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Gupt Navratri Begins - Nine Days Of Delighted Divinity!

Gupt Navratri has commenced today and will continue till July 7. Have you ever seen and heard that Goddess Durga is worshiped silently during Navratri? Yes! Gupt Navratri is one such time in the year where the Goddess is worshiped quietly unlike the other Navratris. Find out how...

Gupt Navratri is one of the five forms of Navratri which is observed in the name of Goddess Durga.

We all know about Goddess Shakti & the power of Maa Durga. The incarnation of Goddess Parvati is worshiped during the time of Navratri. Here in this article, we will throw a light on ‘Gupt Navratri’. The word Gupt means ‘unheard of’ or ‘secret’. Thus, this is the reason why Gupt Navratri is not as famous as Shardiya Navratri that comes in the month of October or November and Chaitra Navratri that comes in March or April.

Gupt Navratri is known by various names in different part of the country. These are Shakambhari Utsavam or Shakambhari Navratri, Varahi Navratri , Bhadrakali Navratri and Gayatri Navratri.

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When is Gupt Navratri?

Gupt Navratri or Ashadh Navratri is celebrated every year in Hindi month of Ashadha (June - July) during the Shukla Paksha, as per Hindu calendar.

Navratri Date Navratri Day Goddess Form
June 28 Pratipada Shailputri Puja
June 29 Dwitiya Brahmacharini Puja
June 30 Tritiya Chandraghanta Puja
July 1 Chaturthi Kushmanda Puja
July 2 Panchami Skandamata Puja
July 3 Shashthi Katyayani Puja
July 4 Saptami Kalaratri Puja
July 5 Ashtami Maha Gauri Puja
July 6 Ashtami Sandhi Puja
July 7 Navami Siddhidatri Puja

Importance of Gupt Navratri

Gupt Navratri holds a lot of importance for devotees all around the country. It is believed that during these days, Maa Shakti is in a delightful mood and is extremely happy. So who so ever offer prayers to Maa Durga during these nine days, Goddess Shakti fulfills their wishes and blesses them.

Gupt Navratri holds a lot of significance for people who are into Tantra Vidya. During these nine days, special pujas are performed after the sunset. The celebrations of Gupt Navratri are very silent and hushed unlike Chaitra Navratri and Sharada Navaratri.

The people of South India celebrate Gupt Navratri with lot of devotion and dedication toward Maa Durga.

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Rituals Of Gupt Navratri

Though the rituals of Navratri differ from region to region; however, some rituals remain same everywhere. These are:
  • Taking bath in early morning and making some preparations for worshiping Goddess Shakti
  • Establishing the idols of Goddess Durga at Pooja Sthan (place of worship) and offering her special prayers
  • Recitation of Durga Mantra, Stotra of Goddess Amba and Goddess Kali

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Gupt Navratri is considered to be a very powerful time when one can invoke Goddess Durga and she will fulfill all your wishes. Maa Durga will remove all the tensions and stress from one’s life.

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Gupt Navratri celebration may not be as grand as the other two Navratri. But the importance of Gupt Navratri is no less than any festival or occasion. This year during Gupt Navratri worship Maa Durga and get blessed!

We wish you all a blissful Gupt Navratri!

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