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Selective Collection Of Ghagh Muni’s Proverbs

Proverbs given by Ghagh Muni are extremely popular among the agricultural people. In this article, expert astrologer Acharya Ram Hari Sharma has explained the meaning of some of the very popular verses said by Ghagh. Read the article to know what these proverbs say.

Read some very popular agricultural proverbs given by Ghagh Muni.

During my childhood, I used to see my father humming. At that time, I never understood the meaning of what he sang. Other than being an astrologer, my father was a farmer too. He remembers many proverbs said by Ghagh Muni. He always used to sing the below mentioned lines: 

उत्तम खेती , मध्यम वान ।
निषिध चाकरी , भीक निदान ।।

Uttam Kheti, Madhyam Baan।
Nishidh Chaakri, Bheekh Nidaan।।

It means that agriculture is the highest profession. According to Ghagh, doing job is secondary, whereas begging is the worst thing. If given a thought, this is absolute truth. 

Today, I think that thousand years back, our Saints and Sages had knowledge that was accurate and practical. This amazes me and I feel proud about the knowledge and experience our ancestors had. Today, there is a need that we fill our lives with useful knowledge through the series of verses given by Ghagh. Some of the verses from Ghagh Muni's compilation, are mentioned below. Let us see that upto what extent this knowledge is justified. 

आसाढ़ी पूनो दिना, गाज बीजु बरसंत।
नासे लच्छन काल का, आनंद मानो सत।।

Aasadi puno dina, gaaj beeju barsant।
Naase lachhan kaal ka, aanand maano satt।।

It means that on the Purnima of Asadh, if there happens thunderstorming along with lightning and rain then it signifies that the year will go prosperous. If we cross check this fact with Asadh Purnima then we will find it true in reality. 

सावन सुक्ला सप्तमी, जो गरजै अधिरात।
बरसै तो झुरा परै, नाहीं समौ सुकाल।।

Savan Shukla Saptami, jo girje adhi raat।
barse to chura parre, naahi samo sukaal ।।

This means that during Shravan Shukla Saptami, if thunderstorm takes place along with rain then it will result in drought. On the other hand, no rain means good time. 

सावन पहिले पाख में, दसमी रोहिनी होय।
महंग नाज अरु स्वल्प जल, विरला विलसै कोय।।

Saavan pahile paakh mei, Dasmi rohini hoye।
Maheng naaj aru swalp jal, virna vilseh koye।।

During Shravan Krishna Paksha, if there is Rohini Nakshatra (constellation) on Dashmi Tithi, then it means that prices of grains will go up. Also, there will be scarcity in rain and very few people will feel happy. 

भादों की छठ चांदनी, जो अनुराधा होय।
ऊबड़ खाबड़ बोय दे, अन्न घनेरा होय।।

Bhaado ki Chhath chandni, jo Anuradha hoye।
Ubad khabad boye de, ann ghanera hoye।।

If on Bhaadrapad Shukla Chhath, there is Anuradha Nakshatra then on that day sowing grains even on uneven land results in yield of abundant grains. 

शुक्रवार की बादरी, रही सनीचर छाय।
तो यों भाखै भड्डरी, बिन बरसे ना जाए।।

Shukrawar ki baadri, rahi Sanichar chaaye।
To yon bhakhe bhaddri, bin barse na jaaye।।

If the cloudy environment of friday remains on saturday too, then it is known as baadri. It means that these clouds will rain for sure. 

Ghagh Muni has created numerous lines like this. We can live a happy life by using these lines of knowledge. All we need is, patience. 

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