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Weekly Horoscope (4 Jan - 10 Jan, 2016)

Make new plans of the week ahead of the New Year with this weekly horoscope. Let’s now know what this week holds for you.

Weekly horoscope for January 4 to 10, 2016 is here.

Weekly Horoscope 2016 is totally based on the moon calendar. know your moon sign with our moon sign calculator.

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Ariens, Weekly Horoscope 2016 foresees that you might gain an income from multiple sources. An exciting and romantic time will be spent on long journeys with a spouse. The good news is expected from children. Weekly Horoscope 2016 suggests that if you are going to appear for any exam or interview, then boost your self-confidence to obtain victory. This week you will gain positive energy in your thoughts. You will receive full support from friends of opposite sex.

Love Predictions: In general, this week you will found a blend of everything but do not take love as a piece of entertainment. Moreover, have control on your concupiscible desires to get better results. Starting of this week will be comparatively better for you love birds. Married couples will fetch good outcomes this week. Middle of the week less favourable. Hence, maintain a decent attitude. Therefore, by this weekend it would be better to be limited as compare before.

Remedies: Beware of servants, serve your mother and elder women with gifts.

Ratings: 2.5/5


Taureans, this week your luck ratings will get strong. Natives Weekly Horoscope 2016 predicts that a success will be received in every task. If you are investing in a business, or going on interview or applying for jobs, this time is favourable. Decisions that are taken wisely by ownself will give positive result but do not get affected by others consideration. Your opponents might plan strategies against you, so beware. Although you will defeat them with your goodness. 

Love Predictions: This week is going to be mixed in terms of courtship. Keeping your domestic problem off shore, can help you to make week prosperous. In beginning of this week a lovable bond will be experienced but it might turn into useless arguments The mid part of this week will going to be favourable. You might go on a date. In order to have a dignified living friendly behaviour would be appropriate by end of this week.

Remedies: Spend your valuable time with your partner and flow coconut in running water wrapped in a red cloth.

Ratings: 3/5


Geminis, this 2016 you might receive an income from unknown sources. People who are looking for a new job or want to switch, better opportunities are waiting for them. Students might get deviated from their studies. Children might face mental problems this week as predicted by Weekly Horoscope 2016. Natives this week is not favourable for your health, some mental problems and tiredness will make you suffer. Objections seem to be coming in your life, during this period be calm as advisable. Indulging money on luxury items will be seen.

Love Predictions: Normally, it can be said that this week can be of mixed results. Anything cannot be forcibly done, hence it would be inappropriate to make any attempt in that manner. Therefore act sensible, take decisions with a kind heart. Although week will start with unfavourable situations. If you intend to propose anyone go on but this time is not conducive. S o be careful. Middle of the week is also favourable but avoid humiliating each other. Being limited will help to improve compatibility level. 

Remedies: Donate gram, jaggery, copper utensils, red cloth and vermillion on Hanuman. Visit Temple on Tuesdays.

Ratings: 3/5


Cancerians this week will be full of excitements. Arousal of an auspicious ceremony or spiritual activities likely happens. Purchasing a new vehicle is on the cards. Your house or land will get ready by this week. A respectful attitude will be received in from society. Natives, who are looking for new jobs your wait will get over now. An outing with family is possible. There are good chances of success in business. Foreign trade will also prove to be beneficial. Although a little delay in work and controversies might occur, but with sure success at the end. Collaborating with some high officials this week will help you to complete your task. 

Love Predictions: In general this week promising you to give favourable results. Due to some affairs, a development is relation is foreseen. In early days of this week if for some reason the mind is unhappy then love can refresh your mood. Middle of this week is favorable, but for some reason, you can found yourself in an emotional state. By the ending of this week some matters need to resolved with love.

Remedies: Donate Split Green gram & sweets made up of gram flour, stationery and Yellow clothes at Temple.

Ratings: 4/5 


Lions this week, uncontrolled anger can be so exclusive therefore have control over speech and anger. You might receive a sudden wealth this week, but your mind remains restless. The child may also cause problems. Pregnant women need to take special care this week. Due to some situations, you might have to go away from home. This week dramatic changes in the home and workplace are foreseen. Expenses are likely to be very high. Suddenly borrowing conditions could become the new investment. Weekly Horoscope 2016 suggests you to avoid taking any major economic decisions this week. 

Love Predictions: The week seems to be favourable for love matters. If you are in love with a neighbour or colleague then the week will be more auspicious. With the starting of this week; do take time to have some entertainment this will make your bond strong. Middle of the week will average. By ending of this week, chances to get proposals on social media are possible.

Remedies: Stay away from deep water and predatory animals. Worship Lord Shiva and Sun. Try to avoid arrogance and anger & avoid unnecessary disputes in the family.

Ratings: 3/5 


This week your strength power will be well maintained the whole week. If you are participating in a competition then good chances of receiving success are there. Business or a work related trip are possible which is extremely favorable. For married life, time is unfavourably resulting in arguments. Weekly Horoscope 2016 suggests; maintain a harmonic relation with a partner. Service people might honor with a promotion this week. Good opportunities for businessmen are waiting, a good amount of income will be gained. In business people who are involved in a partnership, needs to stay cautious with their relations. 

Love Predictions: In general, this week is going to be in your favour. You might fall in love with your colleague or classmate. However, in starting of this week if you are going to propose someone choose your words wisely. In the middle, someone might keep an eye on your activities therefore, by being careful continue to enjoy your love. Moreover by the ending of this week just keep frivolous things out of your mind and keep flowing with the wind of love. 

