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January 2016 Horoscope

With this horoscope 2016 for January, we are offering you the predictions that are required to plan your year ahead. Know what this month has to offer you.

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January looks normal for health. Expected improvement will come in family. 2016 will begin on a favorable note for you. Luck will play a major role in achievements this month. The change of sign by Jupiter - Sun will lead to success and extreme self confidence in studies. Venus, lord of second as well as seventh house will also change sign with Mars, lord of ascendant and eighth house. Drive vehicles very carefully in this period of time. This month will fulfill your every interest and desires. You will successfully take out time for your hobbies. Opportunities to go on journeys are likely to come your way. Friend list will increase with new friends. However, you might lack support of family members in your tasks. 

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa twice a day and keep your surroundings clean.

Rating: 3 out of 5


Beginning of January will bring ups & downs for your health. However, your prestige will increase and you will be respected. Transit of Rahu will lead to progress and financial gains in business. Financial profits are possible from people associated with politics. This month is excellent for finances. Hurdles created by enemies will end. Positioning of ninth house lord in Kendra (centre) along with Venus (lord of sign) will do wonders for your luck. Mercury, fifth house lord, is posited in ninth house in friend’s sign. This planetary position is going to unlock your future. However, your expenses will remain high during this month. This increase in expenses might affect your familial bliss in one or the other way. You might also spend on some religious deeds during this month. Presence of Mars in your sixth house will make your enemies inactive throughout this month. This will boost up your courage, strength, energy and confidence. Your confidence might bring good chances of making money to you. Strong financial aspect will help you getting money from tricky things as well. However, it would be great to have control on your temper. Being emotional is also necessary, do not make friends with thoughts of making money only. Such bonds not only die soon, but also lead to mental stress later.

Remedy: To cure Saturn’s Mahadasha (Antardasha), recite Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra & Hanuman Chalisa. Recite Beej Mantras for Jupiter Mahadasha. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


First house will help you in accomplishing pending works related to professional life. Foreign connection will also bring rise in your profits. Jupiter is retrograde this month due to which support and guidance of seniors will remain absent. Savings will increase slowly. You might take loan for the sake of your professional ventures. Avoid thinking about changing job. Uncertainty will be there in income. Don’t act careless in journeys as injury is possible. Wealth loss will add up to reasons for worries. Good thing possible this month is your health which will remain at its best. Support from family is assured. You are not that cordial with your father. However, this is not a good thing and definitely unfavorable for your luck. Your mother might not feel happy this month. Love matters look disturbed this month. It will be appreciable not depending on luck and others. Business plans will proceed with slow pace. Previously done works will shower rewards now. Profits coming this month will be directly related to abroad. Being optimistic is the key to complete every task in the beginning of the month. Support of spouse will do wonders for you. More than interest, dominancy by others will be experienced by you in workfront. Increased expenses during mid of the week will disturb financial situation.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa for Saturn’s Mahadasha and visit Kaal Bhirav temple. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


Presence of Jupiter (ninth house lord) in your second house might provide you with benefits during this month. You may not get benefits from advices of your seniors. Increase in your luxuries might take your expenditure graph high this month. You might spend more money on a person of opposite sex. Be careful, as this may lead to disturbance in your family’s monthly budget. You may also spend money on your life partner. Tensions and disputes might arise in your family. Work with vigour and self confidence in order to get success in your career. Your aptitude for solving problems has to be raised during this period. It is also possible that you might have to work below your abilities, but everything is going to be alright soon. This month, you will remain busy solving your domestic problems. You may also face some ups and down in terms of income and profits this month. You might also plan taking any kind of business loan during the middle of this month. A small holiday with your life partner is predicted. Traveling is foreseen on your future cards. Time is crucial for following your hobbies and travelling. You might find yourself busy in solving problems of your personal life. You might take help of your friends to solve issues of your love life. Be cautious about your health during the beginning of this month. You might turn angry and suspicious at times. This behavior of yours might affect your partner’s health adversely and might increase your problems too. Try to understand your child’s feeling this month.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa to get away with Saturn Mahadasha and chant Devi Kavach thrice a day to get rid of Rahu/Ketu Mahadasha. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


By using all the positive traits of your personality you will take care of your colleagues, partners and subordinates. You will try to do everything with dignity. Your love for justice might also increase. You might take more interest in love. This might also become a reason for increased expenses and decrease in funds. You might have to take extra care of your health this month. Your small arrangements of defeating enemies will also give successful results. Legal matters are likely to extend a bit. Intelligence and diplomacy will come in your thoughts after mid of the month January. Ups and downs might come in your partnership and business. Take care that any situation of misunderstanding will not arise in this duration, otherwise relations might worsen. You might have to forget old controversies at workplace for a better tomorrow. Expenses are likely to increase. You might also have to spend something for increase in income. Chances of disatisfaction in your disposition are there. You might have to face domestic issues. You will try to invest money for a secured future. Tendency to complete the given tasks on time will keep you energised and excited. Don’t leave your efforts in between in this duration, because you will be able to complete difficult tasks on time.

Remedy: Offer sacred cloth to lord Hanuman. Chant hanuman chalisa if going through Dasha or Antardasha and chant Devi Kavach thrice a day to cure Rahu or Ketu’s Mahadasha.

