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Ganpati Visarjan - Puja Vidhi

Do you know why we celebrate Ganeshotsav? Do you know that Lord Vishnu can bless you with everything and anything on this special day, which is also known as Anant Chaturdashi? Know everything with us!

Ganesh Visarjan, also known as Anant Chaturdashi, is the day to venerate Lord Ganesha, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Yamuna, and Sheshnag.

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Every year, Ganesh Visarjan and Anant Chaturdashi occurs on the fourteenth day of the bright half of the Hindu month, Bhadrapada. Let’s now know in detail about the significance of this day.

Ganpati Visarjan 2016 Celebration

The day of Ganesh Visarjan is celebrated on a very large scale, especially by Maharashtrians. However, it has now become a worldwide festival. Its glory is so magnificent that everybody wants to be the part of this festival. In this globalized world, many mobile applications are also created to give a better reach to all the aspects of this fiesta. Those who can afford a chopper ride may get the view of Ganpati Visarjan in 2016 from the top. This ‘Bird’s Eye View’ is gaining a lot of popularity, as it is adding luxury to the festival. 

On this energetic day, when everyone is in excitement of the preparations made for this grand festival, various unique events like musical events, dance shows, etc. are also organized to fill the zest into the deepest core of everyone. Even the showbiz stars drop down their sizzling veil in the honor of Vinayaka (another name for Ganesha) and join the masses with great enthusiasm. Everybody wants to be the best devotee of Ganesha. Why? 

It is because Ganpati is the most merciful God, who is laden with all the powers of this world. He is the Lord of wealth, knowledge, and everything that we worldly creatures need to survive. Who would not want to be his favorite?

Among all these exciting things, there is something about this festival that is not very good for us. It is the environmental pollution. The main things that is to be concerned about is the idol of Lord Ganesha. In old days, idols were made up of clay, but now they are formed with plaster of paris. When the idol is immersed in a water body, it pollutes the water. Hence, it is always great to worship Ganesha in the form of clay idol.

Ganesh Visarjan is the last day of Ganeshotsav, which begins with Ganesh Chaturthi. Click here to know about the first day of Ganeshotsav: Ganesh Chaturthi

Significance Of Anant Chaturdashi 

On this very day, certain communities celebrate Anant Chaturdashi. The day of Ananta Chaturdashi is of high significance for Jains and Hindus. When most of the country bids adieu to Ganesha, some of them also worship Vishnu, the preserver of this universe. Ananta and Ananta Padmanabha are other names for Vishnu. Hence, the day is popular as Ananta Chaturdashi. 

On this day, devotees of Vishnu observe a fast with a vow to Vishnu that they will cherish wealth and prosperity for the next fourteen years. Sacred thread of Ananta is also tied on the same day. This thread should either consist of fourteen knots or it can be a bunch of fourteen threads. Usually, the thread is of yellow color. The 14 knots or 14 threads signify the vow of 14 years. It can be worn like a bracelet or armlet. Let’s now know the procedure of wearing this thread.

Procedure Of Wearing Sacred Thread

  1. Purify the thread by adorning it on the idol of Lord Vishnu.
  2. Certain Mantras are chanted after that.
  3. Further, Kumkum (vermilion) is applied to the thread and it is known as Ananta Dharam.
  4. After that, Ananta is worshipped and the males tie thread on their right arm, whereas females tie on their left arm.

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Physiological Benefits Of Sacred Thread

Another belief associated with the number of knots or threads says that the number 14 signifies the fourteen knots of human body that are connected with each other by Chetna Sakti (power of consciousness). As per the belief, this thread triggers the Chetna Shakti, which increases the momentum of the body. 

Procedure Of Yamuna & Sheshnag Worship

On this very day, Yamuna and Sheshnag are also worshiped. The procedure for worshiping Yamuna is given below:

  1. Bathe the idol of Goddess Yamuna with Panchamrit, which is the solution of 5 holy substances - curd, honey, milk, water, and Ghee (milk fat).
  2. After that, the idol is placed at its place. 
  3. Further, turmeric and vermilion are applied to the forehead of the Goddess.
  4. Next, raw rice is poured in a Kalash (a traditional Indian metal pot) and Anga Puja of the Goddess is performed. 
  5. At the end, Aarti of the Goddess is sung with the light of Diya and fragrance of incense sticks.

Let’s now know the process of worshiping Sheshnag:

  1. Bathe the idol and place it. 
  2. Then, perform Ang Puja (worship of body parts) and Naam Puja (name worship). 
  3. Seven hoods of Sheshnag are then worshiped. 
  4. Finally, the worship process is completed with Aarti, Diya, and incense sticks.

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Anant Chaturdashi Bhog Delicacies

On this wonderful day, certain delicacies are prepared to please the Almighty. Some of them are:

  • Sweet pumpkin fried breads
  • Plain sweet fried breads
  • Panchamrit 

Why Is It The Most Auspicious Day?

The day of Ganesh Visarjan and Anant Chaturdashi is very auspicious because it comes with so many options of getting blessed.

If we conclude everything, following events occur on this day:

  • Ganesh Visarjan
  • Vishnu Puja
  • Sacred thread is tied
  • Sheshnag-Yamuna Puja

With this little piece of information, we hope that you will get the best out of Ganesha and Vishnu’s blessings. Worship the Almighty with full faith and be blessed!

AstroSage wishes you a prosperous Anant Chaturdashi and a blissful Ganpati Visarjan in 2016!

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Have a wonderful day ahead!

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