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Monthly Horoscope Of December 2014

December comes with the winter chillz. Who would not want to know the astrological effects over them during this time? Will this winter be as cold as snow or the bonfires’ warmth will work? Know everything in our December horoscope 2014.

Horoscope for December 2014 is here with the predictions for all aspects of life.

December horoscope 2014 is based on your Moon Sign. If you are not aware of your Moon Sign, please click here: Moon Sign Calculator

With the help of December 2014 horoscope, you will be able to know how this entire month will be for you. What should you do and what not? What steps to be taken to reach success? What is the success Mantra this month? Know everything in this horoscope for December 2014.

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Aries: December Horoscope 2014

Arians, in general, this month is positive for you. Your sign lord is exalted, posited in Karma house (tenth house). Positive effects are obvious for you during this time. If you will get success, you will get profit. With profit, you will get happiness. But, in comparison to the first part of the month, second part will be even better; because Sun and Venus are in eighth during the first part of the year, which are not giving proper effect in personal life and matters related to respect & honor. They will come in destiny house (ninth house) in the second part of the year, which will naturally bring you bliss.

Remedy: Offer water to Lord Sun, everything will be good.

Taurus: December Horoscope 2014

Taureans, stay very cautious this month because whatever you are doing during this time is not giving you proper results. Keep patience and don’t worry. I cannot take guarantee of other people but can say that your seventh lord, Mars is exalted; it means that if you are married, your spouse would be going through a really awesome time and his/her luck will get you benefits. You need to keep a control over your eating habits. Otherwise, digestion pills might come in use. Take good care of yourself because everything is going to be fine in the next month.

Remedy: In times of trouble, offer vermillion mixed water to the Lord Sun and everything will be fine.

Gemini: December Horoscope 2014

Geminis, this month will give you mixed results. If on one side things are in your favor, then on other hand, the success rate might stay a little weak. Though due to the exaltation of eleventh house lord in eighth, you might get sudden money from somewhere. Your self-confidence will be high. Hence, no tough situation will be formed. There are chances of promotion too. But, in the second half of the month, you will have to take care of your family along with work as well as your own health.

Remedy: It will be auspicious to recite Bajrang Baan.

Cancer: December Horoscope 2014

Cancerians, almost the entire month will be auspicious for you. There are very good chances of success in all your endeavors. You will welcome life being full of zest during this time. There are chances of getting rid of the troubles related to progeny or love partner. You will get even better results in the second half of the month. Not only business matters will get better, but also you will see betterment in job and there are chances of promotion too. Name and fame will also increase.

Remedy: It will be auspicious to donate oranges in Lord Vishnu’s temple.

Leo: December Horoscope 2014

Lions, you will have to work harder to get better results this month. You will have to take special care of your family members. It is important for you to notice if the environment of your home is harmonious or not. Also, you will have to keep yourself stress-free. Internally, keep yourself strong because it is our mind that gives us strength, be it physical or mental. You may stay stressed about buying an expensive gift for children or your love partner.

Remedy: Offer Chola to Hanuman Ji in times of trouble.

Virgo: December Horoscope 2014

Virgonians, this month is going to give you mixed results. You may have to do a lot of hard work in the first part of the month. This hard work will fetch you good results. Time will also be beneficial for financial matters. But, you will have to stay at bay from unnecessary expenditure. Second half of the month might give you some stress. It will be good to take the support of entertainment to stay stress free. Your energy might decline during this time. Try to take all your decisions in each matter very carefully.

Remedy: Offer food to little girls in times of troubles.

Libra: December Horoscope 2014

Librans, starting of the month seems to be coming with some expenditure. So, you will have to do everything very carefully. Your phone’s health is on stake this time, take special care of it. You need to keep an eye over your phone because it might also get lost or stolen. Some familial stress might also keep you troubled. However, the second part of the month will vanish off your troubles. Benefit is also seen through a journey.

Remedy: Donate a red fruit or vegetable in Lord Hanuman’s Temple.

Scorpio: December Horoscope 2014

Scorpions, in general, you will keep on getting positive results this month. You will be full of self-confidence this time. Friend and brother will be helpful, but you will have to keep a control over your temper this time. Otherwise, some of your sweethearts might get hurt; and in such a situation, your internal strength might get hampered. So, avoid being short-tempered. Even in the second half of the month, you will have to keep caution in the familial matters. Your financial matters will also seek your attention. Also, you need to keep an active eye over your health.

Remedy: Bathe Shivalinga with honey.

Sagittarius: December Horoscope 2014

Sagittarians, starting of the month is not very positive for you. Expenditures may take a toll over you during this time. But those, who are putting efforts for going abroad will get success. Journeys made in other matters might not be successful. Don’t do anything being crazy during this time. Avoid traffic and journeys as much as possible. Keep your actions very controlled in business. Stay at bay from unnecessary expenditures. Your troubles will wane away to quite a good extent in the second half of the month. But, it will be important even during this time to take proper caution.

Remedy: Chant Gayatri Mantra 11 times every day, everything will be good.

Capricorn: December Horoscope 2014

Capricorns, this time is quite positive for doing the things related to home. But, you might get short-tempered at times, which you need to control. Do not show this anger on your family members. Overall, your energy will be high. All your works will be accomplished, but if you are married, avoid any argument with your spouse. Watch a good film with your loved ones. You may get into profitable deals during this time. But, the second half of the month might be full of expenditure. It will be very important to take care of health too during this time.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to the cow, everything will be fine.

Aquarius: December Horoscope 2014

Aquarians, month of December is positive for you. Especially, if your work is related to abroad or far from the place of birth, you are going to get good results. You will do great at work in the first part of the month. Chances of business trips are forming. You will get support of seniors; they will be happy with you. Your financial situation will also get better. In the second half of the month, beneficial situations will get even stronger. You will spend a good time with your love partner.

Remedy: Donate black grams to a needy person, everything will be fine.

Pisces: December Horoscope 2014

Pisceans, your financial situation will get better this month. Profit rate will increase and you will get successful in accumulating good money. You can go for distant journeys during this time and can also get benefits through them. You might meet people sitting at higher authorities and might find opportunities to get benefited through them. If you have any trouble related to education or children, everything will be fine during this time. But, it will be important for you to take good care of your father’s health. Second half of the month will be really good for work. Financial situation will stay strong.

Remedy: Offer your service to your father or someone like him, everything will be fine.

With this horoscope, I hope that you will be able to make the best of good times while staying alert during difficult times.

Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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