Rating: 4 out of 5


You will show creativity and artistry in your work. Your works will also be praised this month. You might try to get your income/profits as soon as possible in order to improve your financial status. Problems in your work might start deteriorating after the middle of this month, which in turn will increase your income. Some complications might be there in partnerships, but they will get solved soon. You might also plan to give some of your money on debts. Courageous decisions might prove good for you as you might accept some challenging work and will complete it cheerfully. Time is favorable for selling/purchasing a property. Some unexpected profits might also come your way to increase your savings. Relationships with your family might be a little rational in the middle of January. Avoid taking quick decisions. Your expenditures on your family might also increase. Try to make most of your luck this month. Your friends will increase during this period. Controlling your expenses might prove beneficial to you. It is recommendable to start planning during the middle part of January. You might turn melancholic due to recurrent troubles in your life. Lack of self-confidence can bother you a little this month. 

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hridaya Stotra for Sun’s Mahadasha. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


January might give you financial success. Lord of your eleventh house Rahu will drive you toward progress. You might accelerate your skills to complete pending works. Time is not favorable for investing money in big projects. Profits from real estate is predicted for you this month. Retrogation of Mercury might give you little trouble in your speech this month. Quarrels with your relatives and friends are predicted because of restlessness and stress. Income and expenditures will decline this month. Do not lean on luck for getting benefits, as hard work pays off in the end. Some unexpected incidents might astonish you. Safe driving is recommended for you. Time is favorable for love birds. Your may earn good profits. Some ups and down might also come your way this month. Your seniors might praise & help you in building your enthusiasm, self confidence and willpower. Time is also favorable for strategizing new ways to increase your profits. You will make affectionate relations in your family. Following rituals at home might help you in building faith in God. Take good care of your father’s health. You might have to travel to places to get benefits financially. 

Remedy: Wear Manikya and chant Hanuman Chalisa. 

Rating: 3 out of 5


Month is favorable for savings. Time might be crucial for getting answers to all your questions. Your family life may remain normal this month. Do not trust other people over your own family members, as someone may try to ignite fire in your family. Travel safely, as some problems during your small trips are predicted. You must also try to postpone all your trips before middle of this month. Relations may not stay too cordial with your mother. Work related problems might be the cause of your worries this month. Your financial condition will remain strong during this month. Good profits are predicted from things which are risk prone and need lot of courage. Investing your money in stock market will also prove beneficial for you. Time is crucial for starting new ventures. Finding solutions to your problems might also prove beneficial for you. You may not remain satisfied with your ongoing business and start urging for something else. This might ignite some mental tensions for you. Do not take pity decisions. Taking advice from your seniors or some elder person is recommended for you. 

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa and keep surroundings clean. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


Your stars suggest keeping good connection with your boss and seniors, as it will help in getting success at workfront. People of opposite gender will grab your attention, which you need to avoid if married. Expenses seem rising up; thereby, affecting your bank balance. Saving money is the need of this month and will help in tough times. Single Sagittarians are expected to meet love of their life. For the already committed one's, destiny has its share of tests lined up. Working confidently and sincerely will uplift your career. Improve your decisive abilities to get the best of this month. Expenses will be done on journeys or materialistic things. Family will become your priority and you will plan get-together with them to strengthen familial bond. No matter what happens, keep yourself focused on your goals. While you will not face any major health problems, your spouse might go through some ups & downs regarding the same. Good news will come via children and they will do tremendously well in studies. However, a kind of stubbornness might be seen arise in their behavior at times.

Remedy: Chant Ramcharit Manas and keep Ram Raksha Stotra for good lcuk.

Rating: 4 out of 5


January, the first month of the year, will bring bliss in your financial life. If there are any pending tasks, this month is good to take a step toward them. However, you must not think about making any major investment during these 31 days. Professionals associated with construction work or real estate will enjoy remarkable improvement in their worklife. Try to keep good relation with your relatives and neighbours; else tiffs might pop up with them. It would be good to control your expenses. Rather than depending on your luck, take initiatives yourself and work on your target. Love birds will have a wonderful time with each other. Married couples who do not have their child yet might plan for the same. Nothing major will affect your health this month. Try to make your routine healthy by adding time for exercise or Yoga. Opportunities to raise your standard of livelihood will also come to you. Some of you might turn religious and plan to go on pilgrimage with family. Journeys will prove fruitful and you will earn huge profits from them.

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa, Shani Stotra and Aegala Stotra to increase auspiciousness. 

Rating: 4 out of 5


January is favorable to save money and increase your bank balance. You might feel confused at times and this might put you in dilemma. Looking at possibilities of your family life, things look average. You might believe outsiders more than your own loved ones which will lead to differences in family. Be careful while travelling. Some ups & downs are possible in your equation with mother. Some problems might come up on your workfront. It is suggested to avoid taking risks. Postpone plans of investing money in stock market or starting new ventures, as time is not that favorable for them. Some of you might feel lack of contentment in the current business or job. Try to divert your mind in some creative things to get out of this situation. Do not take decisions in hurry and think carefully before taking the final step in any important thing. 

Remedy: Chant Hanuman Chalisa in Saturn is your ascendant. Also chant Ramcharit Manas, Devi Kavach to please Maa Durga.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5


This month, you will focus on making good connections with your colleagues and seniors. You will make sure to do everything flawlessly. Decisions taken by you will prove right and will bestow you with benefits. Flow of income and expenses will go simultaneously. It would be good to take good care of your health. Enemies will remain harmless which will help you in every way. Businessmen will go through ups & downs in their partnership business. Try avoiding legal issues this month, as you might face losses in it. Multiple opportunities to make money will enter your life. You will develop an urge of completing tasks in the given time. Bond with family members will remain cordial as long as you keep control on your temper.

Remedy: Keep fast on Thursday and donate clothes to needy people. 

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

This was all we had to offer to you in January 2016 horoscope predictions. We hope you will find the above astrology predictions helpful and enjoy your year 2016 with full freedom. 

AstroSage wishes you a prosperous year 2016!

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