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Destiny Plays A Pivotal Role Along With Efforts - Shreya Narayan, Bollywood Actress

Fabulous Bollywood actress “Shreya Narayan” is sharing her views about astrology on AstroSage. Know what she believes in and the factor that keeps on inspiring her to move forward. Also, get to know about her upcoming movie “Super Nani”.

Know the views of Shreya Narayan about astrology.

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Ques 1 - Do you believe in astrology? If so, why?

My belief in astrology has grown recently. Shooting of my film “Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster” was completed in December 2010, but it was not getting released due to some or the other reason. It took 9 months for the film to get released. Though it was scheduled to be released in May, but the date was getting postponed again and again. I spoke to Shastri Ji regarding this, my mom has immense faith on him, and she often takes his advice showing our birth-charts. He told me certain things and as he had said, the film also got released. That’s how my belief in astrology grew. Gradually, this belief directed me toward spirituality. Whether you call it astrology or anything, I believe that everything is pre-destined. My mother’s illness has also taught me the same thing. We can’t bring situation into control, but we should put our best efforts to make things happen. Astrology helps us in peeping into the future and directs us toward the right direction of work. I keep on discussing about my direction of work with Shastri Ji from time to time.

Ques 2 - Do you believe in luck or hard work?

Actually, you always need to maintain a balance in life. Those who are in film industry will always tell you that everything happens at its destined time, no matter how much efforts you put in. However, you have to keep up the hard work, but it doesn’t mean that your efforts will show colors immediately. Luck and hard work, both have their own importance in life. Life moves only with the balance of both.

Ques 3 - How much astrology do you use in daily life?

Astrology is not a part of my everyday life, but it definitely helps me in finding directions. Not for the small things, but it certainly does matter in getting the bigger picture of things. Sometimes, you are disheartened, sometimes in dilemma, sometimes excited - in such situations, you need to go into introspection for peaceful feeling of settlement. Astrology helps in doing that. I feel that more than changing conditions of the outside world, it makes you stronger along with a better understanding.

Ques 4 - Do you consult astrologers while taking major decisions like signing a movie or something like that; or is it totally based on your own understanding?

No, not for signing movies, but for getting a direction on a larger scale, I do consult astrologers. However, I have many friends who consult astrologers while signing a movie. Also, there are many producers who ask for the birth-chart of actors before taking them into their film; and they will take you only if your Kundli matches with their requirement. Like I said earlier, astrology is there to help you in showing the right path of life, not for these small things. I take all such decisions with my own understanding. At the end of the day, nobody knows what will happen, only God knows. Few days back, I was talking to a very big star, who has given many big hits. He said that we put same efforts in all the films, we do the same work; but we never know what the film holds in destiny. Nobody can tell if the film will work on the viewers or not. That’s why, as a human, you have to put your best everyday. Astrology tells us that where we need to be more alert, or when is the more hard work required. Astrology gives me a positive direction.

Ques 5 - Astrology and spirituality are related to each other, so are you spiritual, religious, or ...?

According to me, religion is a way of taking you toward spirituality. When I meditate, I find myself in a new world. In my views, not just the rituals, but the art of connecting with yourself deep inside is religion, spirituality. But yes, there could be many ways for making this connection. It won’t be justified to say that my way is the best and rest are wrong. Chanting ‘Om’ can take you at the same place where reaches the prayers of Jesus. All you need is pure heart and then you reach to such a place where all the thoughts come to an end, and you experience the true ecstasy of peace. At this point, you connect with yourself, create yourself, and grow. Faith is the most required ingredient into all this. That’s why I think that it is important for an astrologer to be spiritual, then only he will be able to resolve the mysteries of life. Science of astrology has same fundamentals, but only few astrologers reach to the most accurate analysis. This difference arises from the spiritual growth. The one who is connected deep within himself can only tell something about the other person.

Ques 6 - You sound like a very spiritual person, do you think spirituality is useful in your daily life as well?

Of course! I feel that the more spiritual you are, the more you will be able to control yourself in any situation. You will never go crazy, no matter what happens. Spirituality empowers you to rise after the fall. Life of an actor is full of ups and downs. No matter how big you are, you swill keep on swinging in between ups and downs throughout your acting career. Spirituality gives you a unique point of view, where you see yourself from a distance. Here, you can see where you actually are going.

Ques 7 - You said that spirituality gives you the power to rise after being fallen. The story of your upcoming movie “Super Nani” is also quite close to this, where a woman doesn’t give up even in the most adverse situations and proved herself. Tell us something about your character in the film.

The story of Super Nani revolves around Rekha Ji - How she didn’t get the love and support from her family, how she struggles and bring a change to her family through her career. Rekha Ji is herself a very spiritual and strong person inside. I have learned a lot from her. As far as my character in the film ‘Aastha’ is concerned, she is a weird, spoiled, crazy, lunatic, outspoken, and comic daughter-in-law. She wants to become an actress, but she has no quality of an actor. This is a comic character, which will make people laugh.

Ques 8 - Other than this, any upcoming movie?

Yes, I am working in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s upcoming film “Yaara”.

Ques 9 -  What would you like to say for the readers of AstroSage?

I think, AstroSage is a very special website that is why all the people who come here very special. I will say just one thing that astrology is a very deep science. The more you delve inside, the more you get. Enjoy the best of astrology with and keep moving ahead.

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