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Transit of Mercury In Taurus (May 4, 2014)

Mercury is transiting into zodiac sign, Taurus, on May 4, 2014. This transit will have different impacts on all the zodiac signs. What effects these could be? Read these astrological predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra, to know about them.

Transit of Mercury in Taurus and its effects on all zodiac signs.

On May 4, 2014, planet Mercury is transiting into zodiac sign Taurus at 10:04 p.m. As a result, the prices of grains will remain moderate, but the prices of gold may rise. The verbal war of political parties can increase. There are also chances of disputes between rulers and administrators. Strong winning chances for many women candidates are also foreseen.

Now, let's see what effects does this transit produce on our zodiac sign:


The lord of sixth house will remain in second house. During this period, less favorable family atmosphere is possible. Lack of self confidence and some tensions are also possible. However, your pleasing speaking skills will help you in connecting with people. Expenses may increase, so avoid the attitude of taking risks. You will feel inclined toward spiritualism.


Your friends and colleagues will help you, during this period. You will see progress in your work or business. This time is also considered appropriate for your financial matters, because the lord of wealth is placed in your first house. As Mercury is also the lord of fifth house; therefore, your love relations will improve. Friendly relations will foster, during this period. There is a strong possibility of some distant tour.


Mercury, being the lord of your sign, is transiting in to the twelfth house, which is not considered favorable. But, because Mercury is posited in its friendly sign, Venus, so your relations with superior or powerful people will improve. The family atmosphere will remain satisfactory. There are possibilities of some auspicious event at home. There are also possibilities of expansion and profit in business.


During this period, your self confidence will remain strong. You will get ample profit because of your intelligence. Some distant traveling is also possible. You will get benefited by this tour. You will come in contact with famous peoples. Your status, reputation, and respect will rise. You will perform great in business. The possibilities for profit will improve.


During this period, Mercury, being the lord of 2nd house and 11th house, is placed 10th house. As a result, servicemen may get immense profits. But, due to effects of other planets, some disputes over small issues are also possible. So, try to avoid these issues. Avoid the attitude of earning quick money. Take care of your health and family. Avoid unnecessary traveling.


Mercury, being the lord of your sign and 10th house, is placed in your 9th house, so your luck will improve. Profit is possible through your life partner or business partner. Your business will rise, during this period. You will also get success in some competition. Fame and respect will increase. There is possibility of some pleasing tour. You will do a profitable deal. Partners and colleagues will support you.


Mercury, being the lord of 12th house and lord of 9th house, will remain in eighth house. This condition is not considered favorable. Therefore, there are strong possibilities that you will remain engaged in worthless activities. This time is also not appropriate for financial matters, as expenses may increase. Some tensions in family life are possible. Your opponents may try to disturb you. Try to control your words and avoid traveling as far as possible.


Mercury, being the lord of 11th house, Mercury is placed in the 7th house, which will give good results. But, Mercury is also the lord of 8th house, so some obstructions are also possible. During this period, your domestic life will remain happy and prosperous. There are possibilities of some memorable tour. You will get success in new ventures. This time is also good for love and romance. Friends and well wishers will also prove supportive.


During this period, Mercury is placed in 6th house, which is its friendly sign. So, the transit of Mercury will produce auspicious results in most of the matters. During this period, your family atmosphere will remain joyful. There are possibility of some auspicious event at home. Your business abilities will improve. You will remain happy and prosperous. You will spend on some luxurious item. You may have to work hard, a bit.


Your efforts will produce favorable results, during this period. You will get success in your works and small journeys will also produce favorable results. Your siblings will support you. Along with this, you will also get support of your mentors and old people of the family. There are possibilities of some spiritual journey with your dear ones. Education and children related problems will resolve.You will meet new people and old friends. You will get good results in your job.


This time is suitable to enjoy your family life. Some of your relative or dear one may come to your place for some days. Your family members will show very good behavior toward you. People will be impressed by your words. This will remain a good time for your finances. The collection of some due amount is possible. Your interest will increase in abstract sciences. But, take special care while driving.


During this period, you will get respect and your reputation will improve. Your self confidence will remain strong. Although, your domestic life will remain satisfactory, but because the lord of 4th house is placed in 3rd house, you should maintain a balance in your family atmosphere. Your health will remain good. You will get good results with the help of your talent, abilities, and skills.

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