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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (June 9 - June 15) - Predictions For Your Sun Signs!

AstroSage unfolds the weekly horoscope predictions from June 9 - June 15. Already made plans for the week? But will those plan fructify. Know beforehand with Pt. Hanumman Mishra’s predictions about for your zodiac sign, during this week. Read on to know more...

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from June 9 to June 15 for all the Zodiac Signs.

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Aries: The week begins with some tensions. These tensions are either related to your spouse or your mother’s health. During the middle of the week, your hard work and your efforts will not give you the complete desired result. But, you don’t need to get disappointed. Incase you feel negativity around you, surrender your problems to God! Try to do some good deeds and serve the needy. This will surely give positive outcome and you will be free from problems, by the weekend.

Taurus: This week will bring mixed results. At the beginning of the week, your plans will succeed but slowly. So be patient! However you are determined to fulfil your wishes. Hence, all your attention, dedication and efforts will be in the same direction. You are planning to invest in electronic gadgets especially phone or laptop! During the middle of the week, an unplanned trip may happen. But Drive carefully! The weekend is stress free. So enjoy it!

: At the beginning of the week you will make use of your art of talking to people. Your aspirations are increasing at a radical speed. You will gain support from friends. Also, by the middle of the week, your work related problems will get resolved. Unexpected gains may occur. You may have to face some foes but you will outweigh them. This time is apt for investing your money. Mother’s health may deteriorate. Each act should be done very carefully over the weekend!

Cancer: At the beginning of the week, there may be some mental tensions. Some health problems may arise. Their may be some economic losses, but they are related to domestic expenditures. However during midweek, you will be successful in performing management related tasks as well as in practical or general matters. By the weekend, you will win over your enemies. You will be over enthusiastic about some ideas. There's a possibility of small trip. Old plans and old friends will be of great help to you.

Leo: At the beginning of the week, you will be extremely energetic. There's a possibility of some trips. For the people involved in export - import, this is a good time for you. You may get some opportunity to gain profits during the midweek. Your mental energy will be good. Over the weekend, you will succeed in the matters of children, education, politics, travel, and real estate. You will win all the discussions or debates. Take care of your health! Also restrain your speech.

Virgo: During the initial days of the week, you may have to face some financial crunch. Monetary gains are achieved after a lot of efforts. Don’t spend this money unnecessarily! The more practical approach you possess, the more successful you will be. This week your words will be impactful and will possess a lot of energy. During the midweek, your relationship with the higher officials will become healthy! Possibilities of gaining in professional life is quite prevalent. Youngsters, family, friends, and loved ones will be supportive!

Libra: With start of the week, you will receive some good news about the accomplishments of your relatives. Post this news your own energy and enthusiasm will increase. During the midweek, you are overloaded with work. At this time, be careful while talking to your subordinates. Keep a restraint on your unnecessary expenditures! Over the weekend you will have to put some extra efforts in order to accomplish your goals. You may have to take some unsolicited judgements. Their may be some domestic tensions.

Scorpio: If your work is related to foreign affairs, hospitals, and prison then this week is favorable for you. Otherwise, you may have to a financial crunch, which can cause serious tensions. Although during the midweek, you will move in the right direction. You seem to be influenced with the new technology and innovative ideas. Over the weekend, your work will be appreciated. You may buy some technological gadget probably phone. You will spend quality time with your loved ones and family members.

Sagittarius: The beginning of the week is favorable, as during this week you will come across a lot of occasions wherein you will be able to showcase your talent. You will have to keep a control on your habits and keep a check on your greed. You may gain some weight, hence, restraint your diet. Your sense of creativity will arise. You will gain monetary benefits, during this week. But, you may have to face some mental tensions. Take care!

Capricorn: At the beginning of the week, success is attained in business ventures, but your projects may remain indefinite. Hence, work with determination. During the midweek, a big task may get completed, which will prove beneficial. People will appreciate your work and efforts. Incomplete projects will reach there goal. A fresh start is expected with old friends. Your fame will grow! Although some expenditures are expected. By the weekend, maintain your patient and keep working toward your goal. These efforts will bring positive results!

Aquarius: Your hard work and attitude will result in profits at the beginning of the week. Luck will favor you! The news which you will receive will be beneficial. You are overloaded with work. A positive change that you are expecting will be attained in the midweek. The efforts and hard work put in the past, will now turn rewarding. You will gain wealth, respect, and your status in the society will increase. You may face some stomach ailments and mental unrest over the weekend.

Pisces: Planning to invest in a new venture? Then the initial days of the week are not favorable. Their may be some tensions. However, if you are searching a new job, you may get it this week. Plan for your future and try out your luck! People may search for you in order to delight some specified work. Sudden profits are gained! Business opportunities may arise! Personal life will be full of love and support. But there may be some health problems. Take care!

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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