Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cricket Match Predictions Now On AstroCAMP

ICC World Twenty20 final matches along with the entire series of IPL 2014 will be predicted on AstroCAMP. Now, it’s the time for finals. Catch everything at

We, at AstroSage, had a great time predicting the ICC World T20 series for you. You must be looking for the prediction of ICC World Twenty20’s 2nd semi final today. ICC T20 World Cup 2014 has come to its end and it’s the time to welcome IPL 2014. From this time on, cricket match predictions will not be seen here. However, you need not to worry because we have already told you that AstroCAMP is going to carry all those predictions.

ICC World T20 and IPL 2014 astrology predictions on AstroCAMP.

Crazy cricket lovers, you just now need to keep a watch on Our same astrologer, Acharya Raman is predicting further matches there. If you wish to get notified via email for each new prediction, subscribe on You can also bookmark us and keep a hawk eye on the section of latest articles.

On AstroCAMP, our astrologer Mr. VGR Pavan is already predicting all the matches. Acharya Raman is about to join him from this time on. Acharya Raman keeps on experimenting with his systems of making prediction. On the other hand, VGR Pavan is a KP astrology enthusiast. Don’t miss this fusioned experimentation of various astrological systems with our two great astrologers. Add more zest to the fun of ICC World Twenty20 Finals and IPL 2014!

Have a great cricketing time ahead along with the jamming of astrology!

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