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Is Your Child A Superstar?

Today, on this wonderful occasion of Children’s Day in India, Astrologer Honey Chopraa has come up with her analysis on what is in the birth chart makes a child prodigy! Let’s see what she says…

Is your son the next Steve Jobs? Or do you think he will take the software industry by storm?

Will he just be popular in school or be famous worldwide? What does it take to be a wonderkid?

If these questions run through your mind, the answer lies in his/her Birth Chart!

A Child Prodigy is a person who at an early age develops one or more skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age.

There are certain planets and houses that are responsible for making a child outperform. The following parameters determine whether he is gifted or not. Strength in these houses is an indication of your child’s latent talents.

First House

This is the most important house in the birth chart. It represents self. It pretty much indicates what we are. It shows the characteristics of a child. It talks about the personality of the child, his physical attributes. It shows physical strength of the body. It is the strength in the character of an individual which takes him places, everything else is secondary.

Third House

It shows our hobbies and interests. It shows how we communicate with others and how we express ourselves. It is also the house of courage, so whether your child can take initiative and assume responsibility largely depends on the strength of the third house. This represents the will and determination of a person.

It is from here we can see the extra curricular activities such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, debating skills, swimming, so on and so forth.

It deals with all those activities that need our mental involvement along with our will as well as determination because to learn anything new, we need to have motivation. A child with a good third house will have varied interests, activeness, and talent. Not just that, they are self-motivated, and their strong will power helps them achieve what they want to. They mostly are very good orators and can convince anyone easily.

Fifth House

Fifth house is the house of creativity. Everything we create, romance, affairs, and even children come out of the fifth house. Artistic talents and creative pursuits are seen from here. It also represents our past life Karma. A strong fifth house indicates good past life Karmas, which means that these children will be presented with more opportunities. It also indicates speculative tendencies and gambling. They can be called as gifted. Children who are actors & mimic others have a lot of influence on their fifth house.

Sixth House

This is to be seen for success in competitions and sports. It gives us fighting ability so a person with a strong 6H successfully overpowers his enemies and cuts through competition. Such children are the ones who rank first in various sport competitions like tennis, swimming, cricket, competitive exams, olympiads, and even debates, etc. This is because they have the inertia to overpower others.

Ninth House

This house is to be seen for higher learning. For a child, it gives luck, protection, divine help, or fortune.

Tenth House

Being the Karma house of the horoscope, it represents the career of a person. It shows our status and how high will we rise in life is seen from the tenth house. People with strong tenth house become achievers.

Dasha Pattern

The Dasha that your child is running is the actual determinant of his/her success. The planetary placements indicate the potential that he/she has. It is only the Dasha which unfolds that hidden talent.

While barely into his/her teens, this attractive boy/girl is one of the youngest success stories. To put things into perspective, we will take up the birth chart analysis of Justin Bieber, who has millions of fans across the globe.

Justin Bieber: Singer & Songwriter

Justin Bieber: March 1, 1994 12:56 a.m., London, Ontario, Canada

First House

Scorpio is a water sign makes him passionate and emotional. He has an intense nature and can be mysterious as well as secretive at the same time. Fixed sign indicates stability, but it also makes him jealous and revengeful, especially in the case of relationships. Scorpio rising also indicates that his life is full of transformation.

Rahu is in the first house; makes him obsessive about himself. The charisma, magnetic personality, and the unconventionality comes from here. Rahu in the sign of Scorpio in ascendant has the potential of giving sudden elevation.

Third House

Mercury in the 3H is excellent for creative self-expression. 3L Saturn is forming Sasa Yoga, one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas giving him an envious position early in life.

Fifth House

5L Jupiter is placed with 9L Moon in the 12H of foreign land making a Gaj Kesari Yoga.

Tenth House

10H is very powerful as it is receiving the aspect of 4 planets - Sun, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.
11L Mercury placed in the 3H (lord of one Upachaya house placed in other Upachaya house) ensures growth.

The Dasha Pattern of Justin Bieber is as under:

He was born in the Dasha (planetary period) of his Ascendant Lord - Mars placed in the 4H, a good placement as far as nourishment from mother is concerned.

It is in the Dasha of Rahu which began on 23/3/1997 that he got interested in musical instruments and started singing very well.

He was accidently discovered on YouTube, which is unconventional. His life took an unexpected turn and transformed completely. This was in 2007 and Dasha Running was Ra-Me (Mercury is the 8L of sudden events also).

In 2008, his first single “One Time” was released in July 2009, which started topping the charts in the first week itself. It was in Ra-Ve that these got international recognition. “Extended Play” and “My World” were released and they did wonders on “Billboard Top 100”!

This is because Venus is the significator of Music, Dance and showbiz.

He shot to fame and recognition at the tender age of 14!

Comfortable placement of Venus in the sign of his best friend, Saturn along with Saturn itself which is forming a Panch Mahapurusha Yoga strengthened the position.

All of this in the 4H - The house of Simhasan or Throne made him an unparallel success.

