Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby Horoscope Prediction

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Prediction of Royal Baby
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton gave birth to the Royal Baby on 22 July 2013 at 9:54 as per the Indian Standard Time. She gave birth to a baby boy at the St. Mary Hospital in West London. This is the same hospital where Prince William was born to Princess Diana 31 years ago. This is an interesting coincidence for the people of London; however, it does not carry much weight in the Astrological world. Entire Britain has taken a festive makeover and is all set to welcome their newest Prince. People all over the world are interested to know more about the new member of the Royal family. Believing in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, we feel that it is an important event which needs to be covered. Feeling responsible to let the readers know the Astrological aspect of the event we present the Royal Baby’s Kundali. Born in the Royal family, the Royal Baby does not have a King’s Kundli.

Royal Baby’s Kundli:

Date of Birth: 22 July 2013
Time of Birth: 16:24 BST
Place of Birth: Paddington, West London

Based on these details, we are getting a Kundali of Scorpio Ascendant:

Being a Scorpion, the child is going to be of normal built and average height. He will have an attractive personality. However, due to Scorpio Ascendant and placement of Ascendant Lord in the 8th house, the Royal Baby might grow up to be stubborn. Also, the position of Ascendant Lord in the 8th house indicates that the baby might face health related issues. The ailments might be related to neck and chest. He can also suffer from problems related to heat, gastric and constipation. As far as his nature is concerned, he will be high tempered and talkative. Saturn, which is posited is posited in 12th house is also indicating that his harsh words, though true, might cause harm and hurt to people around him.

He will be in news for being in the centre of controversies. Further, he will have a problematic married life, which will also be a topic of gossip columns of newspapers. However, born in the royal family, he will lead a luxurious life. The Royal Baby will also be known for being a disciplinarian and a social person with a big circle of friends.

His Kundali is a mixture of both favorable and unfavorable Yoga. Let us analyze each one of them.

Musal Yoga: A person having this Yoga is highly intellectual, Royals’ favorite, wealthy, popular and is stable in nature. He will also be stubborn and indecisive at the same time.

Pash Yoga: Person with this Yoga will be talkative, high tempered and a gossip mocker. He will own a lot of servants and a big family.

Adham Yoga: People with a Yoga like this have to struggle a lot to reach a fruitful result in their attempts.

Bhayachar Yoga: A person with this Yoga enjoys all the comforts and luxuries of life. He will lead a state.

Kendra Trikon Raj Yoga: This Yoga shows that the person will enjoy Royal treatments and is meant to lead at the same time.

Other than this, Vipareeta Raja Yoga like Harsh Yog and Saral Yog are also there in the Kundali. To conclude, it can be said that the Royal Baby will enjoy all the comforts and luxuries, which life will offer him. However, his life will not be that easy. He will have to face many unfavorable situations in life.

Till November 2014, the Royal Baby will not enjoy a very good health. However, the significator of father is posited in the 9th house and has the Major period of Sun. This is highly favorable for the father of the child. At the end, we extend our hearty congratulations to the new parents and hope that both the Royal Baby and his parents lead a happy life.

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Unknown said...

I think you have drawn a wrong horoscope and all your calculations and analysis is wrong. This is the tragdey with the modern so called astrologers. They do not have the very basis knowledge of astrology but they interpret the horoscope as they have already proved their predictions in large numbers. They only make some wrong calculations, discuss some yogas but never check that if his any of prediction have proved correct. There are major flaws in this horoscope and analysis. Try to find them and analyse with reasoning not by quoting yogas placements of planets.

Unknown said...

Royal Baby Horoscope Analysis

Anonnymous said...

the analysis is a joke. If a baby born in rich family and in this case born in royal family, if he does not enjoy the comforts imagine children born in Dharavi slums. The analyst has poor idea and is only stating the yogas, which any child can do.