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Weekly Horoscope (November 3 – November 9, 2014)

Know the future predictions of the upcoming week through weekly horoscope and create an organised schedule for yourself. Our astrologer ‘Pt.Hanumman Mishra’ is here to help you in this. So, read further to know more.

Know your weekly horoscopes for the coming week November 3 – November 9.

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There are possibilities of getting profit in the beginning of the week. The hard work you did in the last few days will bring positive results now. You will get good results of your hard work. However, some unwanted expenses can be there in the mid of the week. There can also be some distractions in your sleep. But, the things will get better in the weekend. You will remain happy and financial condition will also improve.

At the beginning of the week, you have to involve yourself deeply in work without any distractions. You will be successful by this act. There are strong possibilities of getting profits. Your loved ones will support you. You have to be very careful in the mid part of the week because it is bringing a lot of expenses. However, you will feel energetic again in the weekend.

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You will get favorable results this week, generally. But, there will be a lot of journeys in the starting of the week. There is a possibility of getting involved in religious and social events. Your work will get accomplished in the mid of the week and your elders will be supportive. There are also strong possibilities of gaining profit. Beware of the expenses in the end of the week. Disturbance in the sleep can also be there. Be very restrained at this time in every issue.

The starting of the week is not much favorable. So, be very patient at this time. It is not like that you don’t get good results in this period, you will get, but with a lot of hard work. Conditions will get better in the mid part of the week. Beneficial journeys are possible. You will be happy with your success in works, while weekend will give you different types of profits.

This week will give you mixed results. You will be in a mood to enjoy marital happiness in the starting days of the week. But, you are advised to deal patiently in partnership works. You have to spend time very carefully in the mid part of the week. However, weekend will be better. Not only your work will be accomplished, but also you will gain respect.

You will get favorable results in the starting of the week. Your decision making abilities and power of identifying enemies will give you profits. Your pending works will get accomplished. There are also strong possibilities of happy married life. A little bit of cautiousness is required in the mid of the week. If we talk about the weekend, it is expected to be substantially better.

The week will give you favorable results, generally. The starting of the week is good for the matters of love. If you are a student, then pay attention toward your studies; you will be benefitted. You will get success in competition. Married life will be pleasurable in the mid of the week. Your work will get accomplished, but be careful in the weekend and try to avoid being disappointed.

The week will be favorable for you, generally. If you are interested to stay at home, then give some more time your family members. By doing so, you may be able to overcome domestic problems. You will feel love in the mid of the week and will meet your kins. You will defeat your competitors. While, you enjoy a pleasurable married life in the weekend.

The starting days of the week are favorable for you. Your confidence will be good. However, you may develop a mood for entertainment, but you will not be distracted from your target. Some domestic worries are possible in the mid of the week, but the weekend seems very favorable. You will meet your relatives and feel happy because of this. Along with this, you will also get success.

The week will bring mixed results for you. You have to keep a control on your words in the starting days of the week. You need to create a right strategy regarding financial matters at this time. However, the worries will disappear in the mid of the week. Confidence will remain at its peak, but the week is indicating to work with controlled emotions.

The week will be good for you generally. You have to avoid taking decisions in a hurry in the starting days of the week. Don’t get over emotional. Some expenses are possible in the mid of the week. Control your voice at this time. Maintain your confidence in the ending days of the week and also try to pay attention toward domestic issues.

The week will give you mixed results on the normal basis. The starting days of the week may bring expenses. Some disturbance is also possible in your sleep. But, things will improve in the mid of the week. You will get good news. However, be cautious about your financial condition at this time. There are possibilities of conditions getting favorable in the weekend.

Pt. Hanumman Mishra

Upcoming Events!

Tomorrow is the day of ‘Kansa Vadh’. Demon Kansa was killed by Lord Krishna on this day.

‘Asha Dashmi’ will be observed tomorrow  This is the day when married women pray to Goddess Asha (Maa Parvati)  for a blissful conjugal life.
‘All Souls’ Day’ will also be observed tomorrow. This day is observed by the people of Christianity, to pay homage to the dead souls of their relatives and friends.

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