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Transit of Ketu In Pisces (July 12, 2014) - What This Transit Brings For You?

Ketu is transiting into zodiac sign Pisces on July 12, 2014. Ketu’s results take place all of a sudden, be it favorable or unfavorable. So, how much positivity is associated with this particular transit? Read this article by Pt. Deepak Dubey and know yourself…

Ketu is transiting from zodiac sign Aries to Pisces on July 12, 2014. Being in the Pisces zodiac sign for 18 months, Ketu visits the last phase of Purva Bhadrapada, four phases of Uttar Bhadrapada, and Revati Nakshatra (constellation). Since, all the Lords of Nakshatras and Lord of phases of Nakshatra are different and they share a different relationship with Ketu. Therefore, the native of any zodiac sign can not have the same kind of effect, during the whole transit period of Ketu. Then also, we are trying to tell you the overall effect of transit of Ketu in Pisces on different zodiac signs. All the readers are requested not to consider it as the final result because the position depending upon the the position of Ketu at their birth time, its present condition and according to Antardasha (sub period), these predictions might show increase or decrease in results. Ketu immediately shows its auspicious and inauspicious effects, so expert opinion is necessary for any important situation. 

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:

Aries: For the Arians, Ketu is posited in 12th house. As a result, there are strong chances of going on a foreign trip or contact from some foreign country. If not a foreign trip, any other trip will definitely come up. Spontaneous expenses are foreseen and some unnecessary activities may also pop up. All this will lead to financial disturbance. Stay cautious as skin problems, fire injuries and accidents are possible. If position of Ketu is good at the time of birth, interest in religious deeds, going on pilgrimage and inclination toward spirituality, and donation, will increase. 

Taurus: For the natives belonging to zodiac sign Taurus, Ketu will reside in the 11th house. Positioning of Ketu in this house house is considered favorable. Now is the time when you will get success in every endeavor and will power will increase. You will come in contact with rich and powerful people, which will boost up your confidence. This time will prove fortunate for the businessman. For the salaried people, chances of growth will rise and reputation in front of senior officials will increase. Overall, you will make good amount of money and social circle will increase. If position of Ketu is not good in the horoscope, at the time of birth, problems due to elder brother is possible. You may face misunderstandings with siblings. 

Gemini: As Ketu is in your 10th house, thus, this time is very good for the people belonging to politics and religion. They may attain a high position and financial condition will strengthen, as you will earn extremely well. Fame will increase in the society. Strong chances of getting support from father and acquiring paternal property are there. Will power will rise up immensely. Enemies will be defeated and nobody will dare to stand in front you. If position of Ketu was good in the horoscope, during birth, and present period and sub-period is of any benefic planet, this time is excellent.

Cancer: For the cancerians, Ketu is in 9th house and will give mixed results. If Ketu will be aspected by benefic planets or will remain under their influence, you will get excellent results. While movable and immovable property will increase, paternal property will also be acquired. Legal or court cases will result in your favor. Luck will remain favorable and fame will increase. However, if the influence of planets is not good or position of Ketu was not good at the time of birth, stay cautious or else you may face defamation. Due to any unfavorable situation, harm to your image is possible. You may also become the victim of any major conspiracy. It is suggested to stay away from share market or else you may face serious loss. Any close and trustworthy person may cheat you; hence, keep your eyes open. 

Leo: For Lions, Ketu will remain in the eighth house. Leo zodiac sign is related to Sun, which is the enemy of Ketu. Moreover Ketu in eighth house is not auspicious from any angle. So, you need to be more careful. You may face complex situations all around. You may feel distressed because of increasing problems. You may face some financial loss in the situation of indecisiveness, it may also create possibility of some accident. There are possibilities of theft of some precious item like jewelry, car, or money. Take extra care from fire, while working in the kitchen. You may find yourself trapped in some unfavorable situation. If the position of Ketu in birth chart is not good and if you are going through the phase of any unfavorable planet, then time is extremely critical, so stay alert. 

Virgo: For the natives of Virgo, Ketu will remain in the seventh house. Avoiding one or two situations, the presence of Ketu in seventh house become the reason for extreme sorrow and conflicts. For females, coming in contact with any wrong male and vice versa might become the reason for defamation. Pregnant ladies should take extra care of themselves, as they may face some progeny related problems. People who are unmarried and eligible for marriage can do inter caste marriage. There are possibilities of conflicts with life partner, so, try to be well behaved. If Ketu is posited in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces zodiac sign in your birth chart, then avoid visiting near deep water bodies.

