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February 2019 - Monthly Horoscope

A major change in fate is waiting to happen! Read February 2019 Monthly Horoscope and know how this Valentine month is going to treat the couples.

The entire monthly horoscope, which is based on the zodiac sign, helps people to explore more about their future. Talking about daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes or monthly horoscopes, these are predicted on the basis of constellations or nakshatras, planets, Sun-Moon placed in one’s zodiac sign. Abiding by all the characteristics, we have brought to you the most accurate and best February Monthly Horoscope.

As per Vedic Astrology, the month of February showers love and romance in one’s life. One of the most popular days celebrated among youngsters, i.e. Valentine’s Day, falls in this month itself. Hereby, the significance of this month increases as well. In the middle of this month, Sun will transit in the zodiac sign Capricorn, after which it will enter into Aquarius. As a result, these two signs along with their houses will remain active in your kundli, and gaining outcomes related to it will always be a possibility. This month, Mars will change its placement and enter its own sign on 6th February. Therefore, you’ll feel courageous and energetic.

Talking from the religious point of view, here is a quick list of festivals and days to be observed in this month:

Date & Day
2 February
Pradosh Vrat (K). Masik Shivratri
4 February
10 February
13 February
16 February
17 February
19 February
22 February

Apart from this, several auspicious muhurats and yogas might form in this month, which will affect every sign differently. Let’s read the monthly horoscope:

Predictions are based on Moon Sign. Click here to know your Moon Sign: Moon Sign Calculator


Sun will be posited in your tenth and eleventh house in the month of February. Tenth house in a kundli represents workplace, career and profession. This is the reason it is also called the Karma Bhava. On the other hand, Eleventh house represents profit and comprehends success and income. As per Kaal Purush Kundali, these houses are ruled by Capricorn and Aquarius respectively, which is why…..Read Now


Ninth and Tenth house of your kundli will remain active in the month of February. As per astrological calculations, Sun will remain posited in these houses throughout this month. Transit of Sun from ninth to tenth house will lead to several changes in your life. Ninth house represents luck, teacher and religious trips. Whereas, tenth house depicts career and life achievements. Hence, this month, you will…. Read Now


Sun will remain in your eighth and ninth house in the month of February. As per Vedic Astrology, different challenges, opportunities, unexpected incidents, age and research can be seen through the eighth house. On the other hand, ninth house represents luck and tells a lot about long-distance travels, guru or teacher, pilgrimage traveling etc. In Kaal Purush Kundali, eighth house is ruled by Scorpio and ninth house by Sagittarius, which is why….Read Now


In this month, Sun will remain placed in your seventh and eighth house. In astrology, seventh house depicts life partner, marital life and partnership in different areas. Eighth house can be explored to know about esoteric science, sudden incidents, hidden secrets, accidents, danger etc. In such a case, remaining alert….Read Now


In February 2019, the Sun will be located in your sixth and seventh house. The sixth house in the birth chart tells about diseases, enemy and pain. While the seventh house is related to marriage, life partner, business partner, etc. According to Kaal Purush Kundli, the sixth house is governed by Virgo zodiac sign, whereas the seventh house is ruled by Libra. Looking at these facts, this month you...Read Now


In the month of February, the fifth and sixth house of the Virgo natives will remain active, as Sun will remain posited in these houses. In hindu astrology, the fifth house tells a lot about the child. Apart from this, it represents education, past-life actions and creativity. While the sixth house informs about diseases, enemies, legal disputes and immune system. This month, you must...Read Now


This month, Sun will be seen located in the fourth and fifth house. Fourth house tells a lot about prosperity, mother, tangible-intangible property, feelings and popularity. On the other hand, fifth house can be analysed to know about children, education, intellectual capacity and creativity. It is governed by Cancer and Leo in Kaal Purush Kundali, which is why financial...Read Now


Your lover can express his/her feelings in front of you, due to the placement of Sun in the third and fourth house this month. In a kundli, third house is a significant factor for courage, younger siblings, excitement and ambitions, whereas fourth house is known as the house of prosperity and represents mother, vehicle, property and feelings. Due to this, you have to….Read Now


In the month of February, Sun will be placed in your second and third house. As per astrological point of view, second house tells about primary education, money, speech and family, and third house can be explored to know about younger siblings, excitement and courage. Along with it, these houses are ruled by Taurus and Gemini respectively in Kaal Purush Kundali. Hence, you have to control your speech….Read Now


Sun will be placed in your lagna and second house. In Vedic Astrology, lagna house tells a lot about the native’s nature, personality, physical build, health etc. Whereas second house is known to be the house of wealth, as represents family, voice, speech and primary education….Read Now


This month may bring with itself financial losses, as Sun seems to be placed in your twelfth and lagna house. In a kundli, twelfth house is a factor for loss, expenditure, hidden nature, salvation, foreign travel etc., whereas lagna house reveals everything about a native, his nature and personality….Read Now


The month of February will offer mixed results to the natives of Pisces, as Sun seems to be posited in your eleventh and twelfth house. Where on one hand eleventh house represents profit, twelfth house significantly represents loss on the other. In Kaal Purush Kundali, these houses are ruled by Aquarius and Pisces zodiac sign respectively...Read Now

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