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Weekly Horoscope 28 October - 03 November 2019

Will this week bring fortune in your life? Read weekly horoscope for the week 28 October - 03 November 2019, and find out what opportunities and challenges await. Also, know more about your health, love life, marriage, profession, career and much more with his blog.

Like every time, AstroSage has once again brought to you detailed weekly horoscope. This week will start on 28th October and end on 3rd November. In the weekly horoscope, we will shed light on various areas of your life, and give a quick brief about the impact of Venus on your life this week. Let us inform you that the horoscope created by expert astrologers is based on the placement of stars, planets and nakshatras, due to which predictions turn out to be accurate and precise. In this blog, you’ll also find the remedies to resolve problems in your life. So go ahead and read your horoscope.

This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts 

According to the Hindu Panchang, the week begins on the Amavasya Tithi of Krishna Paksha and will end on the Saptami Tithi of Shukla Paksha. In this week, Moon will continue his transition from Libra to Capricorn zodiac sign. Along with this, planet Venus is also transiting in Scorpio. Read below to know the effects of this transit.

Transits This Week 

This week, the Moon will transit in Libra, and then move forward to Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Apart from this, Venus will remain in its transitory state and enter Scorpio sign, ruled by Mars, on October 28. From country’s point of view, this transit will prove to be favourable and bring positive changes in the economic condition of the country. Along with this, academic sector of the country can also witness favourable changes as well. 

Govardhan Puja Adds To The Festivity

Govardhan Puja is one of the major festivals of Hindus. This festival is celebrated on the next day of Deepawali. In 2019, Govardhan Puja will be celebrated on 28 October. The ritual of Annakoot is also observed on the day of Govardhan Puja in many places in India. The literal translation of Annakoot means a mixture of many cereals and grains. Govardhan Puja is related to money and food. According to Indian scriptures, worshiping Lord Indra, Agni and Varuna on this day is considered auspicious. Cow-Bull is also worshiped by the devotees on this day. Lord Krishna is also venerated on this auspicious day….Click here to know the auspicious muhurat for Govardhan Puja

Share Market Predictions This Week

A glance at the predictions for the Share Market indicates recession on Monday, 28 October, which will continue through Tuesday and Wednesday, i.e., 29 and 30 October 2019. Moving on, Thursday, 31 October is not demonstrating much improvement. On the whole, this week will see recession in the sugar, entertainment, vehicle, banking, and investment fields. On the flip side, F.M.C.G., Government, Energy, and Technical fields will witness mixed results at this time. However, things may be better for the Chemical, Real Estate, Steel, Cement, and Pharmaceuticals sectors.

Birthday Special

Numerous prominent celebrities and names will be celebrating their special day this week. AstroSage wishes them a Happy & Prosperous Birthday! Below is a quick list:

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


As the new week begins, Aries natives will remain busy in settling the household chores due to the presence of Moon in the seventh house. During this while opportunities will be earned to spend some joyous moments.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will not prove to be very favorable for love life. However, the affliction of Saturn in the fifth house can cause problems in love life. However, there will be some improvements…Read More


As the week commences, you will make progress in your professional life. At this point of time, the luminary planet, Moon will be residing in your sixth house, due to which victory will be achieved in….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will not prove to be much propitious for matters related to love and romance. The planet Mars, which is taking residency in your fifth house will create problems in your relationship. A….Read More


During the initial phase of this week, the transit of Moon will take place in the fifth house of Gemini natives. The beginning of the week will prove to be propitious for you as many opportunities will be made available.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week can be a bit challenging for matters related to love and romance. Conflicts can take house in your relationship. You may also face the wrath of your partner, which is why.…..Read More


The week will begin on a good note for Cancerians as the transit of Moon takes place in your fourth house. You will spend some quality time with your family members. The health of your parents…..Read More

Love Predictions

Astrological forecasts state that this week will remain pleasant for matters related to love. Complexities which have been crippling your relationship will come to an end during this time….Read More.

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Natives belonging to the sign of Libra may be at the receiving end of mixed results during this week’s time. During the initial stage of this week, the Moon will remain posited in the third house of….Read More

Love Predictions

This week can be mixed for love affairs. This week you will want to meet your sweetheart, but it may be difficult for you to make time for it. In the beginning of the week….Read More


At the beginning of this week, the transit of Moon will take place in your second house. At this point of time, you will be able to accumulate some wealth successfully. However, turbulence will prevail over the familial.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will prove to be good for love affairs. You will grow closer to your sweetheart and also get a chance to spend time with them. If you love partner is your colleague, then more wonderful….Read More


At the beginning of this week, your state of mind will be happy when the presence of the Moon will be witnessed in your ascendant house. Health will remain stable and you will also be able to concentrate on your.…Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love and romance, this week will prove to be somewhat sensitive. Your love can be put to test by your lover. As compared to the previous times, you will not be muc….Read More


The week is likely to begin on an unhappy note as the Moon makes its transit in the house of expenditures. You will not pay attention towards saving your finances during this while. However, prospects of….Read More

Love Predictions

The ship of your love life will sail smoothly during the time of this week. Your charming personality will attract your partner towards you. If both of you stay close to each other, then you will….Read More


During this week’s time, the son of sage Atri will move through your eleventh, twelfth, first and second house. Additionally, the significator of wealth and beauty, the planet Venus is also transiting in the twelfth house..…Read More

Love Predictions

This week you will have to make more efforts to make the love relationship sweet. Especially, you have to be patient. Because you may not get what you want from your partner. In...Read More


At the beginning of this week, the transit of Moon will take place in the tenth house of Capricorn natives. Since the tenth house of one’s Kundli is also known as the karma bhava or the house.….Read More

Love Predictions

Your love life will be pleasant this week. Beloved will acknowledge your feelings and will stand by you through thicks and thins. You can spend some precious time with him/her. Also during….Read More


You may come across a difficult time at the week's beginning. Prospects of undertaking journeys are also get created. Since the moon is placed in your ninth house, you will exhibit more diligence while.….Read More

Love Predictions

During this week’s time, carefulness pertaining to love related matters should be observed. It would be better to keep a tab on your temper. Keep in mind, your harsh words may….Read More


The beginning of this week will prove to be propitious for your children. They will make progress in their respective fields. However, students will come across an unfavorable time as they will face difficulties…Read More

Love Predictions

The astrological forecast for this week states that the upcoming days will be somewhat positive for matters related to love and romance. Beloved may put forth a certain demand.…Read More

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