Srinivasa Ramanujam Iyer: Mathematician

Srinivasa Ramanujam Iyer: 22.12.1887, 16:25 hrs, Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Popularly known as Ramanujan, he was one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of 20th century.

First House

With Taurus rising in the ascendant, he had a steady nature and a natural knack for numbers and finances. Jupiter and Mercury are aspecting the Lagna making him intelligent as well as wise. Which is why he had an unusual mathematical prowess.

Third House

A very fine placement of Rahu and Saturn here gave him the required amount of determination and willpower. This combination is further aspected by the wisdom provider Jupiter.

3L Moon is in the 11H, again the lord of one Upachaya house going into other Upachaya house is a sureshot indicator of growth. Moon is also being aspected by Jupiter from its 5th aspect. Jupiter here is the 8L (of research) which is why before the age of 18, he was conducting his own research on Bernoulli Numbers and the Mascheroni Constant.

Fifth House

Placement of Mars here gave him some disappointments, but the 5-7 exchange with Mercury, which gave him the vigor to rise above all odds. Mars is also aspected by Yogakaraka Saturn from its 3rd aspect. 3L Moon is also aspecting the fifth house. 5L Mercury is placed with Jupiter makes him bright in calculations.

Ninth House

Ninth and Tenth Lord Saturn is very well placed. Although its placement with Rahu (a deceiver) had given him his share of peculiarities, as some of his calculations were fake and already known to the world. It was only due to Rahu that his work was unconventional and ignited the interest of others to conduct further research. 9H also receives the aspect of its own lord, Saturn which protects the significations of the 9H.

Dasha Pattern

Born in the Dasha of Yoga Karaka Saturn, made him brilliant and the placement of the MD Lord in one of its best positions, gave him that initial kick. This is why that even without any formal training, he made such significant contributions in the area of mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series, and continued fractions.

Mercury Dasha began on 22-9-1897. Mercury is placed with the 8L Jupiter, which due to its very strong wiring led Ramanujan to conduct the sizable researches and create history. It is not just the combinations in the chart, but the right Dashas at the right time that gave him an unparallel expertise in his field.

Viswanathan Anand: Indian Chess Grandmaster

Vishwanathan Anand: 11 Dec, 1969, 03:05 Hrs, Mayiladuthurai, Chennai

Mumma’s boy, was introduced to the game which got him world recognition in his early years by his mother who herself was a big Chess enthusiast laid the foundation of his career.

First House

Libra rising makes him very mature, balanced, thoughtful, understanding, good keeper of silence, diplomatic, and comes out of any trap. Jupiter’s placement gives him a wise disposition. This is why he comes across as idealistic. It is aspected by the Yogakaraka planet Saturn, which is debilitated but retrograde. A planet which is debilitated and retrograde has the potency to confer extra ordinary results. Thus, he has a fan following, which includes his opponents.

Third House

9L Mercury and 10L Moon are placed in the 3H forming an excellent Rajyoga. Mercury in the 3H gives dexterity in skills, especially the ones which would otherwise qualify as a hobby.

Fifth House

Placement of Mars and Rahu here give him the scheming mind required to play chess. His creativity is burning in nature and has a sense of aggression. Jupiter’s aspect makes him channelise this energy in a positive manner.

Sixth House

Extremely important for success in competitions. 6L Jupiter placed in Lagna signifies that he deals with a lot of competition, although it would also affect his health.

Ninth House

Being aspected by its own lord Mercury, which is involved in a very potent Rajyoga. Yogakaraka planet Saturn also aspects the 9H from its third aspect. It is also being aspected by Jupiter, which is placed in the Lagna. Thus, the 9H significations get strengthened.

Tenth House

Although the tenth house has no aspect, 10L Moon is participating in a Raja Yoga. Moon with Mercury gives him a career, which needs intellect, logic, and extensive use of mind.

Dasha Pattern

He started his life with Dasha of his LL, Venus, which gave him a happy childhood. He learnt Chess, honed his skills and started out professionally and won the National Sub-Junior Chess Champion at just 14 years of age. Within a year, he acquired the title of International Master and is youngest Indian to so.

It was during the Dasha of Sun (11L), which is placed in the 2H with the LL that at 18 years of age, Anand became India's first Grandmaster. 11L placed in 2H is a potent Dhan Yoga and its placement with the LL further strengthens the combination. He won his first World Championship in 2000.

He continued to get favourable Dashas Moon (10L), Ma (placed in 5H), and Rahu, which is again a benefic Dasha.

Similar observations can be made from the birth charts of Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar, Nightingale of India - Lata Mangeshkar, they became achievers due to the extra edge given to them by their birth charts.

Therefore, depending on the signs and planets influencing the houses 1, 3, 5, 6, 9, and 10, we can figure out the specialties and talents of our child.

Also, since these promises in the chart are fulfilled only when a favorable Dasha operates; therefore, every child need not be pushed to be a top performer at all times. We all cherish Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; they were not even graduates, but they brought about a revolution in the world of business and technology.

By Astrologer Honey Chopraa

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