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Transit of Mars In Libra (July 14, 2014) - What This Transit Brings For You?

Transit of Mars in Libra will take place on July 14, 2014. Transit is not only a planetary movement, but it is a major astrological event that affect our lives. What types of effects these could be? Know more about the effects of transit of Mars in Libra from our astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’.

Transit of  Mars In Libra and its effects on all zodiac signs.

As we have already discussed about the transit of Mars in Libra on AstroSage, in the last few days of January. We hope that article must have helped you. Once again, Mars is about to undergo that same phase. Yes, Mars, the third planet of the solar system, moved out from Virgo and entered Libra at 14:25 of January 4, 2014. Till March 25, 2014, Mars resided in Libra and on the same night, being retrograde, entered back into Virgo. Since then, it is posited there only.

On July 14, Mars is transiting back into Libra. Here, it will conjugate with Saturn. This particular phase of time may prove to be devastator in some matters. Riots or similar things may again be witnessed in the country. This may affect harmony of southern and western regions of the country. Same situation may come up in southern and western countries. Once again we may hear news about related to women victimization. Quite high ups and downs are possible in the political sector of the country. Not only the political leaders will give senseless statements, but attacks on them are also possible. This time period may affect the health of any senior political leader. Also at this time, inflation may be seen in grains.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:


Transit of Mars will happen in the 7th house of your birth chart (Kundali). As a result, this time period is not favorable for journeys. Health of spouse may become the reason for concern. Conflict with colleagues and partners is also there on your cards. However, this time will help you in getting relief from legal issues. Any investment might become the reason of benefit. You may also get back your stucked money.


Mars transit will take place in your 6th house. Enemies will get into trouble themselves. Now is the time when you will stay happy. Extreme benefit is also foreseen for you. Environment in your family will remain prosperous and harmonious. For the people who are into jobs, things will improve on work front. Hurdles and obstacles will vanish. However, it would be good to avoid disputes. Save yourself from getting trapped in legal matters. Also, be cautious is matters related to investment.


Transit of Mars will occupy 5th house of your birth chart. Benefic effects of Mars will help in ending financial troubles. You will get victory over enemies. Make the best of this time, as it is the best phase to solve all confusions. However, some troubles may come up, due to issue related to health or family members. Avoid acting stubborn in matters related to your love life.


Transit of Mars will occur in your 4th house. You will get support of family members and friends; however, you will also feel concerned about them. Carelessness of any kind is not appreciable in these matters. Even after being generous, you may have to face some problems. As per the predictions, expenses may also increase. Still you will get success in any major endeavor.


Mars transit is going to happen in your third house, which will result in successful accomplishment of journeys. Good news is expected via some source of communication. You may also start some new business. At this time, financial difficulties will end. You may get some new plans. Opponents won’t dare to face you. Success in efforts is assured. In this highly favorable time, your enthusiasm and self confidence will also rise up.


Transit of Mars will take place in your 2nd house. Therefore, this time period is not good for financial matters. Tensions may arise due to some family members. Possibilities of any major changes is quite less. Small issues may lead to big disputes; hence, keep a check on whatever you speak. During this time, act calmly and patiently. Due to presence of Mars in 8th house, it is advised to drive carefully.


Mars will transit in the 1st house of your birth chart. It is suggested to be alert and careful at this time. You may have to confront some problems. During this time, you may feel weak physically. Possibility of getting harmed by any injury is also there. It would be good to stay at bay from taking any risk or involving in betting, at this time. Also, you should not interfere in anyone’s matters. As per your cards, this time is neither good for undertaking any new venture nor expanding it.


Mars transit will happen in the 12th house of your birth chart. As a result, this is the time to be careful at every moment. As far as possible, avoid going on distant journeys. Make sure you don’t get involved into conflicts and legal matters. This phase also demands taking good care of your health. Unwanted expenses may give you troubles. Source of income also seem weak, during this time. Worriess from progeny’s side are also possible.


Mars transit will occupy 11th house of your birth chart. Therefore, you will get benefit from friends and colleagues. Pending tasks will get accomplished and you will get stable property. Not only will your awaited wishes and desires will come true, but you will get success in long journeys too. Gain of new vehicle is also foreseen. Familial life will remain prosperous. However, to avoid getting into arguments with loved ones, you have to keep a control on your words.


Transit of Mars will happen on your 10th house. Good news will come to your way. Success in property and legal matters is assured. Business will expand. Chances of starting new business are also there. High level of self confidence will develop inside you, which will help you in dealing with unfavorable situations. However, make sure that not to turn aggressive. Also, don’t get into the useless matters related with high officials.


Mars will transit in your 9th house. Hence, income will increase along with increase in source of income. Long distance journeys will turn successful. You will find solution to every financial problem. Especially, you will get success in matters related to land and property. However, save yourself from arguing with father and teachers. Also, take care of their health.


Mars transit will take place in 8th house. This positioning of Mars will prove to be a helping hand in solving issues related to property. However, relations with family members may get affected. During this time, take good care of your health. Your way of speaking may sound harsh, so take care of that. Drive carefully, during this time.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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