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Pradosh Vrat: Eliminate The Misdeeds

Pradosh Vrat, a path to overcome negative karmas by pleasing Lord Shiva, falls twice a month. The Lord with supreme power forgives all the sins, mistakes and other bad karmas if prayed with faith and loyalty. Let’s understand the day in detail...

Pradosham Fast and Lord Shiva

Shivaya Namah Om Bhavaya Namaha | Bhavaya Namah Om Namah Shivaya ||

What Is Pradosham?

The term ‘Pradosh’ means getting relief from sins and negative karmas. It prevails after the sunset for 2 hours 24 minutes and therefore, that duration is known as ‘Pradosh Kaal’. It is believed that one who worships Lord Shiva during Pradosh Kaal gets relief from all the evil deeds and mistakes. 

Weekly Pradosham

Monday/ Soma Pradosham: Bestows the observer with health and all his wishes are fulfilled. 

Tuesday/ Bhauma Pradosham: For those who are facing financial crunches, observing Bhauma Pradosham is very helpful. Also, it is very effective against diseases and ailments.

Wednesday: Pradosham occurring on Wednesday has great importance for the childless couples. Married couples, who do not have any child, observe this Pradosham to get blessed with their progeny. 

Thursday/ Guru Pradosham: Guru Pradosham helps the observer in raising his confidence level which further helps him to defeat his enemies. 

Saturday/ Shani Pradosham/ Maha Pradosham: Shani Pradosham is very effective and is meant for the happy married life of the couples. 

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Rituals Followed During Pradosham

To begin with the rituals, the observer takes shower before the sunset. After wearing clean clothes, he/she commences the Puja by worshipping Lord Shiva. To worship Him, His idol or Shivlinga or Nataraja Avatar is needed. Along with the Him, following Gods are also worshipped:

  • Goddess Parvati
  • Kartikeya
  • Ganesha
  • Nandi

During the Puja, a Kalasha (metal pot) is filled with water followed by covering the Kalasha with Durva grass (Cynodon Dactyl). A lotus is drawn on the surface of the grass. After it, flowers, rice, betel nuts, betel leaf and coin are offered to Shiva. To please the deity, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is chanted for 108 times. The devotee then applies the sacred ash to his/her forehead and lights a lamp before the Lord. 

Pradosham Fast Observance

Devotees not only pray to Lord on this day but also observes fast to honor Shiva. Strict observers worship Shiva throughout the day and night. They chant Mantras and recite His songs and prayers. Such observers do not consume any eatable and refrain from having water too. On the other hand are partial observers who follow the same rituals but break their fast in the evening after the evening prayers. 

Puja Materials You Need

Milk: gives long and healthy life
Curd: blesses the childless couple with child
Lemon: to overcome the fear of death
Ghee: grants Moksha (salvation)
Rice: helps to overcome the financial sufferings
Cooked Rice or Annam: grants a royal life
Coconut: provides luxuries and comforts of life
Sandal: blesses the observer with the beauty like Maa Lakshmi 
Panchamrutham: bestows the devotee with health and wealth
Honey: is used for a melodious voice
Sugar: helps to overcome anger
Sugar cane juice: bestows with good health

Invoke Lord Shiva’s blessings and expel out all the negative karmas with Pradosh Vrat. Pradosham falling every month, provides the best platform to overcome the evil deeds and achieve Moksha.

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