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Transit of Rahu In Virgo (July 12, 2014) - What This Transit Brings For You?

Rahu is transiting into zodiac sign Virgo on July 12, 2014. This shadowy planet can take you to the new heights and can drag you in pits as well. So, what will happen this time? Something amazing or something disappointing? Read this article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra and know yourself...

Transit of Rahu in Virgo and its effects on all zodiac signs.

Rahu is considered as the significator planet of occult sciences. Being a shadowy planet, Rahu represents air element of human body. As per the beliefs, Rahu gives instant results, be it favorable or unfavorable. On July 12, 2014, Rahu is moving out of zodiac sign Libra and will transit into Virgo. 

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:


Arians, with the transit of Rahu in Virgo, your financial condition will improve. Some profitable deal will come your way. Your efforts will please your boss and you will gain benefits from senior officials as well. Familial life will remain prosperous. You will get fruitful results from any trip. Success in endeavors is assured. Whether it is job or business, improvement is foreseen in both. 

Remedy: Donate red lentils to a sweeper.


Transit of Rahu in Virgo will influence your ability of taking right decisions. You may get some really interesting proposals. It would be good to act on them, after thinking carefully. This is the time when you should not take risks in matters related to finance. Save yourself from indulging into litigation and legal troubles. Also, keep a check on your eating habits. 

Remedy: Wear a silver ring.


Transit of Rahu in Virgo will create some troubles in family. Some of your efforts may go unsuccessful which may develop bitter feelings inside you. It is suggested to remove your inner fear and deal courageously with the unfavorable situations. Do not develop grudges from friends and colleagues. Try to do everything in a systematic manner. 

Remedy: Worship Goddess Saraswati at times of troubles. 


Cancerians, your social circle and fame will rise with transit of Rahu in Virgo. Business will expand and will reach new heights. You will continue getting cheerful news from the source of communication. You will remain energetic and will do your activities in systematic way. This time is favorable for travelling and entertaining trips. 

Remedy: Wearing eight mouthed Rudraksha will yield auspicious results. 


For the lions, transit of Rahu in Virgo will not give quite favorable results. Competitors will try to create hurdles. Hence, before doing anything important, think wisely. Coming to your health, make sure to keep a check on it as well. You may feel concerned for domestic life. It is also important to stay alert in financial matters. 

Remedy: Keep a small solid ball of silver with you. 


With the positioning of Rahu in 1st house, you may feel worried without knowing the reason behind. This is the time to maintain cordial relations with spouse and business partner. During this time, trust only reality. Take good care of your health to avoid any problems. Make sure not to spoil relations with females. In the matters of money, avoid going for shortcuts. 

Remedy: Float coconut in running water. 


As a result of this transit, you may feel worried for family issues or family members. Some changes in home or job are also possible. Opponents may try to create situations that will stress your mind. Expenses may rise and you may have to go for some unnecessary trips. During this time, remain self dependent and take care of your image. 

Remedy: Flow in water a coal log equivalent to your weight.


Rahu transit in Virgo will bring favorable results for you. You may plan to undertake new endeavors. You will get help from friends. Familial life will remain prosperous and this time is good for love and romance as well. Everything will remain good healthwise, however, sometimes you may face issues related to ear. 

Remedy: Donate barley on regular basis.


With the transit of Rahu in Virgo, you will turn courageous and this will help you in dealing with unfavorable situations. You will do extremely well in business. For those who are jobless, possibilities of getting job are assured. You will achieve new heights at work front. Your self confidence would be outstanding. Relations with reputed and powerful authorities will improve. Health will also remain good. 

Remedy: Serve food to the blind. 


As Rahu is in your 9th house, thus, you will get mixed results. You will get opportunities to do well in business. With your self confidence, you will get success. During this time, it is important to maintain cordial relations with teachers and parents. Stay away from ego and keep on doing self analysis. 

Remedy: Apply saffron (Kesar) Tilak on forehead. 


Due to this transit, you may face some difficulties in your efforts. Servicemen may face some difficulties. Try to avoid any conflicts with your life partner. Visit your doctor regularly for taking his advice. However, you may gain some spiritual experience, during this period.

Remedy: Keep a square piece of silver with you. 


Due to this transit of Rahu in Virgo, your day to day work may get interrupted. Remain independent during this period. You need to adjust fully with your family members, during this period. Try to maintain good relations with your colleague and partners. Try to avoid legal actions and wasteful journeys.

Remedy: Float six coconut with husk in running water. 

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