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Astrology Predicts The Future Of AAP Government

What will AAP government’s future be like? AAP has fought through ups and down to reach this position. But, will it be able to retain that? Know this and more with the help of Astrology. Astrologer Acharya Raman finds out the answers. 

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP

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AAP has emerged as a shock to all the major parties in the country. In fact, many governments have started implementing their ways in other states. People have high hopes from them and they are also doing their best to deliver. The major opposition party BJP is aiming to grab the PM seat in Lok Sabha 2014 elections. On the other hand, Congress with major defeat in all the four states is regrooming itself with an image transformation.

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AAP is going to be a major factor in the fulfillment of dreams seen by BJP with Narendra Modi as PM in waiting. On the other hand, Congress is putting best efforts to push Rahul Gandhi toward the seat of PM, which now seems impossible. Whether they say it or not, we all know that everyone is taking AAP seriously now. Apart from all the struggle and success that AAP went through to form this government, it has also raised doubts in people’s mind about their intentions. Their initial fight with Congress and then taking their support to form the government has left some people perplexed. Adding on to this is the deteriorating relationship of AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare. Their public disagreements further deepened people’s doubts about AAP’s capabilities to run the government. Also, the recent incident of Mr. Prashant Bhushan’s views on Kashmir has triggered a lot of disturbances with the public. One can just wait and see how the party will fare in the coming days. Or, we can take the fast lane and see what astrology has to say about their future in the world of politics. 

To know the future of AAP, I prepared a horary chart on 9th January 2014 at 14:34:03 PM IST at Bhopal, India. I selected a random KP number 221. 

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What Astrology Says

  1. The prime house for longevity is 8th house. Ascendant sublord indicates about the health and vitality. 
  2. For fixed ascendant, 9th house is Badhaka (obstacle creator) and houses 2 & 7 are general Marak houses (death inflicting houses).
  3. 12th house is for defect, 6th for disease and 8th is for danger, as per Guruji Shree KSK. The ascendant sublord is Mars in 7th house, it is in star of Moon – the 6th lord; thus it is not good. 
  4. The Badhakapati (lord of the ninth house) is Venus and Marak lords are Jupiter and Sun. Sun and Venus are in 11th house and Jupiter is in 5th house.
  5. Sun is in star of Venus and Venus is in star of Sun. Mercury is in star of Sun, Saturn and Jupiter are in star of Jupiter, the Marak Adhipati (Marak houses lord). Rahu and Saturn are in 8th house and Rahu being in sign of Venus is dangerous.
  6. Ketu Mahadasha (major period) is upto 31-12-2015. After that, Mahadasha of Venus will begin and will run till 31-12-2035. Further, there will be the Mahadasha of Sun till 31-12-2041. Thus, there will be Dashas of Badhaka and Maraka simultaneously. 
  7. Rahu is in own star and no planet is in star of Mercury, the eighth lord. Jupiter is aspecting the ascendant, but it is retrograde. There is no other malefic or benefic aspect upon the ascendant. 
  8. Moon is hemmed between the malefics and is aspected by Mars, but ascendant is more or less strong. This horoscope does not promise Purnayushya (full longevity), but it settles for Alpayu (short life) and Madhyayu (medium life span).
  9. Since this is a growing party and not just an individual, it will not be rational to see death of a party. But surely this can show us a period from which there will be least or no activity from this entity. 
  10. Ascendant sub in Marak houses and in star of 6th lord promises problems all along, which will become the cause of its declination.
  11. Ketu Mahadasha is clean and there will be no trouble as such. Then, Venus Mahadasha will operate, which is Badhakapati. Venus, Sun, Mercury and Saturn are significators of 11th house apart from other houses.
  12. Rahu Antara (sub-period) will end on 1-3-2026 in Mahadasha of Venus. Its Pratyantara will remain till 13-8-2023. Thus, we can say that period between 2023 to 2026 will be the period in which this party will tend to become dysfunctional completely.
  13. We have LS POLLS this year and this party has Saturn Antara in Mahadasha of Ketu till 3-1-2015. Saturn is a strong significator of 5th and 8th house apart from others. It is definite that this party will lose heavily in the LS polls and because Saturn being the ascendant lord is also a significator of 12th house. 

As per Shree KSK, it will be their own act which will make the people lose interest in them.

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