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Kankanakriti Surya Grahan (April 29, 2014)

Today, i.e. on April 29, 2014 is Kankanakriti Surya Grahan. If an eclipse can scale down the supreme power of Sun, then how can it affect our lives? Want to know more about today’s Surya Grahan? Read on this article...

Kankanakriti Surya Grahan is taking place today, i.e. on April 29, 2014

Kankanakriti Surya Grahan refers to Annular solar eclipse. Every year Surya Grahan is observed from two to five times a year. These Surya Grahans are categorized into different categories such as partial solar eclipse (Anshik Surya Grahan), Annular solar eclipse (Kundalakaar/Kankanakriti Surya Grahan), total solar eclipse (Purna Surya Grahan), and hybrid solar eclipse (Sankarit Surya Grahan). On April 29, 2014, annular solar eclipse (Kundalakaar/Kankanakriti Surya Grahan) is going to be witnessed.

Surya Grahan occurs only on the New Moon Day, when earth, Moon, and Sun comes in a straight line and Moon comes in between earth and Sun. Occurrences of different Surya Grahan or solar eclipse depends on the different positions of Moon in between earth and Sun, and also on the different distances among them.

Annular Solar Eclipse Or Kankanakriti Surya Grahan

Latin word ‘Annulus’ means ring and Hindi/Sanskrit word ‘Kankan’ means bangle, that is why it is known as ring shaped solar eclipse or Kankanakriti Surya Grahan. During Kankanakriti Surya Grahan, Moon covers only the center part of Sun. Therefore, the remaining part of Sun seems like a ring, formed around Moon. This formation occurs when Moon is quite far from earth.

Because of appearance of ring or Kankan (bangle) in the sky, the eclipse is known as Kankanakriti Surya Grahan.

Visibility Areas of Kankanakriti Surya Grahan 2014

The spectacular view of Kankanakriti Surya Grahan in 2014 can be best seen from a limited area of Antarctica. The Surya Grahan in form of partial Solar eclipse or Anshik Surya Grahan will be visible from Australia, parts of Southern Indonesia, and parts of Southern Indian Ocean.

What is Sutak?

Sutak is a duration of inauspicious time before Grahan, that can last for up to 4 Pahars (specific duration of a day). It is believed that the atmosphere starts getting contaminated with harmful elements during Sutak. We should follow some precautions during Sutak or Grahan, to minimize the bad effects of Grahan.

Do's Of Grahan And Sutak

Follow the instructions given below to know the tasks that you should perform, in order to minimize the bad effects of Surya Grahan:
  1. Chanting of some sacred Mantras such as Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, or Surya Stotra is considered as auspicious.
  2. Meditation is also considered as good.
  3. It is good to stay indoors.
  4. Take bath after Grahan and sprinkle holy water throughout the home and workplace.
  5. Pregnant ladies should take extra care of themselves

Don’ts Of Surya Grahan And Sutak

Do not perform things given below, to avoid the bad effects of Surya Grahan:
  1. Cooking and eating of food.
  2. Cutting and chopping of raw materials.
  3. Sexual intercouse should be avoided.
  4. Don't watch solar eclipse with naked eye.
Surya Grahan might produce some bad effects on your health. So, follow these instructions to stay protected from the bad effects of Surya Grahan. Have a safe and happy Surya Grahan.

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