Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father, Our First Hero

Today is Father’s Day, a day to thank our father for his unconditional love & never dying faith. Father is someone who holds us when we fall, scolds when we go against the rules, and shines with pride when we achieve success in life. Know his importance in astrology by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Father’s day will be celebrated on June 15, 2014.

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The relation a mother shares with her child, is above all. Mother plays a very significant role in nurturing her child, be it the post natal care or the initial nine months of pregnancy.

The place of father in a child’s life is as important as the place of mother. In every child’s life, the importance and need of a father is truly incomparable. Infact, father holds a very special and prime importance in every child’s life. With the presence of a father in life, one feels contented, less responsible and gets a chance to enjoy life more. He/she forgets all the tensions of this world and feels peaceful in the lap of father.

Generally, when we are kids, the father’s practice of following discipline and his strictness, make us feel that he is rude and heartless. At the same time, we love our mother and thinks that she is right, as she always comes to our rescue. However, as we grow and start facing problems of life, we realize that the strictness was for our good only. We also start realizing the importance and significance of our father. Reality is that everything our father teaches us, is for our benefit only. However, things have changed today and that strict attitude of father has taken the form of friendship. This change in father’s behavior holds what for the future, is a completely different subject. Today, on the occasion of father’s day, let us know how astrology proves the importance of father in our lives.

In astrology, Sun is considered as the significator (Karak) planet of father. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to conclude that worshiping and honoring Sun gives results equivalent to worshiping and honoring father. Sun is known as the significator of soul, behavior, and healthy lifestyle. Hence, if a person has served his/her father with pure heart, then his/her soul will get purified. He will get success in influencing others and will lead a healthy life. Sun is treated as the King of all planets. As a result, it helps in achieving authoritative position. Relations associated with Sun, like serving father and keeping him happy, help the native in associating with authoritative position and government activities. Sun is the significator of inner strength and self confidence. It is a very common fact in everyone’s life that even when we are facing our opponents and suddenly we see our father nearby, our inner strength and courage rise instantly.

In Kundli, 9th house represents father. Luck and religion are also concluded from 9th house, therefore, it is our father who provides us the the knowledge about good and bad. Father is our first Guru or teacher in life. People who have support of father, get success quite early than their expectations. Whether its about going to a distant land to seek knowledge or get a job, 9th house or the house of father, helps in these aspects. Guidance of father gives strength to go away from family. If Sun is favorable and strong in Kundli, one gets immense fame in life. Similarly, fame and reputation in native’s life is associated with their father’s deeds (Karmas). Either the native is known by his father’s name or the father is known by his/her name. Hence, in matters of popularity and fame, father plays a very significant role. Therefore, astrology also believes that for reputation and success in life, blessings of father are very important.

Therefor, we should not celebrate Father’s Day only on a single day, but we should honor our father daily. To let the boat of life sail smoothly, the support of both father and mother are equally important. Every person who has the opportunity to live life under their guidance and support, is extremely lucky. We wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day.

Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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