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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (Feb 1 - 7)

Weekly Horoscope 2016 from February 1 to February 7 is here. Great health, new love or an amazing trip? Know what this week has in store for you. Scroll down and read the horoscope predictions and follow the remedies. 

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Arians, this week has come with lots of good opportunities on the domestic side. Some tasks that were pending will now be accomplished. A good news will be coming in your way for which you were eagerly waiting. Young ones, a happy moment might arrive in your life with wedding bells ringing soon. If you are travelling abroad then this time is very good, do not miss this golden chance. Legal matters will now make an end. Be wise in your decisions. Do not let people take an advantage of your innocence. The key message for you is to take support of your spouse in matters where approval is needed in order to make it beneficial. 

Love Predictions: Try to control your anger to avoid any quarrel. Starting days of the week are going to be very favorable for you, majorly for those who are married. Take care of each other in the middays as the week will end on a good note. Maybe you will fall in love with your co-worker.

Remedy/Treatment: Chant Gayatri Mantra on daily basis. 

Love Rating: 3/5

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This week will be the result of your Karma, courage & fortune. Your siblings will be very helpful. As per the predictions, people who are in the business of property dealing, cosmetics will receive tremendous success. For office goers, the good news is coming your way maybe a promotion. You might get attracted toward someone resulting in new relation but beware of trusting colleagues at work. Do not trust anyone blindly. Be cautious in monetary terms and with important documents, do not get overconfident. 

Love Predictions: A mixture of good and not so good times. Ignoring stubborness will improve your love life. Unnecessary quarreling should be avoided to have a blissful life and the middle of the week is also going to be very favorable. You need to take things seriously in the last days. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid travelling in West direction on Fridays.

Love Rating: 2.5/5

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Geminis, always remember that health is wealth. Be responsible, but do not take stress over simple situations. Your planetary positions are indicating that businessmen will receive success this week with some new contracts and gainful of money. If money is coming in a great way then be cautious and be aware that from where your money is coming. It is suggested to be calm and keep control on your excitement level. This time is favorable for those who are looking for a new job or if someone is taking a part in an competition. 

Love Predictions: Time is helpful if you are planning to propose someone. Even you might get a proposal! The starting days are going to be in your favor but make sure you don’t indulge in any quarrel in the middle days. Maybe this weekend is a little flat for you. 

Remedy/Treatment: Opt for white clothes and worship Lord Vishnu to make your luck shine. 

Love Rating: 4/5

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Cancerians, the time is very favorable if you are going for a competition or new jobs. This week has arrived with great opportunities and no more disappointments. If you are going for an interview then, an assured success will knock your doors. From children’s side also a great news will make you happy. A memorable week of happy moments with family will be observed. Lastly, with all goodness, your valuable advice might prove to be a great help to someone. 

Love Predictions: You will get a mixture of everything in this week. Ignore taking stress for unnecessary things and spend some time with your beloved. You might be worried about something in the middle days of the week. However, the end to this week will clear off all grudges. 

Remedy/ Treatment: Donate Kheer to pacify Moon

Love Rating: 2.5/5

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Lions’s financial life will remain average this week. Your wise decisions will prove to be a great help for you in future. A great support will be received by the female members of family. Due to Saturn, Mars and Rahu, positions in your sign, chances of some unfavorable conditions might occur. So stay cautious while travelling. You will be successful if you are planning to buy a new vehicle or any other luxury item. Legal matters will now dissolve and success shall kiss your feet. Love will add more sweetness in your life, also marital life will remain positive. Bachelor's might get marriage proposals time is very favorable for you Lions, take full advantage of it. 

Love Predictions: Generally speaking, this week is in your favor. However there are chances of you getting into quarrel, so ignore it to have peaceful love life. You will go out for a movie and enjoy together. Even though the middle days are going to be average, week will end on a good note. 

Remedy/Treatment: Chant Maha-Mrityunjai Mantra and Rudra-Gayatri Mantra. 

Love Rating: 3/5

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Virgonians, week will start with fresh beginnings with all favorable happenings. The lady luck will bring profits. Time is very auspicious to purchase luxurious items for your house or to renovate it. With little bit of unwanted situations, some health related problems might be faced by Virgonians like cold, cough. A big amount of money will add to your bank balance but with the excitement it is advised not to take huge investments decisions. Long journeys are there therefore, be cautious with your valuable things. 

Love Predictions: You might fall in love with someone you are close with. Make sure not to say anything offensive in the starting days. A mixture of everything will be there in the middle days which will lead to a good end of this week. Maybe you will meet someone through your friend. 

