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July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

July Month Will Be Auspicious For 6 Signs! Read the monthly horoscope for July 2019 and discover what’s in store for your job, business, education, career, love and family life!

With this, the month of July has commenced. You can now discover what the stars have to say because this month will be especially auspicious for 6 of the signs. Some very favorable yogas are being created in this time. Astrologically too, July will be very significant as it is hosting 2 planetary transits as well as the transit of a retrograde planet. The transit and retrograde motion of a planet is a very big astronomical event which has a significant effect on the human life. The effects of transits of the Sun, Venus, and Mercury will influence the Earth and bring several changes in human life. Before getting to the horoscopes, let us take a look at some of the major predictions for the month of July:

  • Panchang This Month

According to the Hindu Panchang, this is the month of Jyeshtha and Ashadha, and a hike in the prices of silver and gold could be seen in this duration. The zodiac sign, Cancer will be hosting the conjunction of Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Mercury will begin its retrograde motion from Cancer to enter its own sign, Gemini, near the end of the month, which is creating this yoga between the three planets. Vedic Astrology does not consider this yoga good for either the king or the subjects. Its result can be seen in the form of water related problems in the country, strong winds in various areas, possibility of spreading of communicable diseases, and an increase in spirituality throughout the nation. 

  • July Hindu Calendar: Festivals This Month

This month will begin with the auspicious Masik Shivaratri on Monday, 1 July 2019. After this, the nation will be celebrating Ashadha Amavasya on Tuesday, 2 July, Jagannath Rath Yatra on Thursday, 4 July, and the Ashadhi Ekadashi or Deva Shayani Ekadashi on Friday, 12 July. Apart from this, on Sunday, 14 July the Pradosh Vrat (Shukla) will be observed, while on Tuesday, 16 July, the Guru Purnima, Ashadha Purnima Vrat and Karka Sankranti will be celebrated. Moreover, the Sankashti Chaturthi is falling on Saturday, 20 July, this month while on Sunday, 28 July, Kamika Ekadashi will be celebrated, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna) on Monday, 29 July, and the Masik or Shravan Shivratri on Tuesday, 30 July. In addition to all these, this month will also host several auspicious yogas and muhurat will be formed. As a result, people will remain inclined towards fasting, charity, and holy deeds.

  • July Transit Will Be Beneficial For The Women

The zodiac sign Cancer is considered to be a female dominant sign, and the presence of the conjunction of Sun-Mercury-Venus in only this sign signifies that this month will be especially favorable for the women across the nation. The contribution of the ladies in national politics will increase in the form of the women brigade and female ministers. This will also improve the country’s image overseas.

  • How The Month Will Be For The Country?

This month, there will be major changes in the policies of the country, and in spite of all kinds of opposition, our nation will get support from many countries.

  • July Will Be Influential For These Fields

The areas related to glamor, film, print, media, etc. can attain great benefits this month. This will also bring an increase in the shares pertaining to these fields.

  • Share Market This Month

As the middle of this month is hosting the transit of the Sun, who is also the significator of government sectors, therefore investors of the share market can gain profits by investing in the government fields. Additionally, investing in film, glamor, media, and related fields will also prove to be auspicious.

  • Sun Transit In Cancer

On Wednesday, 17 July 2019, Sun will exit Mercury’s sign Gemini, and enter Moon’s sign Cancer, where it will find Mercury already present. This conjunction of the Sun and Mercury will form the Budha Aditya Yoga, which will bring several positive results throughout the country… Read Here: Sun Transit in Cancer

  • Venus Transit In Cancer

This month, Venus will make its transit through the zodiac sign Cancer on Tuesday, 23 July 2019. Due to this, India can obtain the support of several foreign countries. There will be positive changes in the fields of film, print, media, and glamour as well… Read Here: Venus Transit In Cancer

  • Retrograde Motion of Mercury

With the end of the month, the planet Mercury will turn retrograde on Tuesday, 30 July 2019. As the planet appears to move backwards, it will exit the sign Cancer to re-enter its own sign, Gemini. Its influence will bring a hike in the shares of fields pertaining to communication, education, etc… Read Here: Retrograde Mercury Transit in Gemini

Let us find out what is special in this monthly horoscope according to your zodiac sign:

This prediction is based on your Moon Sign. Click Here to find out yours.


