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Lok Sabha Election 2014: What Uma Bharti Stars Say About Her Political Future?

Lok Sabha elections have begun from April 7, 2014. Today, we will talk about well known BJP politician, Uma Bharti. It will be interesting to know, how well she perform for her party in these elections? Let’s see what astrologer Acharya Raman has to say about the fate of Uma Bharti.

Future of BJP candidate Uma Bharti in Lok Sabha 2014 elections.

Uma Bharti, the fire brand leader of BJP will contest from Jhansi. Let us see what the poll prediction tells us. I am using KP Horary to find out her fate and the number chosen is 247.

Muhurat Chart/ Chart for moment

Date: 4 April, 2014
Day: Friday

Time of chart: 8:41:58 GMT+5:30
Place: Bhopal
KP Original Ayanamsa: 23° 57’ 29’’

Future of BJP candidate Uma Bharti in Lok Sabha 2014 elections.

KP Rule For Winning In An Election:

If the csl of 6th cusp is a significator of any of 6, 10, 11 houses, then the person will qualify. But if that csl signifies cusps 4, 5, 12 then the opponent wins. If he favors both equally then we have to see the significations of Maha Dasha - Antardasha lord.

  1. The sixth cuspal sub lord is Sun in 12th house. It is in sub of Venus in 11th house.
  2. The 11th cuspal sub lord is Jupiter in 3rd house and is in sub of Sun in 12th house.
  3. At the time of judgement Moon is in 2nd Bhava (house) in sub of Jupiter in 3rd Bhava.
  4. Venus is a significator (Karak) for 11th cusp.
Conclusion: She will record a win this time in the polls.

By Acharya Raman

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