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Valentine's Day Special: Best Gift Ideas for Beloved

Valentine's Day Special- Make the day special for your beloved by using these tips! 

Valentine's Day, is annually celebrated on 14th February internationally, and honour love, loyalty and selflessness. In India, this festival has gained massive following due to its romantic nature and influential universal approach. Couples express their heartfelt feelings to their partners and renew their vows of love.

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Valentine’s Day as per Vedic Astrology

On the day of Valentine’s Day, Moon will remain posited in the sign Taurus under the Rohini Nakshatra. Moon is known to be a lover and represents compassion, romance, thoughts, love for country, family life and personal matters. Hindu mythology says that the Moon loved Rohini the most out of all 27 daughters of Daksha he married. This is the reason why this day becomes more special. Being the closest nakshatra, it symbolizes love, beauty, care, satisfaction, lust, passion, and possessiveness.

On the V-Day, planet Venus, the ruling lord of Taurus sign, will also impact the lives of natives, hence making them sensitive, emotional and filled with feelings and aspirations. Also, fifth house in a birth chart indicates love-related matters. Therefore, the combination of planets and nakshatras will definitely influence your birth sign. 

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Lucky Colour & Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Let’s read the astrological impact and know what actions you must follow to make this day more beautiful and special. Find out best gifts to give to your valentine and what lucky color you must wear.


For Aries natives, the fifth house of their kundli is the house of love and governed by zodiac sign Leo, whose ruling planet is Sun. On Valentine’s Day, Sun will be posited in your 11th house, which represents fulfilment of desires and new relationships. Hence, your every wish will be fulfilled. If single, there are chances of meeting new people and initiating new relationships. Though, try and remain patient, and do not hyper-react in any way.

  • What to Wear: You should wear thick thread garments such as jeans, woolen clothes, coats or jackets.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Orangish Red, Copper and Rust on this day.
  • Gift: You can gift any branded merchandise to your lover and make them feel special and loved.


In your kundli, fifth house represents love and relationships and is ruled by Virgo, whose sign lord is Mercury. On the day of Valentine’s, Mercury will be in your 10th house, which is a house of extrovertness, straightforwardness and expression. Hereby, on this day, you’ll speak out loud and express your feelings confidently. You’ll be rather direct with your words and speak your heart and mind than communicate through any medium. On a contrary, don’t go overboard and maintain the decency. Being direct doesn’t mean scaring the other person away with your over-enthusiasm.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear funky clothes and accessorize it with chunky rings or earrings.
  • Lucky Color: Use different shades of Green when dressing up to meet your beloved.
  • Gift: Buy soft toys such as plushy teddy bear or dolls to gift your beloved. 


5th house, which tells about love, is occupied by Libra zodiac sign. Venus rules Libra sign, and will be placed in the seventh house on the V-Day. This planet is the factor for serious relations, marriage and new relationships. Hence on the love day, there is a possibility of single natives engaging in a new relationship. Those who are committed or married, the day will be highly filled with love and affection, as Venus naturally owns the seventh house (house of marriage and spouse). You need to keep a check on your behaviour and avoid being hasty or rude.

  • What to Wear: Natives can wear flamboyant dresses such as golden jacket or silver top to showcase their passion.
  • Lucky Color: Get a silver-coloured outfit mixed with shades of bling. 
  • Gift: Gift beautiful flowers to your lover on Valentine’s Day.


In the kundli of Cancer natives, Scorpio, ruled by Mars, is posited in the fifth house of love. On 14 February 2019, Mars will be seen in 10th house. This planet represents passion, energy and anger, and as a result of its influence, natives can witness some low moments throughout the day. You can get aggressive or behave badly with your loved one. So, watch out for it, remain calm and express your care nicely.

  • What to Wear: Wear leather outfits such as a leather jacket or pants.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour to wear on Valentine’s Day is Blood Red and Maroon.
  • Gift: Buy electronic gadgets for your beloved that can work as a cherry on cake if s/he is tech-savvy.


We analyse the fifth house of Leo natives to know more about their love life. Sagittarius is the 5th sign/house of their kundli and Jupiter governs this zodiac sign Sagittarius. Jupiter will remain in the fourth house on this main day. This house depicts your inner feelings, intuition and emotions. Hence it would be a day which will highlight your emotions for your beloved, hereby strengthening your relationship. Keep in mind not to overthink at any cost, as it can hinder your actions and love.

  • What to Wear: Dress simply on the V-Day or try wearing traditional clothes to mark an impression.
  • Lucky Color: Light or Normal Yellow is the colour of the day for you. 
  • Gift: Gift interesting books and witness that shine in your lover’s eyes.


Capricorn is placed in your fifth house, which represents passion, romance and love life. This sign is governed by Shani, which is a factor for lethargic nature, sorrow and delays. On Valentine’s Day, it will remain in your 4th house, which is the house of happiness and home. Hence, this day can result in delays or conflicts in your relationship. Avoid getting frustrated and try not to ruin your beloved’s mood as well.