You are a person with high morale. You are someone who shoulders his/her responsibilities very well. You, therefore, may have higher chances of success in all areas of life. You are a responsible person and possess a sense of positivity and goodwill towards the family. You have a stronghold in your social circle, and may, therefore, have every possibility of earning support. Although confident by nature, you may face problems due to your uncontrollable nature. It may be better for you to … Read Now


You may feel happier this month. There is less probability of you experiencing any type of unnecessary thoughts at this time. You may accomplish better success in your work due to better focus and concentration. You are a person with sharp memory power. It may, therefore, be better for you to think before you act. It may be beneficial for you to trust your… Read Now


You are an intelligent and sensible person who tries to act according to the situation or circumstances. Along with contemplating and understanding things, you have strong decision-making capabilities. Wealth and immoveable property may lend you a little stress at this time so, try to act with enthusiasm and courage. You can be unsuccessful in your efforts to accumulate wealth, but you may get better opportunities to attain… Read Now

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You are a liberal thinker. You try to act according to your mood. This may work for you if you are a businessman. But, if you are working then, it may be harmful for you. You may, therefore, act according to time and situation. You are a person who believes in mutual support firmly, but your efforts to support others may be harmful for them. You may gain better success, if you act with… Read Now


You are an energetic person. You tend to be inclined towards your actions. There are possibilities to achieve good success if you prioritize your work according to time. You are the one who always try to fulfill your responsibilities. You pay special attention towards the completion of your work even before the given timeline. Along with being adventurous and mighty, you are enthusiastic by nature. You are the person who tries to achieve everything with your… Read Now


In this month, your thinking ability and understanding power will be strong. With better time-management and strategic planning, you may reap good results from your work. Any doubt in your mind give rise to stress and tension. But, with your self-confidence, you can overcome any problem in your life. The planet Mercury is transiting in Cancer zodiac and therefore, there is a possibility for you to… Read Now


Your efforts are likely to be successful in this month. You can achieve good success in whatever work you do with integrity. There can be a rise in your potential to get the desired position or status at work. There is a possibility for you to likely get good success according to the position you are working on. In this month, there are also good opportunities to gain… Read Now


You are the person who prefers to do any task with full responsibility. Many times you forget about yourself and try to overdo more than you can which in turn, increase the chances of your loss. Therefore, it would be better if you direct your energies in the right direction. Do not make hasty decisions or else you may have to incur losses. Try to do any work with stagnation and solemnity. Along with having faith in yourself, you should also try to… Read Now


According to the planetary positions, it is anticipated that you will get lazy during the month of July. This will adversely affect your work quality. You are likely to trust people easily and hence, this habit can land you in problem. You are advised not to get influenced by others. Have trust in your own abilities and rely on your own potential. Being impatient might land you in trouble. Therefore, you should maintain… Read Now


You will have to work hard during the span of this month. There are chances that you might have to set your foot on foreign lands in order to take your career to heights. You might be disappointed with the results after you invest your time and energy in your career. The transit of the planet Jupiter is not favourable for your career. You might get entangled in controversies and conflicts. Therefore, you are advised to… Read Now


It is anticipated that you will be emotionally and mentally stable during this month, while being serious about your life at the same time. You will act based on the given situation and this will save you from facing any problems and suffering from losses. Because of your intelligence and hard work, the chances of getting success are quite high during this month. A few extra efforts and physical work will however… Read Now

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According to the July Horoscope, it is predicted that you might be a bit stressed during this month. You should try to keep calm as stress will adversely affect your health and performance in many areas. You will possess the ability to think, but will lack in decision making skills. Try to concentrate and make decisions. You will be able to achieve success in your endeavours if you perform your tasks diligently. You should avoid… Read Now

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