Thursday, October 10, 2019

#HappyBirthday10thOctober Exclusive Disclosure For Those Born On 10 October By AstroSage

Bollywood actresses Rekha and Rakul Preet Singh can rejoice that the highest number of people in India are born on their birthday, i.e., 10 October. India’s biggest astrological website, has just released this new fact. 

According to the founder of AstroSage, Punit Pandey, “ is the largest astrological website in India with access to data of more than 3 crore people. These users have submitted their birth details to enjoy the various services offered by the site and app. After the analysis of this data, we have come to the conclusion that most people in India are born on 10 October.”

Further expanding on the analysis process of the data, AstroLabs employee, Software Engineer Mohit Garg says, “At AstroLabs, we examined the data from 2 crores, 81 lakhs, 76 thousands, and 320 people. This is the information and birth details we received from natives who wished to create their birth charts or get kundali matching for marriage, and such. Post assessment we were able to conclude that 1,40,091 people were born on 10 October, while the second biggest number was for 15 August on which, 1,28,958 natives were born. The sample of almost 3 crores is colossal, and on this basis, we can conclude that the highest number of people in India were born on 10 October. 

All astrology related services at are available free of cost, for the users. Punit Pandey explained, “This data is from the people who registered their information on AstroSage, in the last 10 years. While creating their kundali, people would majorly enter their correct birth details, and most people entered 10 October as their birth date.” 

According to research, 10 October ranks at number one, in the highest number of people born. After that, 15 August falls on second place, and respectively after that are: 11 November, 8 August, 9 September, 2 October, 7 July, and 28 August.

Let us now take a look at how these people born on 10 October are:

People Born On 10 October: Characteristics

Every year, on 10 October, the Sun is posited in the zodiac sign Virgo, and in the zodiac sign Cancer in Navamsa. As per the Kalpurush Kundli, Sun is the lord of the fifth house which signifies childbirth, and Cancer is the zodiac sign of the fourth house which indicates the pleasures of life. Sun’s position in Virgo becomes the cause of changes in the weather. October-born natives often have to struggle a little less, as compared to others, and they are the apple of the eye of everyone around them. In that vein, the Root or Radical number of those born on 10 October is 1. The Sun is the lord of this number as well, and it makes them highly progressive with significant desires, and they reach great heights in life. On this day, even nature seems confused as the hours are neither too cold, nor too hot. As a result of this, newborns do not succumb to any illnesses and soon grow and develop like they are supposed to. 

As per Vedic Astrology, the Vedic sun sign of those born on 10 October is Virgo, and the Sun’s position in their sixth house, i.e., Virgo is considered Life-giving. Thus, the Sun is posited in the nakshatra Hasta of its friendly planet Moon, and the zodiac sign of Mercury. Hence, the natives is emotional, as well as diligent, hardworking, and intelligent. Such people attain many conveniences in life, as well as opportunities to advance. They easily and quickly leave an imprint on the hearts and minds of the people they meet. Natives born on 10 October attain more popularity in whichever field they step forward in, as compared to their colleagues. Not only the natives born on this day, but their parents also reap the benefits of their good fate. 

In this way, we can easily conclude that the day, 10 October, is very significant and the natives born on this day are also very special. If you too are born on this very date, then you are one of these extraordinary individuals, and most importantly you were also born on the day when most people in our country were born. You should undoubtedly feel proud of this fact. 

AstroSage Wishes You All The Best For Your Future!

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