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Chhath Puja 2015 Muhurat

In 2015, November 17 is devoted to Chhath Puja, the day to worship Sun God. It is one of the toughest fast celebrated by women and men of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and other parts of India. Let us know in detail about this beautiful festival...

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Sunset on Sandhya Argh (17.11.15) - 05:27pm
Sunrise on Suryodaya Argh (18.11.15) - 06:45am

Above given timings are as per New Delhi. If you want to know the timings for your city, download our app AstroSage Kundli.

Chhath Puja is a 4-day festival devoted to worship god Sun, the epitome of life and energy. Each day has its own significance and importance. First Day if for Nahai Khai, Second Day is for Kharna, Third Day is the most important one devoted to Sandhya Argh and the last day that is the Fourth Day is Parna (Suryodaya Argh). Indians observe variety of fasts but this festival is considered to be the toughest of all. The devotees (majorly women) worship Sun God and His consort, Goddess Chhathi Maiya (known as Usha in the Vedas) and pray for the well-being of their family and loved ones. This fast is observed with complete hygiene and care. The preparation starts months ago and people start taking extra care of themselves so as to complete the Chhath Puja perfectly. We will help you in preparing yourself with the requirements and the best possible way to complete the fast properly.

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Now, we will tell you about the rituals and the procedure to successfully do the Puja.

  1. Nahai Khai (Kartik Shukla Chaturthi) on November 15 - Nahai Khai means eating after the auspicious bath. People go to the nearest river or pond and take auspicious bath which is considered to clean the body as well as soul. On this day, devotees eat chapati (roti), bottle gourd vegetable made with extra care keeping in mind the hygiene.

  2. Kharna (Kartik Shukla Panchami) on November 16 - Second day is called Kharna when the observer does not drink or eat anything till the evening time. In the evening, Kheer (made with rice and jaggery) and roti are cooked in new utensils. Observers then have this Kheer as the main prasad along with fruits as per the convenience and later it is distributed among everyone. Chhath Puja songs are sang as well as heard by the devotees with great enthusiasm. The song mesmerises everyone and inspires people to be dedicated towards the fast.

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  3. Sandhya Argh (Kartik Shukla Shashti) on November 17 - This day is also observed without water and food and is the most important day of Chhath Puja. People decorate Ghaat, the nearest river or pond with candles or diyas to celebrate the joy with spirit. Baskets are decorated with pooja items like fruits, Thekua (made with wheat flour and jaggery), radish, husk coconut, betel leaves (pan ke patte), cloves (laung), cardamom (elaichi) etc. as per the tradition. Sun god is worshiped at the Sunset as per Muhurat. These are the offerings used to give Sandhya Argh (while standing in the water) to god Sun.

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  4. Suryodaya Argh (Kartik Shukla Saptami) on November 18 - The Suryodaya Argh or Parna is the last day of the ritual. People gather at the puja destination (Chhath Ghaat) and sing devotional songs till the time of sunrise. Soon after the sunrise, Suryodaya Argh (Parna) is performed to Sun by the observer and then by everyone. The puja gets completed after the Argh and prasad is distributed to all. Observers break their fast with jaggery and ginger.
The true and dedicated worship of Sun God blesses people with prosperity and happiness. Chhath Puja is getting popular internationally for its tough penance and dedication.

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AstroSage wishes you a happy and prosperous Chhath Puja!

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