Remedies: This week negative thinking in any work should be avoided. Before indulging deeply in activities related to intoxication get rid of it. Make donations related to planet Rahu.

Ratings: 3/5


This week collaboration with a partner will be in a good phase. due to which all sorts of happiness will be seen. Work that was paused for a long time will resume now and this week you will be able to purchase a new car or land. Any ongoing dispute will come to an end, this time, being in your favour. This week the time is perfect to have a pleasant journey. large investment in business can be made or views of expanding it can be implemented now. Job seekers this week is auspicious for you. With Weekly Horoscope, 2016 promotions are on the cards. 

Love Predictions: This week is full of mix and match outcomes. In starting someone might propose you with love. If looking forward to get married then chances of getting marriage proposals are there. Therefore, week might start with some oddish conditions. In middle of this week do not hurt your partner sentiments. Proposing someone with a little delay will be beneficial. In the end enjoy your lovable moments and ignore things from past. 

Remedies: Chant Mantras related to Planet Shani and lit camphor at Shani Dev and Lord Shiva.

Ratings: 2.5/5


Luck will remain strong this week as well as an amazing courage, wisdom and a will power will be seen. Individual will experience happiness in life and sweetness in relation with a spouse is expected. Natives who are looking forward to getting married their wait will end now. Pregnant women should need to take careful measures. To deepen the relationship of love this week foresees to be very good. Businessmen will gain income from more than one source whereas people who are doing desk jobs Weekly Horoscope 2016 is indicating strong chances of promotion opportunities. Parents or spouses might face health problems, so be cautious.

Love Predictions: This week is very favourable for love birds who are in long distance relationship. You might have to stay away from your partner due to some reason. In the middle, a romantic mood will be observed in you but keep in view your partner's mood as well. By ending of the week, you might experience mixed outcomes are coming in your way. Arousal of unnecessary arguments are possible, so avoid. Beware of neighbours. 

Remedies: Avoid toxic items to live a healthy life. Keep control on your speech. Donate food & clothes to leepers.

Ratings: 2/5


This week is full of action, hence avoid, being lazy to work well. If some task is pending for long, it will be done this time. Good performance from children's side will welcome happiness. If you are participating in any competition, then both luck and hard work will support you. Social and political life is expected to rise in rank and reputation. If you were thinking of a new vehicle this wish will get fulfilled. Journeys remain favorable and soothing. This week is an auspicious time to make a new investment.

Love Predictions: This week will be very prosperous for you. Although, maintaining limits will be helpful in relations. However week will start off with some positivity around you. This time is very auspicious for people who are in love, to get married or for married couples to gain fruitful results. With the mid of this week you might have to go far from your spouse. You will remain emotional and you might feel that you are less valued by your partner.

Remedies: Avoid consumption of sweet and rich commodities. Chant Mantra Lord Ganesha Mantra.

Ratings: 3/5


Weekly Horoscope 2016 foretell that this week your family will be able to meet the cost needed for maintenance of house comfortably. Working with some entertainment and rest are advised this week. Do not disclose your enthusiasm and ideas and plans to the public. Problems due to the decisions you have made in past that resulted in a bad economic situation will improve, efforts will bear fruit. The trip will be productive from an economic standpoint because time is better. It is advised to stay away from the lottery. Partner might suffer from health issues. 

Love Predictions: In general, this week is going to be for love. So in love with a colleague Keep in mind that much of the heart of boss you do not pay them too careful otherwise Stay. At the beginning of the week will be the new energy in your love. You both work and love Will settle between. Middle of the week will also be weak Weekend May remain. Therefore, understanding the behavior continue.

Remedies: Avoid hasty donations and donate related to Planet Venus as well offer lotus flower to Goddess Lakshmi.

Ratings: 3/5


This week is very proficient for health and socio-economic status. Be cautious from your enemies. Do not trust blindly on people who provides a loan, chances of getting ditched are quite possible. Theft or loss of a thing might increase your expenses, so be alert of thieves. This week the children will make you happy and those who are preparing for competition better chances of success are there as per Weekly Horoscope 2016. For people who are working time is awesome but traders remain problematic. Fraud or theft at the workplace also poses the sum of the loss.

Love Predictions: It may be a mixed week for love. You might get attracted towards someone living far. But beware he/she might deceive you. At the beginning of the week because of busy the schedule, you might get less time for love. But by balancing your work and love life sweetness in love will be obtained. The weekend will stay combined with a sum of sweet and sour moments.

Remedies: Pour water on Peepal tree or offer mustard oil at Shani Temple.

Ratings: 3/5


This week victory can be achieved on the basis of your strength and self-confidence but differences may generate with spouses and some tensions may arise with father, so be cautious as suggested by Weekly Horoscope 2016. The increase in respect of reputation may grow. This week fortune is not favouring you. Therefore, keep the distance from gambling. Chances of a job promotion or transfer to your desired location are there. Allergy-related problems can disturb this week. Overall familial matters will not be good this week.

Love Predictions: The beginning of the week is not very good for you. Therefore, beware from receiving wrong numbers on social media. Middle of this week is relatively favorable, but due to some reason you might not get a chance to meet with your love ones. Keep your efforts on by having the conversation on phone calls etc to keep your bond connected. The weekend looks good you might start liking someone at work. Chances of getting proposals are there. 

Remedies: Keep track of your and your spouse's health and to control anger. Worship Goddess Bhagwati and donate toys to kids.

Ratings: 3/5

Love predictions in this horoscope are exclusively given by Pt. Hanuman Mishra

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