Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bolt Vs Yuvraj - Jet, Set, Go! A ‘Bolt’-ed Game Of Cricket Begins!

Get ready to know the winner of the Battle of the Legends. With predictions from our expert astrologer, Mrityunjai Ojha, know the winner of Bolt Vs Yuvraj Cricket match beforehand. All you need to do is to lend two minutes to this article.

Today, the legendary match will be played between Bolt and Yuvraj Singh, known as the ‘Battle of the Legends’.

Who according to you is the swiftest runner between the wickets? Raina? Dhoni? Or, Hussey? You all might have made the wrong guess, as this time, you will witness the fastest runner trying his hands on Cricket. It’s Usain Bolt!

There’s nothing to be surprised, nor we are cracking jokes; you can expect serious Cricket at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore with Usain Bolt facing Yuvraj Singh. Get ready for Bolt Vs Yuvraj: Battle of the Legends!

The match has been organized by PUMA as a part of its promotional activities.

Want to know more about the match? That’s what we have brought for you.

Bolt Vs Yuvraj: Jamaican Barbecue With Some Punjabi Tadka

The match between Bolt and Yuvraj is seven-overs-a-side and four overs per innings. Adding to this unique format, there is one more twist to it! Four runs will be deducted from the scoreboard, each time a player gets dismissed. Amazing. isn’t it?

Bolt Vs Yuvraj: The Team

If we talk of Bolt’s team, he will be complemented by his fellow mates, Harbhajan Singh and Nugent Walker Jr; while, Yuvraj Singh will be having Zaheer Khan in his 7-member squad. Specialist wicket-keepers have also been opted for by both the teams. That’s not all my friends! There’s something more to this game. So, let’s know about it, as well.

PUMA had held a contest at different social networking platforms, from which seven luckers have emerged out to shake hands with the two legends and be a part of this spectacle.

Have you ever thought how would it be if you already know the winner of this game? Leap to the next lines and enlighten yourselves by knowing the winner of this spectacle beforehand.

Question: Whether Yuvraj Singh team will win this match or not?

Horary no: 52
Time of Judgment: September 2, 2014
Time: 10:18
Place: Ahmedabad, India
Ayanamsa: KP New
Rahu Position: Mean

1st cuspal sub-lord is Venus 2, 5, 12 and placed in star of Ketu 10.
6th cuspal sub-lord is Rahu 4 and placed in star of Mars 5, 6, 11.
11th cuspal sub-lord is Saturn 5, 8, 9 and placed in star of Jupiter 2, 7, 10.


As per planetary indication, Yuvraj Singh’s team can win this match.

Note: These predictions are for astrological researches and practice, do not use for personal gain like betting etc. Success of an astrological prediction depends on fate of the astrologer too.

By Mrityunjai Ojha

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