted sign, Mercury is moving forward to exalted sign, Jupiter is posited in exalted sign, Venus is in Moon's sign and Moon is in Venus' sign, Saturn is posited in exalted sign, and Rahu/Ketu are also in exalted sign. In simple words, all these events are making a special Yoga on this day, which forms after many years. In this Yoga, out of the nine planets, five are placed in exalted sign, one is posited in its own sign and rest all are forming auspicious Yoga. It is said that unique Yogas give unique results too. After knowing all these points, you must be willing to know the impact of this transit on you. 

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Let us now read the effects of Sun transit on you:

Sun transit in fifth house is not considered favorable. To avoid the consequences of this transit period, it would be good to keep ego out of your personal life. During this time, your relation with father may get affected as a result of anger and excitement. You are likely to face troubles from your children and may also lack happiness. Think carefully before spending on property and vehicle, as your expenses are expected to increase. Papers related to selling or buying of property should be analyzed properly. Fraud and risks are also foreseen. Renting home may serve as a source of income. During this time, take good care of your father’s health. You may feel lack of happiness in conjugal life. 

Sun will transit in the fourth house from your sign. Due to Sun transit, your name and fame will rise socially. Being selfish and egoistic at this time may spoil familial relations. It would be good to think about everyone’s good before taking any decision related to family. It is suggested to take special care of your heart. High blood pressure may affect your health. Check on diet and being careful will help. You may face troubles from enemies. During this time, friends can't be trusted either. You are advised not to trust friends in matters of love life. If you are planning to start a new business venture, it would be good to wait for sometime. Do not reveal your business strategies. Tension may arises in the married life from the influence of Mars-Saturn. 

Sun transit in Leo is bringing rights as well as responsibilities for you. You will get success in work done with dedication. People working in technical sector are expected to attain profits in this favorable period. Hike in salary and promotion is on the cards. Use of sweet words will help in maintaining professional relations. Seniors will get influenced by your talent and experience. Possibility of getting appreciation at work front is there. However, you may get less support from colleagues. Expenditure due to domestic issues is foreseen. During this time, you are likely to turn miser. You will be able to keep your friend circle happy. You will get opportunities to go on trips and to exchange your views. This time is quite favorable for people associated with media and communication. Positioning of Sun in third house is considered auspicious; therefore, utilize the best of this transit period. 

Intention of getting rights in family may lead to some problems in family. Other than demanding for rights in family, fulfil your responsibilities too, as it will maintain prosperity and harmony in family. Other than this, don’t try to maintain too much discipline on youngsters of family, else they may go against you. Sun is posited in second house from your sign; therefore, your language may go harsh. Things left on friends will remain unaccomplished. During this time period, many wishes will rise inside you. As predicted, some of them will become true and will raise your excitement. You will get interested in things related to religion and spirituality. Increased workload will make you restless. Laziness will increase in students and dedication is likely to decline. 

Ups and downs will be seen in your health. You may become the victim of headache. You will expect disciplined behavior from others. You will turn aggressive. You will feel like people should follow your orders. You will concentrate at work front and you are expected to involve in administrative and intellectual activities. Rahu posited in second house may create difference of opinion in your family. However, situation can be controlled with proper communication. During this time, saving money is extremely difficult. You may spend on some auspicious activities. Students who are trying to study abroad will get success in their efforts. Give sufficient time to your spouse. 

Sun posited in twelfth house from your sign, will affect your sleep. You will feel lack in sleep. It is suggested for married couples to keep conflicting topics out of their conversation. As Rahu is prevailing on your birth sign; therefore, you know the art of getting your work done. You will adapt according to situation. Such a behavior will help you in mingling in the environment quite easily. Some business trips outside the country are also foreseen. Expenditure is likely to increase. This time seems favorable for students and teachers. Keep a check on your eating habits. 

Due to transit of Sun in eleventh house, financial condition will improve. New sources of income and profits will open for you. Increase in power at work front and promotion according to talent will keep you happy. Positioning of Saturn-Mars in birth sign will provide an extreme importance to your personality. You will come forward to help people get justice and you will fight for other’s rights too. During this transit period, immense energy and excitement will be witnessed in you. Foreign contacts will help in getting income. Professional experience will prove its worth. Possibility of getting support from seniors is there and your professional skills will improve. Tension in married life may increase your troubles. During this time, you will get control over expenses. 

Sun in transiting in tenth house from your sign. Success in business will approach and your powers will increase. Seniors will praise your work. Relations will improve with officers. You will take interest in calculative and administrative work. You will get opportunities to go on nearby recreational places with spouse or friends. It would be good to stay alert from enemies. If you are dealing with legal matter, success is assured. Your involvement will increase in social activities. 

Due to lack of support from luck, you will have to put more efforts. Sun posited in ninth house is likely to affect father’s health. Work load will reduce than usual. You will accomplish your plans with the help of systematic ways. People involved in technical sector may have to face major troubles. Poor health will prove to be an obstacle in your activities. It is advised to stay alert from diseases due to diabetes and obesity. It would be good to get yourself examined by doctor on timesly basis. 

Sun is transiting in your eighth house. You are likely to get affected by diseases easily. Carelessness toward health is not good. Influence of western lifestyle on youngsters may increase further. You will enjoy happiness due to comforts and luxuries. Expenditure will rise in domestic life. This time is quite favorable for matters related to land and property. If you are looking forward to buy a new house, this is the best time. Avoid making hurry in matters of love and romance. You will get success in controlling expenditures. Possibilities of getting success in business after hard work is foreseen. Take out some time for religious activities from your busy routine. Doing so will bless you with good fortune. 

For the married couple’s Sun transit will target their married life. Sun is not considered favorable in house of marriage. If you are married, you may have to face your partner’s temper. Tiffs and anger is possible. To make things normal, you have to work really hard. Partnership business relations are likely to get spoiled. Your egoistic nature and attitude of limiting your rights may create problems in business. Income doesn’t seems steady. However, you will make efforts to accomplish your work. Happiness and mental peace may get affected. To keep yourself stress free, practice Yoga and exercise. 

This time is very favorable for the Pisces natives. Students who are going to give competitive exams, will get success for sure. Enemies/opponents will remain ineffective. Improper eating habits may affect your health. You and your spouse may not agree with each other on some issues. Give importance to your personal choice and don’t stretch familial issues. This is a good time for servicemen to plan for a job change. For love matters, this is an excellent phase. Your savings may increase with gain of money which was stucked somewhere. This transit period is not good for people who are associated with managerial work.

Weak Sun in birth chart, inauspicious impact and unfavorable results of transits can be reduced by following remedies for Sun. Natives who are facing unfavorable effects of Sun’s major period (Maha Dasha) and Sub period (Antar Dasha), should use these remedies for good results. Follow these remedies as per your convenience. Perform them with pure heart, as lack of devotion may cause consequences. Therefore, faith is a must. 

  1. Get up before sunrise, take bath and complete daily activities. Stand in front of Sun and perform Surya Namaskar. Also, offer water to Surya Devta.
  2. Chant Mantra for Sun . The Mantra for Sun is - ‘Om Ghrini Suryaya Namah’ (ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नमः)
  3. Offer prayers to Surya Yantra regularly. 
  4. Respecting father and touching his feet and seeking his blessings pleases Lord Surya. 

Rekha Kalpdev

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