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Weekly Love Horoscope (September 22 - September 28) - Welcome To The World Of Love!

How is the earth’s shape? It’s not spherical, friends! We are taking you a world that resembles the shape of a ‘heart’, where love is the only feeling known. Want to travel to such a world? Then, read predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra and know everything…

Weekly love horoscope 2014 from September 22 - September 28 for all the Zodiac Signs.

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In general, the week will be quite favorable for you, if we talk of love related matters. Venus, the lord of seventh house, is in your fifth house, which is considered to be a good indication for you. At the starting of this week, Moon is in the fifth house of your birth-chart. This is another good indication. The lord of the fifth house, Sun is in your sixth house. Transit of Sun is considered to be good in this house; hence, you are expected to receive favorable outputs this week. During this period, intensity in love relations will increase.

Fortune Star: 4.5/5


During the starting part of this week, Moon is in your fourth house, hence, you are likely to get enthusiastic when it comes to love. However, due to some tension, you may not be completely devoted to your relationship. Although, you are likely to find a large fraction of the week favorable toward you. In mid week, you will be successful in your efforts to please your beloved. However, you may get sad owing to some reason in the end part of the week.

Fortune Star: 4/5


The week is likely to be favorable for you, overall. During the starting days of this week, you are likely to go out for a pleasure trip or get indulged in any kind of entertaining pleasures. The conjunction of Venus-Moon indicates that it is better to go out with your partner to watch an emotional movie at theatre. If your heart is displeased due to any reason in the mid-part of this week, it is better to drop out the idea of meeting your lover. If you meet, you should acquire complacency while doing so. The end part of the week will be better.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5


The week is not very favorable for love related matters; hence, try to make it better in your own way. During the starting of this week, try not to get indulged in any kind of unpleasant conversation with your partner. You are advised to go out for a movie if possible, during the mid-part of the week. If you get time for trips, it can also be a good idea. At the end part, do not let domestic issues intrude in your love relationship.

Fortune Star: 3/5


You are likely to be in a romantic mood, in the starting phase of this week. The position of Venus in your first house will definitely let you experience the magic of love. Apart from this, due to its conjunction with Moon, the starting days are likely to remain very favorable for you. However, mid if the week seems average, you might get into rifts regarding some financial issues or any other matter. The end part of this week is a good period for pleasure trips.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5


The week may not be very satisfying, if we talk of love affairs. During the starting of this week, you may either be living far off from your partner or owing to tedious task schedules, you might not be able to give enough time to your lover. However, the mid days will be better for you; although, you are predicted to face certain health issues, it may be fatigue or even an irritable behavior. Due to this, warmth and passion in love will not be there. In the end days, due to some domestic or familial matters, certain hurdles might pose in front of your relationship.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


In general, this week is likely to be very favorable for love affairs. Venus is aspecting your fifth house and is indicating that things will be fine and stable in your personal life. At the starting of this week, Moon is in your eleventh house along with Venus, which works to aromatize love affairs. If we leave out the mid days, the whole week is likely to remain favorable for you.

Fortune Star: 3/5


This week indicates that outputs related to love depend on the efforts you put up. If you are in love with a colleague, it is likely to be very good. Especially, the mid part of the week is going to be very favorable for you. If you are in a mood to propose anyone, this is the right time to step forward. Leaving out a bit of dissatisfaction in the end days, the whole week is likely to remain favorable and pleasant for you.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5


Due to movement of the lord of fifth house in your twelfth house, it is likely to face an upheaval in your personal life as well. However, your tensions will decrease up to a large extent, during this week. It will be nice if you go out for a trip with your partner, during the starting days of the week. Do not bring in work related tensions in your love affair, during the mid part of this week. You are likely to regain the lost happiness, during the end phase of this week.

Fortune Star: 3/5


The starting days are not very favorable for love related matters. Try to carry out relationship with utmost care, during this period. Do not let any kind of mistrust come in your relationship. You are likely to feel a better situation in the mid days of this week. Try not to get involved in any kind of misunderstanding. During the end part of this week, due to overload of work, you will not be able to spend enough time with your beloved. Although, if your lover is your colleague, things will remain fine.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5


Considering the position of Venus in your seventh house, it is fair to say that this week is going to be very favorable for personal life. The period will be even more pleasant and good for married couples. There may be some discrepancies in the mid part, however, the starting days are likely to be extremely pleasant and favorable for you. If possible, go on a pilgrimage in the end days; this instills a feeling of serenity in you.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5


The week will be a mixed bag, if we talk of love relationships. You should not have any kind of ego or flatulence, if you want to fetch favors in love affairs, in the starting part of this week. If we talk about the mid-part of this week, you should keep any kind of doubt away from your relationship; this will keep your relationship pleasant. During the end days of this week, try to act with patience and do not act sentimental in crucial times. This will keep things in proper shape. Overall, the week indicates that you also need to be a bit practical, along with being romantic.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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