Libra: Ketu will reside in your 6th house. Lord of your sign is Venus, which is known as the Lord of demons. Ketu Yoga is the significator for Libra ascendant, hence, transit of Ketu in 6th house is extremely auspicious. You will make new contacts, which will prove highly fruitful. Enemies will be defeated completely. Legal matters will come up in your favor. People will appreciate your excellent communication skills, as your communication will be highly influential. If you are into writing sector, everyone will admire your skills. Glory, fame, and popularity will reach their best. You will accumulate immense wealth and journeys will prove fruitful. Awareness toward nation and society will increase. Will of charity will be felt. Overall, this time is good, due to Ketu. Things will improve further, if position of Ketu was good, during birth. 

Scorpio: For Scorpions Ketu will remain in the fifth house. This transit of Ketu will produce mixed results. Your contacts and prestige will increase in society. This situation is also suitable for the financial matters. You will get the support of people. The ability of decisiveness will improve, which means that you will take fast and correct decisions. But, this transit of Ketu is not suitable for the pregnant ladies. They might face some problems related to progeny. Some halt in education is also possible. So, overall some good and some not so good results will be given by this transit. If the condition of Ketu in your birth chart is good then favorable results will increase otherwise problems may increase.

Sagittarius: For sagittarians, Ketu will remain in the fourth house. Here, Ketu will increase the unnecessary fear; hence, you may feel unnecessary fear in your mind. You may feel distracted and difficulties in taking decisions might also arise. You may feel lack of happiness in marital life. Some problem to your mother is possible. Take care while driving, to avoid accidents. The patients of high blood pressure should take extra care of themselves, as there are possibilities of some heart problems. Tension might increase with relatives. Your employees might cheat you or theft something from home so stay alert. If Ketu is posited in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius zodiac signs in your birth chart then threat of fire and mental tensions may rise, so it is favorable to perform Ketu related remedies.

Capricorn: Ketu will reside in 3rd house. This position of Ketu is extremely auspicious. Bravery and courage will rise. You will get name and fame. You will acquire new and senior position. Income will increase and you will get new sources of income. Success in government work is foreseen. People belonging to politics will get fame. You will get immense fame if you are a writer, artist, singer or any belong from any such field. Your efforts will get appreciation. Relations will strengthen with siblings and relatives. Overall, this is a highly good time. 

Aquarius: For the Aquarians, Ketu is in their 2nd house. As a result, tension may develop between you and your family members. You may face wealth loss. Income will also reduce. Keep a check on your words to avoid conflicts. You may make enemies without any reason. Take care of your health, as chances of mouth disease is foreseen. You may have to spend all of a sudden and unnecessarily. Overall, time will test your communication, patience, and courage. 

Pisces: For Pisceans, Ketu will remain in first house (Lagna Bhava). Pisces is considered as exalted sign for Ketu. (Since Ketu doesn’t have its own place in zodiac signs, therefore, the place of Jupiter zodiac signs is given to Ketu, some astrologers consider Sagittarius as exalted and some Pisces, but my personal experience says that Ketu produces the result of exaltation in Pisces.) Therefore, Pisceans will feel extremely energetic, they will get chances of new work, their respect and honour will increase. They will enjoy auspicious events at home. There are strong possibilities of some religious work or religious travelling. So, in totality Ketu will prove to be extremely beneficial for Pisceans.


Ketu’s results occur all of a sudden, whether good or bad. Follow these below mentioned remedies to minimize the malefic effects of Ketu, if this transit is unfavorable for you. These remedies will also help instrenthing Rahu, if the transit is favorable for you. 
  1. 'Om Kem Ketave Namah': Chant this Mantra 17000 times on wednesday. Also, perform its Dashansh Havan with this Mantra.

  2. Worship Lord Ganesha to minimize the malefic effects to Ketu. Chant ‘Om Gam Ganpataye Namah’ Mantra 51000 times. This will reduce the negative effects of Ketu and will strengthen its benefic effects.

  3. Donate black sesame seeds (Til), black cloth, 7 types of grains, Urad, mustard or sesame oil, iron or steel utensils on every wednesday and saturday.

  4. Chanting Mantras yourself will yield highly fruitful results. If you are not able to do it yourself, take the help of any Brahmin and perform the right rituals, after checking the Yoga. 

  5. These remedies will yield best results, if performed a week before Ketu transit. 

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