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Weekly Horoscope (November 23 - November 29)

Take a sneak peek into the upcoming time with us. We present you the exclusive predictions of weekly horoscope and weekly love horoscope written by our expert astrologers. Read them and take a step toward success.

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator


You might feel stressed in the initial days of the week. Possible reason behind this stress seems to be your finances. However, don’t worry, as betterment is around the corner in the middle of the week. Talking about love, it will blossom whether you are married or in a relationship. Keep an eye on your eating habits. 

Love Predictions : This week might not fulfill your love desires. It will be good for you to be in your limits for your benefits. Beginning of the week might be less favorable though the middle time will be good. So, try to maintain understanding between you and the people around you. Overall a good time for you. Instead of going on a picnic, watching a movie is suggested. 

Love Rating:

Remedy: Keep a check on your finances.

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Tremendous profits are foreseen coming your way on the beginning of the week. However, you should keep your expenses under control. Moving toward the end of the week, you might experience mixed emotions. Workfront might give some tensions, which you need to tackle with calmness. Family life will remain harmonious and blissful.

Love Predictions : A week full of love is here for you. This week is going to be awesome for married people. It is a good time for you so, make sure you do clear out all the misunderstandings. Those staying away from someone they love, will get a chance to meet and greet. Definitely a happy week for you. However, a little quarrel regarding the familial life is also predicted. 

Love Rating:

Remedy: Don’t spend unnecessarily.

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This week will start in your favor. Everything you begin, you will complete it in the best way and on time. Your focus will shift on looking good and for that you might start gyming. Get togethers and outings are possible with family members or close friends. Progress will come in job. Businessmen will experience growth in their endeavors. 

Love Predictions : Major parts of the week will give positive results in terms of love. You might feel spiritually connected with your colleague. Keeping aside the work, give your love some time. You might stay away for a while during the mid time of the week. A happy week for you, so do not spoil your mood by getting involved into any quarrel. 

Love Rating: ⅗

Remedy: Have faith in almighty.

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This week looks average. You might take interest in religious deeds. Though you will give your best, but results might not be satisfactory. However, beneficial journeys are very much possible. Postpone plans of investing money. Also, don’t take major decisions. Success is possible for students. Your ego can invite troubles, avoid it. 

Love Predictions : Overall a favorable week for love but a little tiring as well. You might feel spiritually empowered and the middle of the week will be joyful. Harmony between your professional and personal life is recommended. A long-awaited meeting with someone dear, is also possible. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Remedy: Don’t make investments.

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You might not enjoy the first half the week. Overthinking is expected to prevail over your mind. However, you need to remain calm and stop taking stress. Unexpected journey is possible; however, good thing is that it will bring bliss. Financial life looks fine. To feel relaxed, try to spend time with your friends or family. 

Love Predictions : Though a good week for you but keeping your sexual desires in control is suggested this week especially in the beginning of the week. You will enjoy your love and professional life parallely, only if you can manage a perfect balance between the two. The spiritual connection with co-worker is also seen. Project your emotions properly so as to have the full enjoyment of this great week. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Avoid over thinking.

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This week will bring goodness in your life. Fun and entertainment will keep you thrilled. You are expected to accumulate abundant wealth. Happiness will fill your life with colors of joy. Love life will go just the way you want it to. Though workfront looks promising, increasing your efforts will bring more opportunities for you. 

Love Predictions : This time-period will give mixed results in every strata. Be alert if you are in relationship with your neighbor, because someone is watching you! Take care of the health of your beloved in the initial days of the week. You need to be in your limits as the middle of the week is quite powerless. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Put your best foot forward a job.

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Mixed results are expected for you. Opponents will try to dominate you and might get success in it. However, success is assured in most of the endeavors. This is the time when you should concentrate on your personal life. Harm is possible if you are into partnership business. Weekend will bring mental bliss. 

Love Predictions : Generally, this week is going to give you mixed results in your love life. You might feel spiritually connected with someone living far. Do not be egoistic in love in the beginning of the week. The mid of the week is going to be great. Married couples will cherish romantic moments together. The week will end as it started. Thus, do not rush out in anything and enjoy your time. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Focus on your love life.

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Happiness and fun will be experienced by you in the beginning. Reason behind this goodness will be your children or spouse. You might plan to bring some sort of change in your professional life. Keep an eye on your enemies and keep your plans hidden. Things will remain normal in love life, neither good nor bad. Drive carefully. 

Love Predictions : Basically you will see a blended result in your love context. In the beginning of the week, you might fall in love with your colleague but make sure he/she feels the same for you. You might challenge yourself in the halfway of the week. Married people will get favorable results. Not so excited weekend is seen this week so be in your limits for your good. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Stay alert from your enemies/opponents.

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Quite a favorable week. Expenses are possible on household items. You might lack interest in your job and plan for a leave of few days. Problems are possible from children. The week in general is favorable. However, you will experience a rise in your confidence, which is good. Finances will remain stable. You might purchase a new phone. 

Love Predictions : In total, this week is going to be positive for you. But be careful so as to ignore doing anything that can harm your honor. Even if the starting of the week will be a little stressful, you will definitely joyous moments in the middle. You will definitely have awesome love experience in the end of the week. And married ones are also most likely to get good results. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Remedy: Maintain calm and patience.

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You will be filled with enthusiasm this week. The more you give efforts, the more will be your rewards. This week might make you emotional as well. You will social a lot and your friend circle will increase suddenly. Married people will enjoy bliss in their married life and singles will turn flirtatious. You will waste you time on social networking sites.

Love Predictions : You will get awesome results this week in your love life. Though, this week will be more favorable for bachelors. Go out for a movie or a trip with your partner in the starting days. Varied things will happen in the mid days. Predictions say that you will totally enjoy your love life as the week ends. Avoiding any kind of quarrel with your partner will be good. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Give your best at workfront.

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Personal life will give you reasons to worry. Keeping calm and not reacting immediately will help. Disappointments are possible in professional life. You are expected to get victory in legal matters. It would be good to avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food. Keep a check on your words, as you might hurt someone with your words. 

Love Predictions : This week is really good for your love life. You might feel attracted to your colleague but it is possible that a senior might be against it. Spend some time in sweet talks and in the mid of the week, entertainment is at its zenith but be in your limits. The week will end nicely so enjoy your time without taking any stress. 

Love Rating: 3.5/5 

Remedy: Think before you speak.

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Personal life will keep you thrilled. Married people will enjoy great time with their spouse. You will enjoy cordial bond with family members. Progress will come at workfront. Hike in salary is also possible. Happiness will come from children. You might go on a vacation with your loved ones. Finances will remain stable. 

Love Predictions : In general, you will get favorable results in everything you do. You will be a little sensitive in the starting of this week. Ignore unnecessary arguments and enjoy romantic talks in mid the week. Great end of this week is also seen. If possible, go out and relax yourself or else you might be stressed by something. Plan your meeting at some place safe. 

Love Rating: 3/5

Remedy: Take care of your valuables.

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Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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