Monday, July 15, 2013

Secret Of Numbers Revealed!

Numbers are not just the part of mathematics; they also constitute the occult world. You can calculate your past, present and future with numbers. In ancient times, numerology used to be the part of mathematics. As a compulsory subject, everyone had to study this occult science. As the time passed by, mathematicians and various scientists created a line between the mathematics and numerology. Now, the knowledge of numerology can only be found with numerologists. As today we are focusing on numerology, we would like to introduce you with our numerology services and software. Let's start with the lovers and buddies.

Check If Your Name Is Compatible With The One!

Our 'Name Compatibility' software allows you to check the compatibility between your name and the name of the one who interests you. As it is a numerology based software, the compatibility is checked as per the Namank (total number of a name). Generally, people check compatibility with their love interest that is why it may seem of not much use for the singles. But, as per the technicalities of this software, you may check your compatibility with anyone; say your friend, neighbor, colleague or classmate. Click Here To Check Your Name Compatibility For FREE

Is Your Birth Date Compatible With The One!

Now, let's look up to our next amazing compatibility testing software - Birth Date Compatibility. It requires the birth date of the two. Yes, it seems more for love birds, but you can check your compatibility with anyone (as it is designed simply to check the compatibility. Click Here To Check Your Compatibility By Birth Date For FREE

Numbers Know Your Secret!

In addition to the list of our useful software, we have Numerology Calculator for you. This software gives your entire numerological calculation. It is a kind of summarized numerology report. Try this and see what it predicts for you. Click Here To Get Your FREE Numerology Report 

Want To Know The Secret Of Numbers?

Numerology is a very easy occult science. The calculations only require the basics of mathematics. In order to ease you, we have created a niche where you can find the basics of Numerology. Click Here To Learn Numerology For FREE

For more detailed reports, we also have some paid services. Let's see what they are -

Find Your Lucky Number: Lucky number may give you success at each turn of your life. Like, if you choose your car's number compatible to your lucky number, the car will benefit you along with that it will be less prone to accidents. Similarly, you may choose everything as per the compatibility with your lucky number; say house number, mobile phone number and many more. So, take this service and know your lucky number. Buy Now!

Correct Your Name: Our name correction service helps you to know if your name is compatible with you. Also, we help you in correcting, if it doesn't suit you well. In order to make correction, we may give you some spelling suggestions. It is always better to keep everything in favor, especially when it comes on name. Your name is yours and it should be compatible with you. Take this service and pacify everything in your life. Buy Now!

Now, let's see what this week has in stock for you -

AstroSage TV

If reading doesn't interest you much, you may know your predictions via our videos at AstroSage TV.

Another interesting event this month is the transit of Sun in Cancer on 16th of July. We have also got you the predictions for this transit. Click Here To Know Your Predictions On Sun Transit

Hari Shayani Ekadashi is on 19th July. Celebrate it with all traditional customs and cherish the glory of Hinduism. Click here to know about Hari Shayani Ekadashi

Vamana Dvadasi is on the next day of Hari Shayani Ekadashi that is 20th July. Click here to know about Vamana Dvadasi

Mercury is also becoming direct from retrograde on 20th July only.

So, this is all for you for the coming week. Explore this newsletter and astrology this week. We will come up with exciting again. Till then, have a good time and a happy weekend!

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Numerology is a great medium to know about future and also to make future better. In the numerology predictions an astrologer tell our future according to the numbers compatibility in our birth chart according to the birth date or time.