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Mercury Is Transiting To Cancer (4 August 2013) - See Effects On You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Prince of all planets, Mercury is transiting into Cancer on 4th August at 9:28 a.m. It will remain in Cancer till 20th August and will move to Leo on 21st August. As per Astrological scriptures, Mercury brings prosperity and ample food whenever it enters Cancer sign. It means that this transit will ensure a good crop; however, due bad administration there will be dissatisfaction in people. On 7th August, Mercury is going from Punarvashu to Pushya constellation. Therefore, problems related to children will decrease to a good extent. We have recently witnessed a lot of children getting sick or dying due to different reasons. From 7th to 14th August, Mercury will remain in Pushya Constellation. Therefore, this time will not be good for both - people and administration. Our leaders will indulge in useless debates and arguments, which will not be of any consequence for the country. After 14th August, situations will begin to improve. Let us now find out the effects of this transit on different signs.

Aries: During this period your business skills will improve. You will feel happy and prosperous. There will be a general atmosphere of well being. You will spend a lot of money on luxurious products. There will be a celebration at home.                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Taurus: You will get fruitful results for your hard work. Also, you will receive complete support from siblings. There will be a reunion with old friends. This time is also very good for business related issues.

Gemini: The transit of Mercury will bring along a good time for financial issues. Your family will not be very supportive during this time. Your interest in science will increase. Your views will impress people.    

Cancer: During this period you will get positive results on the basis of the hard work and talent. You earn name and fame. You will enjoy good and happy time with your family. Also, you will enjoy good health during this period.

Leo: This time will bring along a good amount of tension and anxiety. Your family atmosphere will not be very positive. Due to this unfavorable environment, you will tilt toward spirituality. It is suggested that do not take any risk during this time.

Virgo: There are good possibilities that you will travel long distances during this period. Friends and dear ones will be supportive, and there will be progress in your business. Further, time is really good for people who are in love as it will strengthen the relationship. You will make many friends during this time.

Libra: The time is very fruitful for all kind of businesses. Your relations with elderly people and people related to governance will improve. There will be happiness and prosperity in the family. There are chances that there will be an auspicious event taking place at home.

Scorpio: You will come in contact with famous people. Due to which your own reputation and name will increase. Owing to your brain, you will reap many benefits. Also, your business will progress during this time. It is likely that you will travel a lot and will get benefitted by it.

Sagittarius: You will have to work really hard. It is likely that you might get involved in controversies that are on petty issues. Do not try to earn a lot of money too soon. Further, take care of your family and avoid travelling during this time.

Capricorn: During this time, you will earn a lot of name and fame. Your business will flourish and your transactions will be fruitful. You will receive a lot of support from your partners. Also, there are high chances that you will succeed in competitive events.

Aquarius: There will be an instant hike in your expenses. You will waste your time in useless activities. Keep your words under check as it might not prove favorable. There will be a tensed atmosphere at home. Avoid traveling during this time.

Pisces: You will get success in new ventures during this time period. This time is good for love and relationships. There will be love and happiness at home. You will get complete support from friends and family. There are chances that you will have memorable journey.


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