Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly Horoscope (Jan 18 - 24, 2016)

January 18 to January 24, 2016 is going to be a week full of surprises. Some of you might get married and some might have a jackpot full of money. See what’s in your fate this week... 


Be alert at office and keep your seniors happy. Avoid doing unnecessary expenses and take good care of yourself. Especially keep yourself away from stress and just be happy. New friends will come in your life but make sure you have got the real ones. Go to a trip with friends or with your lover. This time is going to be mixture of good and not so good times for the natives who are on the verge of their career. 

Love Predictions: You will want to spend your time in the arms of your partner but that does not mean you will ignore your work. So, be responsible toward work as well. In the initial days of the week, the emotional side of yours will be seen but make sure you are not hurting your partner by saying something offensive. Betterment will be seen continiously. 

Remedy: Avoid taking alcohol or drugs.

Love Rating:


Favorable position of planets has made you fateful. Your courage and enthusiasm will boost up and success will be there in your work. Things done with full dedication are going to make you the winner of all aces. Students might difficulty in focusing on their studies and career. Someone from opposite-sex is always going to be there for you. Spend time with your partner to ignore any tiffs. 

Love Life: Unmarried couples are suggested to control emotions and be moralistic. On the other hand, married couples are going to enjoy this time a lot. Even though the week will start on a tough note, things will be amazing in the middle days. You will have the chance to spend a lot of time together in the end of the week. 

Remedy: Help leprosy patients and distribute blankets among poor.

Love Rating:


Love is something which is only with the lucky ones. So, value the one who has been there for you through thick & thin. Save yourself from getting involved in anything illegal. Your enemies might trouble you and some hidden health issues can bother you which will increase your expenses. Unexpected wealth will come in your life through your business. You will be meeting some powerful people of the society. Also, your lack in focus might affect your work. 

Love Life: Sugary days filled with romance are there for you. Married and the unmarried ones are going to have little quarrel. However the former ones will sought it out soon whereas the latter might lose patience and extend this fight. So, try not to make fuss out of this particular situation. Zig-zag graph of stability is foreseen for your week which will end on a happy note. 

Remedy: On Wednesday & Saturday, donate something to needy. 

Love Rating:


Love birds are going to have an amazing time this week. Educational life of the natives will be a little challenging. Majorly for those who are preparing for competitive exams. You might be disturbed with something related to your professional life. Avoid taking any decision related to finance. Family life will be peaceful. The only suggestion for you is to ignore finance related decision to avoid any kind of risk. 

Love Life: The starting days are very much favorable for those who are in love with their co-worker. Transparency is something that lovers have to maintain in their relationship now. Being a not much favorable week, this is not the right to point out finger on your partner as it might affect your relationship. A mixture of happy & sad times will be there but the ending is good. 

Remedy: Donate grams, jaggery, red clothes etc. in Lord Hanuman’s temple.

Love Rating: 3/5 


Change in job location is possible for you. This week wants you to be very careful in all stratas of life. Be careful about your health especially if you are having any past illness. Act very carefully throughout this week as you might have to face the consequences of any past ill deeds. You might have little quarrel with your partner for which buying a new gift will be helpful. During this time, the natives are suggested to maintain a regular work plan. 

Love Life: Try not to behave egoistic and cross your limits in anger. If possible, plan out a trip to together as it will boost up your love life. Perfect balance between your professional life & love life is foreseen for you. In the ending days, you will have luck on your side but you might not get much time together. 

Remedy: Stay away from addiction.

Love Rating:


Confusions might overpower your mind making it difficult for you to take decisions. This might make you loose the big opportunity. There might be little tiffs between you & your closed ones. Amazing time for all those who are into education field and also for those who are preparing for competitive exams. You will get job soon if you are looking for it. Love has no place for ego or stubbornness. Hence, if you and your partner have different thinking, accept it. 

Love Life: You have to be in your limits as this week is less fortunate for your love life. Especially in the beginning of the week, you have to be in your limits. Betterment in your life will come after some time and the ending will be satisfactory. You will succeed in having both personal happiness and satisfactory professional life. 

