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Rise of Jupiter in Cancer (August 8, 2014) - See Your Fortune Rising With Jupiter!

Let us now examine the role and influence of Jupiter rise in our lives, Jupiter rise brings auspiciousness for people of different zodiac signs. Go through this article of Jupiter rise written by expert astrologer ‘Rekha Kalpdev’, to know more about the relevance of Jupiter rise in our zodiac sign. 

Rise of Jupiter in Cancer on August 8, 2014 and its influence on our lives

Let us know about the impact of rise of Jupiter in your life and also the changes it can bring along with it. In Astrology, Jupiter and Venus are considered as stars. In Indian culture, the situation of Jupiter and Venus is considered very important for performing any auspicious ceremony. Any kind of hindu custom such as Marriage, Upanayanam, Chaulmundan, Graha Arambh, Graha Pravesh, oath taking and welcoming of a bride is not done if the position of Jupiter and Venus is unfavourable.

It is required that the customs related to household should be done only when Jupiter and Venus are in favorable condition. For example if Jupiter and Venus are not in rise condition, that time is not considered favorable for marriage or the months in which Jupiter and Venus are in combust condition that months are not considered favorable for marriage. According to Phaldeepika, the planet which is going through its major period and if it sets or stays in malefic sign, produces unfavorable results. Therefore, it is said that during the major period of Jupiter and Venus whenever these planets come under the transit leading to their combustion, that time is very harmful for the native.

Jupiter combusted in the West direction in Cancer zodiac sign on July 11, 2014. After 21 days, Jupiter is rising in the East direction in Cancer zodiac sign, on August 8, 2014. It is believed that the auspicious time for marriages begins with the rise of Jupiter. The rise of Jupiter in the East direction is an indication to begin any positive work. Let us now see what all changes will be there with the rise of Jupiter.

This prediction is based on your ascendant zodiac sign. The first house of your birth chart is of the ascendant and the number mentioned in this house reveals your zodiac sign. For example in case, if the number written in the first house is 1 then your zodiac is Aries or if it is 2 then the zodiac is Tauras. This is how you can know about your ascendant zodiac on our website. Click here to view further 


The rise of Jupiter is taking place in the fourth house from your ascendant. There is a possibility that your mother’s health will improve considerably. Also, you might be moving to a new house or some deal related to land will get done successfully. Due to the presence of Sun, Mercury and Venus along with the Jupiter, you will be able to get a govt. deal. The position of Jupiter in the 6-8 house from the ninth house indicates a bad period for the fortune. The time is considered really good for travelling to pilgrimages. There will be an increase in luxuries and facilities. Also, you will have some gains and will be respected by others. You will get opportunities to participate in the work related to society. You will receive blessings from the planets.


People involved in media should not do any difficult task where a lot of strength is required. The obstacles in your destiny will get clear. You will become financially strong. There is also a possibility of increase in income and there might be a change of job. You might have fun spending time with your relatives. It is possible that you might face some discomfort in travelling. You might be required to stay away from home for sometime. Make sure that you do not lose your self confidence and keep on doing your work without losing interest. Do not reduce your efforts and avoid any disappointment. You will face some differences in opinion from your child’s end. 


The rise of Jupiter is taking place in the second house from your zodiac sign. The difficulties related to finance which you were dealing with, will now get resolved. You will receive the money which was blocked somehow. The work which you have already planned, will now get completed. There will be support from some link abroad. People who are related with bank or stock market will get appreciation for their work. Relation with your life partner or business partner will become strong. You will be able to get the loan easily if you are planning for expansion in business. There is an indication of something very big and good happening within the family. Your health will improve and you are likely to receive some money in the form of rent.


It is advisable that you do not avoid your health. This period is good for students as they will get support in gaining knowledge. Your child will provide you some happiness. Your workload will increase. You might have to do a lot of work in hand and therefore it may take a lot of time to get that done. However, you will prove to be a good leader in front of all. Also, your luck will favour you. There is a possibility that your financial condition might get affected for sometime which will be a reason for stress. You will get inclined towards religious work. Your married life will get better.


