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Transit of Mercury in Cancer (July 29, 2014) - Know The Effects On You

Planet Mercury is transiting in zodiac sign Cancer on July 29, 2014. Transit of Mercury is a very important event according to astrology. It will surely going to produce some effects on your life. What type of effects these could be? Read the predictions of these effects from ‘Pt.Hanumman Mishra’.

The prince of planets, Mercury, is transiting from zodiac sign Gemini to Cancer on July 29, 2014. This is a good indication for farming and farmers. Therefore, agriculture and farming will improve. But in the North Indian states, the disorder in government and administration might become a reason for the distress of people. Politicians will argue on the unnecessary issues, which are away from the welfare of people and society.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Let’s see what effects this transit of Mercury is going to produce on different zodiac signs.


The familial atmosphere will remain favorable. Some auspicious event is also possible at home. Your professional abilities will develop. You will stay happy and prosperous. You will spend on luxurious items.


You will get good results at workplace. You efforts will give fruitful results. You will meet new people and old friends. Small journeys will give good results. You will get support from your siblings.


Time will remain prosperous for financial matters. People will impress by your speech. Your family members will show very good behaviour toward you. Your interest will develop in occult sciences. Freedom from old debt is also possible.


You will get respect and your reputation will increase. You will get favorable results on the basis of your abilities, skills, and expertise. You will also enjoy good health. Your familial life will remain satisfactory.


Some mental tensions may come your way. Your expenses might increase. Familial atmosphere may lack harmony. So, control the attitude of taking risks of all kinds and try to bend your mind toward spiritualism.


Due to this transit of Mercury, the chances of long journey will arise. Your love relationship will improve. You will make new friends. Your friends and partners will support you. You will enjoy progress at the workfront.


Familial atmosphere will remain favorable. Some auspicious event at home is possible. There are possibilities of expansion of business or profession. You will try to improve your relations with senior and powerful people.


Due to transit of Mercury, your reputation and status will improve. You will come closer to popular people. You will perform great in your business. You will also get profit from the journey you perform.


Mercury will stay in 8th house for you. So, there is a possibility of rising conflicts on small issues. Avoid taking decisions in a hurry. You will get success only after doing an additional amount of effort. Avoid unnecessary travelling.


You will get success in competition. Your fame and respect will increase. Your business will expand. You will do a profitable deal. Friends and partners will support you. There are possibility of a pleasurable journey.


You will remain entangled in unnecessary tasks. You may face some tensions in family life. Your expenses might increase. Your opponents may try to harm you. Try to control your words. Avoid journeys as far as possible.


Friends and well wishers will support you fully. You will enjoy your family life to a great extent. Success is waiting for you in new endeavours. Time is favourable for love affairs. Some memorable journey is possible.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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