Remedy/Treatment: Donate black clothes and black lentils for pacifying Rahu. 

Love Rating: 3/5

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Librans, this time is favorable for your love life, married life as well as for domestic pleasure with a good health of mother in addition. But your anger can destroy beautiful conditions, and this could be the major drawback this week. It is recommended to spend money smartly. There are lots of chances that you will travel abroad but postpone it if possible. Do not experiment at workplace or in business during this time. Health issues like problem in lower back might increase. Hence, keep a watch on your health and avoid carelessness to lower the troubles. 

Love Predictions: A new heart throb will take away your heart and you will spend all your time thinking about him/her. This is the time for you to enjoy romantic talks with each other. You can plan a trip together as well or go to a movie. The end to this week is in your favor. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid intake of milk at night and have cardamom before leaving home.

Love Rating: 3.5/5

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Scorpions, an excitement will be seen in your nature. Travelling can be done this week as time is in your favor. Whereas, unfavorable situations might be seen at workplace. Although your life in monetary terms will be peaceful, an extra expense on luxurious items or comforts will occur. Health issues related to stomach might put you in trouble or if you have problem of blood pressure be careful about it. Beautiful journeys will give you fruitful results. Your love bond will get stronger this week, you will be able to spend more time with your partner. Lastly, have control on your speech, a tiff with a female friend are likely to arise. 

Love Predictions: A week full of romance is coming your way. If you are living far away from your lover, you will meet now. Someone who is living in foreign countries might win your heart. You will be romantic and do things to make your partner happy. But make sure not to spoil this mood by saying something offensive. 

Remedy/Treatment: Donate things to pacify the planet Saturn.

Love Rating: 3/5

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You will face many situations this week in which you might get deviated from path of doing or not doing. This week, you might get busy with renewing your house. Malfunctioning in the appliances are also possible. Seasonal health issues like cough & cold might trouble you. So, have proper diet. Do take care of your precious things as chances of loosing them are possible. Problems with business partners are likely to arise therefore do not act stubborn. To be a good listener is always helpful. So, listen to your partner before taking any major decision. Also, time is very good for a job change. 

Love Predictions: You might get attracted to someone who is in your class. If you want to marry your lover or if you are already married, this week will give you lot of happiness. The middle days will pass normally but again the excitement will enter in the ending of the week. 

Remedy/Treatment: Doing Yoga and meditation will help you to keep calm. 

Love Rating: 3/5

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A romantic week for lovers has arrived. Capricorns, you are likely to spend more time with your partner this week and will be more inclined toward lazy attitude and luxuries. Disputes are likely to arrive, from the other end but do not worry still you will gain profits from them. Injuries are likely to happen, beware from electronic items or gas stove. Especially keep your children safe from that. 

Love Predictions: Even though this week is giving you good times, there might be times when you will not be able to meet each other. Starting of this week will be full passion for your love life. You might fall in love with someone from your workplace. You both will respect each other. Just try to be moralistic and things will be fine. 

Remedy/Treatment: Stay away from alcohol or drugs. 

Love Rating: 3/5

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Aquarians, your good deeds in the past will bring lots of luck this week. Financially, this week is very good. For job seekers this time is very auspicious even for those who want to change their job. Students keep focus on your studies, unfavourable time might be experienced. If we talk about health issues then problems like exertion might occur. An opponent might prove to be troublesome, so be careful. Lastly, it is suggested to be calm in every situation and do not get into any disputes. 

Love Predictions: Love will enter your life via someone who is quite far away. You will be busy with your work but will succeed in keeping your love life harmonic. The middle days are also completely on your side and will share gifts as token of love. Be a little patient and moralistic in the ending days. 

Remedy/Treatment: Donate black cloths, lentils or offer mustard oil. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5 

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Pisceans, this week has come with lots of expenses and that will be related to your domestic requirements. You will not face any stressful situation. Your nature will drift a little bit, you might feel excited about the desires you wanted in the past. Many work related journeys will follow you this week, with favourable results. Tendency to fall in love are quite possible making love life beautiful. Also, happiness will be maintained throughout the week in married life. However, to make your week more preferable; keep control on your desires. If possible, avoid travelling at night. 

Love Predictions: It will great for you to be principled in the starting days. However no need to keep yourself so sad as the middle days are getting you chances to go out together and enjoy. Give time to your relationship as it will improve your understanding. Doing so will make your bond stronger. 

Remedy/Treatment: While travelling in South, be careful. 

Love Rating: 3/5

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Love predictions are exclusively prepared by our expert astrologer, Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

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