Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Horoscope (October 13 – October 19)

A brand new week is commencing from tomorrow. With this week, changes in every sphere of your life will hit your zodiac sign. While some of you will cherish all good, some might go through some troubles. On which side you are? Let Pt. Hanumman Mishra predict the possibilities for you.

You need to be extremely careful with your speech, during the starting of this week. You also need to be very patient and controlled while dealing with financial matters. It would be good if you expend according to your needs; else, your budget will get hampered. The mid part of this week will be favorable for you. During this period, you will get cooperation from friends and brothers. You will win over controversies. During the end part of this week, it is a need to stay alert during you conduct trips, as those will not be very advantageous. If possible, lend time to your relatives.

During the starting of this week, you might feel some restlessness within you. You can succeed over most of your tasks with noble efforts. You will also get the chance to relish delicious food items. In the mid-part of this week, your self-confidence will be high. You will get success in most of your works. However, by the end days of this week, you will get mixed results. This is the time to devote time to your personal life.

The starting part of this week is likely to be a bit weak. Expenses may be made on irrelevant matters or tours; however, it is also possible that you may attain a large fraction of profit on working with sound cognition and maturity. Things will work out, during the mid part of the week. You should always keep a check on your speech. During the end phase of this week, things will be in your favor. Your self-confidence will help you to triumph in most of your works.

The starting of week might try to flow you along with emotions. However, doing important tasks will provide you with the satisfaction of your soul. You will get chances to attain profits, although, you should not be very sure about it, as this might get compensated with heavy expenses. The mid part of the week indicates that you need to be a bit clever to bring things back to normal. Such an attitude will also help you to accomplish your tasks. The end part of the week is less favorable for both, financial and domestic issues.

Things are likely to work out, during the starting of this week. This period will also be helpful for your social status. You are likely to keep good relations with reputed and senior persons. This will be advantageous. If we talk of financial matters, this is likely to be a favorable period. Salary will also increase. The mid part of this week will be less favorable for you, However, you should keep a check on your feelings and situations will come under control. By the end part of the week, tensions will lessen down and you will experience better times ahead.

You are likely to go on a distant trip, during the starting days of the week. If the trip comes out to be a pilgrimage or related to religious works, you are likely to attain great satisfaction. Out of these, some tours will prove to be beneficial for you. Accomplishment of tasks will bring you pleasure. Your thoughts will be positive. The mid days are indicative of providing you with advantages or profits. Hence, the works that appear to bring in gains, get indulged in them with utter devotion and dedication. Sudden expenses may come up, during this week.

You should not take up any risk, while commencing the week. If possible, try to be patient and controlled to relish achievements. The same attitude needs to maintained in financial matters as well. The mid part of this week is likely to bring in better times. During this period, you may also go out on a distant trip or pilgrimage. You will achieve success in your tasks. Your work will also be appreciated. By the end of this week, you might be indulged in advantageous ventures; however, you need to be extremely patient while dealing with love related matters.

The week will produce mixed results for you. You need to rejuvenate and adorn your domestic life, during the starting part of this week. During this period, you might get attracted toward a person of opposite gender. However, you should not perform any task that spoils your reputation and prestige. You will get better outputs, during the mid-part of this week. You will also get support from your father or a fatherly figure. The end days will remain pretty fine for you.

The commencing phase of this week will fetch you favorable outputs. If you have worked hard in the recent past, then you will definitely receive fruitful outputs for the same this week. Your competitors will bring in troubles for you. This will also be a favorable time for domestic life and love life. The mid-part of the week might bring in certain worries and concerns in your mind. You may also get betrayed or suffer loss. The end part of this week will however, bring in better results for your life.

You are likely to stay concerned due to matters related to children or love affair, during the starting part of this week. Education may also become the cause of concern for you. However, this is likely to be a favorable time for professional life or job related matters. Participants of some competition or students attending an examination will also find the time favorable for them. The mid-part of this week will also be favorable for you. There will be an increase in facilities, amenities related to luxury; although, you might face some opposite situations, during the end part of this week. Hence, deal this period with patience.

During the starting part of this week, you are likely to be emotional. Some worries will also be there. Such tensions may be related to finance or love related issues. Hence, it will be better that you do not get irritable under workload. You will be able to triumph over your opponents, during the mid-part of the week. You will achieve success in your work. The end part is likely to be favorable; partnerships during this period will fetch you profits. Be it love-life or domestic-life, the time is favorable from every aspect.

In general, the week will be favorable for you. You are likely to go on some trip, during its starting days of the week. This week, you will get cooperation from your friends and brothers. However, apart from all these, you might face an unknown fear. You might also be worried, most probably it will be related to your domestic life. During the mid-part of this week, you are likely to make effective strategies related to your love, education, or children. Although, you would be able to put a stop to all unexpected problems.

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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