The rise of Jupiter in the twelfth house will prevent unnecessary expenses. Due to this transit your expenditure will be on the things which are required. Your presence will rise in religious work. Also, there is a possibility that you face some problems in your married life which might affect your relationship. Your enemies will try to interrupt you but you will overcome their influence. If you are about to participate in some competition or exam then you will get success there. You might have to go away from your hometown or the place you are staying in right now as there are chances of change of residence.


There is a rise of Jupiter in the house influencing your income. Jupiter is the lord of your fourth and seventh house, therefore its rise will provide good in your domestic life as well as married life. Support from your life partner will accomplish some tasks. Also, there is a possibility of gains. You will get respect and admiration from your child. The time is favorable for the students. During this period, you have to be careful of your competitors and for letting everything under control you will have to be diplomatic in your approach. 


The rise of Jupiter in tenth house will enhance your performance at your workplace. Also, you will get the opportunity to learn from your superiors which will give you appreciation. The position of Rahu in the sixth house will prevent any harm from enemies. There will be an increase in business related expenses. Due to the presence of Mercury in Cancer, you might face some difficulty in taking important decisions. Mars is situated along exalted Saturn in the house of ascendant. Have control on your anger and do not lose self control because of your aggression. Otherwise the time period is good for you. 


At this time, Jupiter is posited in the ninth house i.e. the house of fortune. The rise of Jupiter in this house will provide you good fortune. The things which were earlier not getting accomplished because of destiny, will now get done. The time is good for learning new things. There is a possibility of travelling to far off places. It is advisable not to postpone your work. Also, do not rely on others for getting your work done. You might get troubled by some health problems and enemies. Make sure you that you prevent them. You can indulge in understanding of religious work.


The presence of Jupiter in the eighth house can lead to some chronic diseases causing physical weakness. Make sure that you have a control over your eating habits, else you might get trouble due to sugar or diabetes. Therefore, it is required for you to keep a check on your diet. Your family members may also get tensed because of your health. With the combustion of Jupiter, the humility which was earlier missing in your conduct will be back. This will make your relations better. You will be adapting to some hypocritical ways to get your work done at the workplace because of the position of Rahu. However, you will be able to achieve success in difficult tasks as well.


There might be a dispute in partnership or the relations with spouse might get sour. It is advisable that you wait for some time for making investments. Have patience to avoid any harmful results. There is a possibility of you getting involved in legal matters which will give you a lot of troubles. You might get punished if you do not oblige to government rules and regulations. If you staying abroad or away from your hometown, there is a possibility of going back home. It is time to get involved in some religious work and also guidance from a teacher or father will reap good results for you. 


During this period, Jupiter is rising in the sixth house from your house of ascendant. For you Jupiter is the lord of house of age and income. The presence of Jupiter in the sixth house is not at all good as it has a negative impact on the health and financial condition. Make sure that you have hygienic food as junk food can cause some illness. Be careful about your stomach and condition of your heart. You can go for ayurvedic treatment as it will prove good for health. Some amount of money given on credit will come back but do not lend any more amount of money to anyone. There is a possibility of growth in family. Also, you are having strength to accomplish task as the efforts are made in right direction.You will get a lot of mental strain because of your competitors and enemies.


There transit of Jupiter is taking place in the fifth house from your ascendant. The rise of Jupiter in the fifth house will awaken your ability to understand things or gather knowledge in a better way. This time is good for students who are concerned with some research work. You will try to gather a lot of knowledge from various spheres and subjects. There is a possibility of shift in job and efforts related to it will prove beneficial. Do not start any new work in your partnership as there are chances of betrayal. 

Remedies can reduce the negative effects caused by the planets and can enhance the favorable results. These remedies will prove to be beneficial for the natives who will not have favorable results due to rise in Jupiter in their birth chart. It is important for them to follow the remedy.


ऊं गुं गुरुवाये नम (Om Gum Guruvaye Namah) : Chant this Mantra 108 times or more than that everyday.

By Rekha Kalpdev

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