  • What to Wear: Wear stylish faded, ripped or distressed jeans with a smart T-Shirt or shirt for a powerful impact.
  • Lucky Color: Wear Black colour on your date with your love.
  • Gift: Gifting Dark chocolates to the one will definitely make your day sweeter.


For Libra’s, their fifth house of love is ruled by Aquarius zodiac sign, whose governing planet is Shani. On V-Day, Shani will be in your 3rd house, which represents courage and short distance. Hence you’ll go on short-distance travels with your lover, such as overnight trips etc. Also, you’ll gain courage to speak about your true feelings to your crush. Don’t hold yourself back and just go for it. You might act possessively with your beloved or crush on the day of love. Be careful about acting in such a manner, as after a limit, things can go wrong.

  • What to Wear: Wear thick, cotton clothes made of Khaki or Chinos.
  • Lucky Color: Black or Blue coloured outfits will make you look attractive.
  • Gift: Gifting Chocolate cake to your beloved will definitely make your day better.


To know about one’s love life and relations, astrologers analyse the fifth house. For Scorpio natives, Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter, is posited in this house. Jupiter is the planet which shows our true feelings for our loved ones and on Valentine’s Day, it will be placed in your Lagna house. This house tells us about our overall personality, nature and physical features. Hence, Scorpios are advised to keep it simple and avoid any kind of flashiness. Just be yourself and do not try to make something else out of things. Also, try dressing up simple and change your overall look. Things will turn out to be very rewarding for you.

  • What to Wear: Scorpios can dress in simple, fine and brand new clothes.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Yellow or light yellow colour on your date will definitely attract your lover.
  • Gift: Gifting something related to music such as CDs, music album or musical gadget will be ideal.


Planet Mars is the lord of zodiac sign Aries, which rules the fifth house of love, in your kundli. On Valentine’s Day, Mars will remain posited in the fifth house only, resulting in an energetic and passionate day for Sagittarius lovers. As a result, the day will prove to be lucky for the natives. Closeness between you and your partner will increase, and your relationship will strengthen. You’ll find yourself fiercely attracted to your lover.

  • What to Wear: Wear camouflage clothes such as military print clothes to mark a strong presence.
  • Lucky Color: Lucky colour for the V-Day can be Maroon and Dark Green.
  • Gift: You can buy a ticket to an amusement park or any sport-related arena, like ice skating and go with your beloved.


The fifth house in the kundli of Capricorn natives can be analysed to know about love, relationships and romance. This house is obtained by Taurus zodiac sign, whose ruling lord is Venus. On Valentine’s Day, Venus will be placed in your 12th house, which is a factor for loss and separation. As a result, the day doesn’t seem favourable from love point of view. You may suffer from a loss of relationship on this day or get separated from your lover. In order to save your relationship, you must not argue or suppress your partner in any way. Keep your emotions in control and try not to overreact.

  • What to Wear: Wear something trendy and creative. Ditch your old jeans and hop into something stylish.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing Pink colour on Valentine’s can make your day better.
  • Gift: Surprise your lover by taking him/her on a romantic movie date. You can watch a romantic play at a theatre.


Mercury planet rules the zodiac sign Gemini, which comes in the fifth house of Aquarius natives. Fifth house is the house of romance and love. On Valentine’s Day, this planet will get placed in the first house or Lagna itself. Lagna bhava represents one’s personality and nature, whereas Mercury reflects majorly on your thinking and your way of speaking. Vedic Astrology suggests that the native must get rid of their narrow mindedness and set the beloved free while giving him/her some space. Don’t try to cage your beloved with limitations. The day will turn out to be good, as you’ll get ample opportunities to declare your love in front of your lover and express your real emotions.

  • What to Wear: Wear fitted clothings like dresses or jeans. You can also wear short-sized clothes such as capris or shorts.
  • Lucky Color: Try to experiment with Sea Green colour when styling yourself for the big day.
  • Gift: What’s better than gifting a beautiful and classy watch to your lover on V-Day!


Moon, the representative for feelings, love and caring nature, rules the Cancer sign. This sign gets into the fifth house of love for Pisces natives. On the day of Valentine’s, Moon will be in your third house, and as a result, you’ll come across opportunities to show your real, caring nature to your beloved. This will be the perfect time for making your beloved feel that you are serious and dedicated for him/her. Apart from this, don’t let others poke into your personal matters in case something isn’t going right between you two. Rather, be straight and speak out your feelings.

  • What to Wear: Dress formally and surprise your lover with a new look. Go for the classic look comprising of a crisp shirt, fitted trousers and a blazer or coat.
  • Lucky Color: Wearing any light colour on this day will do wonders. 
  • Gift: Get a personalised gift like keychain with your lover’s name engraved on it or heart shaped pillow.

Hope you’ve liked our article and find the perfect gift to give to your beloved. Wishing you and your loved one Happy Valentine's Day.

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