Saturday, July 27, 2013

Animals & Their Astrological Significance

Astrology involves animals for predictions.
By Acharya Raman

Several remedies are mentioned in old and new texts of astrology that involve animals. Even the symbols of some signs denote animals. Almost every deity has an animal as his or her vehicle. Let us go through some of the deities, signs and animals associated with them and their significance. Let us see what they mean:

Lion: Goddess Durga rides lion. Lion is the King of the jungle. We know that in Durga Saptshati, Mother kills many demons while sitting on her lion. The lion also helped her in killing all the demons with fury. Lion is a lazy animal and does not do anything until unless provoked. The Devi was born from the Tejas of Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh because everyone was severely harassed - from common person to Gods.

The Sign Leo also has lion as its symbol. People of this sign usually have slightly curled hair and broad forehead just like a lion. The prominence of the planet Sun and the strength of this sign decide how closely they resemble the lion. They are usually egoistic, get angry soon, respect religion and elders. They are very easy to detect by face.

Dog: Bhairav Baba uses this animal for his conveyance. Dog is also associated to the ‘ghostly planet, Ketu’ in some systems of astrology. Feeding a white or a black dog is considered a remedy for Ketu and Saturn respectively, in some systems of astrology. Dogs supposedly see spirits with their naked eyes, which humans cannot, and their sense of smell is known worldwide.

Elephant: Lord Indra rides elephant. The name of his elephant is ‘Airavat’. In astrological parlance, a famous Yoga called Gaj-Kesari Yoga is very much talked about, which means that persons having this Yoga will be able to steer out of difficult situations just as a lion does from a herd of elephants.

Ox: The sign Taurus resembles to an ox. Ox is cold, hardworking animal and is not aroused easily. However, when they do, destruction is not far away. Lord Shiva rides Nandi, an ox. Just like the nature of Lord Shiva that is very accepting, cool and framed; the natives of this sign are alike. However, when Lord gets angry and opens his third eye, there is nothing left except mass destruction. Natives of Taurus sign are also resilient, rigid and simple people who do not want too many complexities in life.

Crab: It is associated with astrological sign Cancer. Cancer is a watery, dual, female sign; ruled by the royal planet Moon. These people are hyperactive, emotional, want to be needed by others, require constant encouragement from others and generally have a sad married life. Many politicians fall in this sign. They are jealous people also, but hide it under their cover of emotions.

Scorpion: The sign Scorpio is associated with this creature. Scorpions tend to think a bit more about themselves. People under this sign usually take a long time in performing any activity. If they find something wrong about their closed ones, they don’t hesitate in pointing it out. Sometimes, Scorpions think a bit negatively. Their nature is not so bendable; hence opposition and criticism is out of their tolerance. Scorpions are generally more inclined toward the person of opposite sex. These people do well in film industry, politics and music.

Fish: The sign Pisces has two fishes. This is a watery, dual sign ruled by Jupiter and is supposed to be an emancipating sign. Fishes are simple, enjoying, fearsome creatures. They are always on the move and so are Pisceans. Knowledge is what they seek and luxury is what they want. They are afraid and bit self centered, living in castles of their own thoughts. Liking of opposite sex in abundance is possessed by them usually.

It is very clear that nature is very much interwoven and works on its parameters that humans can only try to decipher. Many people resemble like animals to a good extent and such people act and behave like the animal they resemble. It is a very well known fact. We are all sons and daughters of Mother Nature and she is always telling us things in her own language for our knowledge and safety.

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