Remedy: Offer water mixed with milk to Lord Shiva.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Improvement in your logical ability is going to be observed this week. You will be more logical now. Relaxed and entertaining trips will be there. Your personal life will be blissful. Move ahead if you are planning to invest or want to start a new business. Success in financial life is there for you. People associated with social and political fields are going to face little difficulty. Hold yourself from getting attracted toward materialistic pleasure. 

Love Life: You need to trust each other with full heart as it is the backbone of any relationship. If there is anyone at your workplace who has taken your heart away, this time might result in your favor. Being patient and in limits will have a good effect on your relationship. You will be enjoying the perfect balance between personal and professional life. 

Remedy: Light a mustard oil lamp for Lord Saturn.

Love Rating: 3/5 


Stick to your goals and do not lose hopes even if you have to face some hurdles. Going through this phase of difficulty will make you a stronger person. Avoid taking decisions in hurry as it might be a failure. Your female friends will guide you in tough times. if you are looking for a job change, ignore it for some time. You might be surprised with unexpected money entering your life. 

Love Life: If your partner is staying far away from you, this week is full of passionate love. Some sweet fights will be there among you both but it won’t affect the love bond of your relationship. Even though the middle days of the week are less romantic, your love life will again come on track in the ending days. 

Remedy: Worship lord (Shani) regularly.

Love Rating: 3.5/5 


It is the timewhen money will come to you. You will get what you want from your workfront. Trips or travelling will be awesome. People related to media, glamor or education are getting full favor from this week. Your children or anyone younger to you will bring happiness in your life. But make sure you do not ignore your health. Be careful regarding health. Social identities are going to be lucky throughout the time.

Love Life: Being true to your partner and keeping transparency in your relationship will keep your life fabulous. In the starting days, the love between you two will deepen. Some tiffs might be there but that won’t affect the peace of your life. Everything will be good if you control your desires and do not cross your limits. An added happiness is there for the married couples. 

Remedy: Avoid consuming yellow color food items.

Love Rating:


Amazing time in terms of income as money will come to your life even in return of less efforts. You will find it difficult to take decisions and turbulence will remain in your mind. Luck is with you to get your plannings in reality. Stay focused to your goal and success will come. Also those who are working are suggested to be alert. Natives associated with clothes, oil or fashion industry are going to have full support this time. 

Love Life: You have to work a little toward your life to make it smoother and happier. It will be good for you to avoid confessing love via social media. You will be a little emotional in the initial days and you will succeed in keeping your partner happy. Positivity will prevail till the end. A cherry on the top of happiness is assured for married ones. 

Remedy: Donate for pacifying Venus.

Love Rating: 4/5 


Avoid trusting anyone blindly and control your emotions. This week is quite rational for you in terms of love affair. Maintain sincerity in your work and be patient. Sometimes all you can do is wait for the time to pass away. Married life of the natives can be a little challenging if you fail to control your anger. Spend some quality time with your father. 

Love Life: You might be busy with your work due to which the love life might get ignored. Still you will enjoy all the possible meetings you both will have. Passion will be there and you will have full fun. You will go out on a romantic date in the middle days of the week. Avoid anger and try not to project yourself as an egoistic person.

Remedy: Donate stationery items to those in need.

Love Rating: 4/5 


Job-seekers are getting full support from their luck. Even the ones who are into studies or preparing for competitive exams are going to get favorable results. There are chances that your expenses may increase, so try and control them. Avoid starting anything new or investing. You might have to go away from your partner for some time. Be patient in terms of love matters to avoid any argument. 

Love Life: Talk to everyone nicely in the initial days to have a blissful life. In between the week, you will get chances to spend romantic time with each other. This week is going to be the time when your romantic life will be full of happiness. The end of the week is in your favor if you want to confess your love to someone. 

Remedy: Worship and donate for Mars and Sun. 

Love Rating: ⅗ 

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